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Sizzling Summer Product Ideas for Your POD Store

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By Emily Nelson - June 6, 2023- in Go-Getter Blog

As the temperature rises & the sun shines brighter, it’s time to heat up your print-on-demand (POD) store with sizzling summer product ideas. It’s true that many ecommerce sellers experience a seasonal slump, with research showing summer months dip by as much as 30% in sales compared to December. Summer might not host the hallmark of winter holiday sales, but shoppers are still eagerly searching for the best deals & sales, providing the perfect opportunity to position your ecommerce store for a boost in revenue. 

From embracing the summer season to offering unique customization options, here are some ways to ramp up your sales & increase your average order value. You might even discover that summer is your best sales season yet.

Travel Drinkware

For many consumers, the start of summer means all things travel. Give them what they need for their next road trip with travel mugs, water bottles, & drinkware that’s easy to customize with your favorite graphics & artwork. Or you can allow customers to personalize their own orders with the power of CustomCat & Customily.

First, upload your favorite designs to your CustomCat library & apply them to our drinkware products. Next, integrate with Customily to enable endless personalization options & send them to your Shopify store. With tons of clipart, custom text options, photo uploads, & more, your customers can create their own products. 

Don’t worry; you still get the POD services you love. We quickly fulfill & ship everything out on behalf of your ecommerce company. It’s like a behind-the-scenes team without the inventory. You get to skip the upfront costs & earn as you sell.

Explore all of our POD drinkware & mugs here.

Beach Towels

Get ready to revamp your product selection & copy to get customers excited about the beach season. CustomCat offers a variety of towels on soft polyester-microfiber on one side & white cotton tee on the reverse side. Perfect for the bath, beach, or pool, our towels are ready for your creativity. 

One of the best parts about beach towels is they can be sold in sets. Create a series for an entire household that tells a story through the power of design. Or just make it fun & sassy that gets people’s attention & ask, “Hey, where did you get those towels?”

Explore all of our POD towels here.


Let’s face it. Hats are great sellers year-round but are optimal for sun-seeking travelers looking to beat the heat. They look great without any customization or can be customized with your summertime inspiration. From distressed, unstructured trucker hats to dad caps, we have a wide variety of hats your customers love.

Keep your customers focused on your new line of hats with irresistible product photos or mock-ups. The goal is for your customers to envision themselves wearing your product, so they can’t wait to buy now.

Explore all of our POD hats here

Tank Tops

It’s not your imagination. POD tank tops usually leave a lot to be desired. But a flowy, racerback tank, muscle tank, or unisex tank changes the demand for your POD products. Mix & match your favorite colors to curate the right look for your online store. Or sell even more by creating a line of tanks, T-shirts, & lightweight jackets for a cohesive collection your customers can’t wait to buy.

POD is also an easy, no-risk way to develop your own clothing line. Pair your favorite apparel products together & apply carefully curated designs to build an entire summer look for your customers. 

Explore all of our tank tops here.

Bags & Totes

A summer getaway needs the right bags & totes to get inspired & organized at the same time. Offer your customers a selection of rugged bookbags, totes, coolers, cinch packs, backpacks, duffel bags, & more. They’re easy to customize & durable enough to take a beating at the beach. Show off your creative side with summary sayings & slogans to drive more sales & develop your brand voice.

Explore all of our POD bags, totes, duffels, & more here.


The words “summer” & “T-shirt” practically go together. Choose from our moisture-wicking tees, Jersey T-shirts, unisex shirts, & more for every type of customer you serve. Our T-Shirts also pair well with tri-blend T-shirt hoodies that offer more variety & personality to your online store.

T-Shirts may feel like an over-saturated POD market, but they’re actually an opportunity to expand. With no order minimums, you can test out your favorite designs without the financial risk. Once you find something that works, apply it to all the CustomCat products you want in minutes. When a product sells, we produce, fulfill, & ship it out for you to save your online store time & money.

Explore all of our POD T-Shirts here.

Get More Tips to Heat Up Your Summer Sales

Don’t let the summer heat slow down the momentum in your POD store. Embrace the spirit of the season by offering customization options while ramping up your marketing efforts for June. 

Here’s some inspiration to help you get started:

The next step is ensuring your product descriptions, marketing campaigns, & graphics align with your summer push. Make a list of all your best promotional materials, whether email marketing or social media posts & dress up for the summer season. 

What are your favorite summer product ideas for your POD store? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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