Orders & Fulfillment FAQs

  • How can I check the status of my order?

    You can view the status of an order by navigating to your CustomCat App dashboard (review our Order Management Tutorial here). If you notice that a recent sale doesn’t appear in your CustomCat dashboard, please wait until 2 hours after the sale before contacting us. CustomCat imports your orders every 2 hours (half past the hour). The order will show “unfulfilled” until the shipping label is printed & the package is ready to ship. At this point the status will change to “fulfilled” & the tracking number will be displayed for your reference.

  • How can I change the size/color/shipping address before the item ships?

    Because our production facility is automated for processing orders as fast as possible, the time to make changes to your orders is often limited. Any requests to change an order must be submitted before the item has entered production. We offer for sellers the ability within their CustomCat app dashboard to put an order on hold & make changes to the shipping & order details before the items enter production. Once an order has entered production, it is going to be decorated & we are no longer able to edit the order. Please review our Order Management Tutorial to learn how & when to edit order or shipping details.

  • Should I mark my orders as fulfilled?

    In order for our system to recognize that it should process an order, the status would need to be marked as “Open” or “Unfulfilled”. Once an order ships, the status will be automatically updated to Fulfilled in both the CustomCat & your store’s order dashboard. This will trigger an email through your store to your customer that includes the tracking number. The tracking will also be posted in your CC dashboard for you to view once it ships.

  • Why am I receiving a charge fail when my customer has paid for their order?

    When you make a sale, the entire purchase price is paid to you by your customer through whatever payment processing you have set up in your store. However, we are not involved in that transaction. Our system uses the payment source that is in your CustomCat dashboard to charge you the base cost of the items in the order & the associated shipping fees. In order for CustomCat to fulfill your orders, you will need to provide a valid payment method within the CustomCat app.

  • Can I change the SKUs associated with CustomCat products in my listings?

    The SKU field cannot be edited after exporting a product from our app. The SKU is created in the app when you export our products which tell our system what garment/design/size the product print should be. For example: 22-113-45853-252. If you have erased the original SKU from when it was exported through our app, you will need to re-export that product so it is created anew & has a new unique SKU generated. If you have received or placed any orders for items where the SKU is missing or has been altered, then you can put in manual orders to replace them.

  • What are your replacement & return policies?

    We stand behind the quality of our products & guarantee our workmanship 100%. Any defects or errors on our part will result in a replacement at no charge — simply submit a customer service request with a photo of the items in question & one of our representatives will issue an immediate replacement. We typically do not accept returns, refunds or replacements due to user error such as incorrect selection of sizes, designs, colors, etc.

  • How should I inquire about order status or issues with an order?

    For any past or existing orders, please submit a customer support request directly through the CustomCat app. This allows us access to all relevant account & order information to help you most efficiently. When time is of the essence, this should be your go-to contact method.