Artwork & Design FAQ

Design Guidelines & Best Practices

  • Are there additional fees for decorating a product?

    We do not have any additional fees for product decoration — what you see in the CustomCat Product Catalog is reflective of the price you will pay for the item with 1 print location included.

    You are able to print on the front, back or left chest of most apparel products & there is no additional fee for any single print location. However, if you do decide to create a product with 2 print locations such as front & back or left chest & back, there will be an additional cost of $5 added to that garment price.

    We do not have any embroidery setup fees for orders placed through our integrations, though a $10 fee will apply for manual orders placed for embroidered item (this fee is included in your price at checkout).

  • Can I print copyrighted images?

    By agreeing to our terms & agreements, you are stating that you are authorized to manufacture products with the designs you upload to the CustomCat app. If you have recently obtained the right to print copyrighted images, feel free to send us the documentation to [email protected]. We do not assume responsibility for copyrighted images sent to us for decoration.

    If our platform detects infringement of a known copyright or trademark, your order will be flagged for review & you will be notified via email. If this occurs, your order will enter your Error Queue & it will not be processed unless it is approved by our team. Once your design has been reviewed, you will receive an additional email informing you of the result. 

  • How do I ensure my file will print or embroider well?

    We are unable to process designs that are overly intricate for embroidery. We suggest using a simplified design & avoiding color gradients. Stick to fonts that are larger than .15 inches in height, avoid using more than 4 lines of text, & simplify any distressed designs. Please refer to our Embroidery Art Guidelines & Best Practices document, which reviews these requirements in more detail.

  • What are your preferred file formats & design sizes?

    To ensure the highest quality product, we prefer high resolution .png (with transparent background) or .jpg files (minimum 1200x1200px at 300 dpi). Photos taken from a cell phone at 72dpi will also be accepted. We also accept vector formats .ai, .svg, and .eps.  Please refer to our Art Guidelines, which outline specific guidelines for each decoration method.