All About Shipping


What are CustomCat’s shipping rates? How much does each rate cost? How long does each method take to deliver?

This is your full resource on all things related to shipping with CustomCat.


  • What shipping methods do you offer?

    We are partnered with OSM & UPS, offering economy, ground, 2-day, overnight, & international shipping on all of our products. Shipping prices differ based on the size/weight of the order & the shipping location. All orders ship from Detroit, MI. 

    Economy (Default)

    Economy method is the most cost-effective form of ground shipping. It is best used with customers who aren’t in rush to get their products delivered. Ship time ranges from 2-6 business days. **Economy transit times are not guaranteed & may increase during the Winter Holiday season.**


    Our ground shipping option is UPS Ground — transit time is displayed in the map below & depends on proximity to Detroit, MI.

    If you choose Ground Shipping for Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico, you will automatically be upgraded to 2-day shipping.

    Orders that utilize Ground shipping cannot be delivered to a PO Box.


    When selecting 2-day shipping, your package will be delivered within two days after production is complete.
    Orders shipped with 2-Day shipping cannot be delivered to a PO Box.


    Overnight shipping means your package will be delivered standard overnight as soon as production is complete.
    These packages cannot be delivered to a PO box.


    Ship time ranges from 1-2 weeks depending on proximity to Detroit, MI.

  • What’s the cost to ship each item?

    The prices for each item in the CustomCat Product Catalog are visible within the CustomCat app, but you can download a full list of products & their associated shipping categories HERE.

    The products are divided into 5 categories as determined by weight — Super Lightweight, Lightweight, Heavyweight, Lightweight Drinkware, & Heavyweight drinkware. The shipping price for posters & canvas are determined by product size.


    Please review the charts below for more detailed information.

    Shipping Categories & Prices:

    Poster Shipping Prices:

    * This product is single ship item. Posters shipping charges are in addition to other products in your cart. 

    Canvas Shipping Prices:

    * This product is single ship item. Canvas shipping charges are in addition to other products in your cart.

    * This product is single ship item. Pillow shipping charges are in addition to other products in your cart. 

  • Do you deliver to (misc. country)?

    We ship worldwide, with the exception of the following countries: Cuba, Falkland Islands, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, & Sudan. We also provide full door-to-door tracking updates for 32 countries (including the US).

    Full tracking is provided for the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, German, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, & Switzerland.

    For any countries not listed above, tracking stops once the package is handed over to the country’s international carrier. For these countries, we do not receive additional tracking updates, therefore we are not liable once they have been transferred to the international carrier.

  • What should I enter as the return address in my account?

    We encourage sellers to enter their own Company Address to be displayed on the return label as we do not handle returns on your behalf. This option is customizable within your CustomCat App Settings. Please review your app settings to confirm the address you entered is what you would like printed on your shipping label. 


  • What happens if I don't update the information on the shipping label?

    Our shipping partners require that a valid return address appears on the shipping label of each package we send. As such, your shipping label will be populated with CustomCat’s shipping address until you update the information.

    **Please be aware that if you do not update your shipping label information & a package is returned to us, it will be donated immediately. We do not handle returns or reship returned package on behalf of our sellers. 

  • How are shipping charges calculated if my customer orders multiple items?

    We put together a few scenarios to illustrate how your shipping rate is calculated for orders containing multiple products. When an order contains products from more than one category, the rate for the “First Product” will be the most expensive category & the rate/s for the “Additional Products” will be whatever the rate is for each “Additional Product”.

    Let’s take a look at another set of examples.

  • How do I set up shipping profiles for Shopify?

    1. Log into Shopify > Click ‘Settings’ > Click ‘Shipping’.

    2. Advanced options are available for Domestic Shipping. Click ‘Edit’.

    3. Click ‘Add Rate’.

    4. Feel free to use your own ‘Names’ for the shipping profiles you create. Customers will see this at checkout.

    5. Go back to your Shopify dashboard and Click ‘Apps’.

    6. Select ‘CustomCat – Print On Demand Fulfillment’ & ‘Launch CustomCat App.’


    7. Click ‘Settings’ & select your store from the drop-down menu.

    8. Click ‘Shipping’ to view your shipping settings, then click the ‘+’ to add shipping methods.

    Be sure to match shipping method descriptions with your Shopify shipping descriptions.

  • How do I set up shipping profiles for WordPress & WooCommerce?

    1. Log into your CustomCat account.

    2. Click ‘Settings’ from the left navigation menu & select your store from the drop-down menu. For purpose of this article, we selected mylockershirtstoredd. 

    3. In settings, click ‘Shipping,’ then the ‘+’ to add shipping methods.

    4. Add Shipping Methods.

    5. Log into your WordPress account. Click ‘WooCommerce’ and go to ‘Settings’.

    6. Click ‘Shipping’.

    7. In the Domestic U.S., click ‘Edit’.

    8. Add ‘Shipping Methods’ and Click ‘Save’.

    Be sure to match Shipping Methods descriptions with descriptions in CustomCat account settings.