• What is DIGISOFT®?

    DIGISOFT® is a digital print method engineered to solve the deficiencies of today’s most common print methods: DTG (direct-to-garment) and the newer DTF (direct-to-film). It combines the speed and scalability of DTG printing with the high definition durability of DTF. The true power of DIGISOFT® is in its speed, versatility, & consistency – you will see the same unrivaled print quality regardless of garment material, color, or design complexity. It is truly the next generation of digital printing.

  • How is DIGISOFT® different from DTG or DTF?

    DIGISOFT® technology combines the streamlined manufacturing power of DTG printing with the print vibrancy, clarity, & durability of DTF printing, vastly improving the print quality & durability from that of DTG while also upgrading the color quality & handfeel of a DTF print. The result is a ground-breaking product that’s visually-stunning, impossibly durable, surprisingly versatile, & objectively superior to other print methods — delivered at a speed today’s world demands.

  • Can I print my designs on polyester garments like activewear using DIGISOFT®?

    DIGISOFT® technology is capable of printing with the same color, definition, & durability on any type of material – including moisture-wicking polyester garments. You can expect the same brilliant results whether your design is printed on a ¼ zip pullover, a hoodie, or a t-shirt.

  • Will DIGISOFT® prints look different on different garments?

    The color of your print will not change based on the color of your garment, nor should it be different from one garment style to the next. The crispness, clarity, & color vibrancy of your design will remain constant regardless of the garment color or style you choose.

  • How should I care for a garment printed with DIGISOFT®?

    DIGISOFT® prints are remarkably durable & don’t require any special care, but care label instructions for each garment still apply. Most notably on polyester moisture-wicking garments, high heat should be avoided, both then washing & drying.

  • What does a DIGISOFT® print feel like?

    DIGISOFT® prints are soft, smooth to the touch, lightweight, & remarkably durable. The print will stretch with the fabric on which it’s printed without cracking or tearing.

  • Is DIGISOFT® printing slower than DTG?

    DIGISOFT® printing is just as fast as DTG printing. In fact, fewer print errors occur with DIGISOFT®, resulting in reduced frequency of quality control cancelations & reprints, which often leads to even faster production times! Throughout the 2022 holiday season, the average production time for DIGISOFT® products was less than 3 days!

  • What garments use DIGISOFT® technology?

    DIGISOFT® is currently used to print all apparel products in our catalog & some accessories: cotton t-shirts, activewear, shorts/pants, sweatshirts, hoodies, polo shirts, & bags.

    To identify whether a product in our catalog is decorated with DIGISOFT®, check out the product description or look for the DIGISOFT® banner on the product image in the catalog. If you’re browsing the catalog from your CustomCat account, you can also use the DIGISOFT® filter to view only DIGISOFT® products.

  • Do I need to adjust my designs to use DIGISOFT®?

    There is no need to modify any existing designs. Any print that was achievable with DTG will be printed more precisely, accurately, & consistently with DIGISOFT® technology. We always recommend reviewing our DIGISOFT® Design Guidelines & Best Practices to make sure your designs will print beautifully every time.

  • Are there any design limitations I should be aware of when designing for DIGISOFT®?

    DIGISOFT® technology can achieve everything DTG printing can achieve, but with more precision, clarity, vibrancy, & consistency. DIGISOFT® has optimized digital printing, but still involves printing a digital graphic on a physical item, so the laws of physics apply. The only design elements that should be avoided are effects that use transparent gradients (such as drop-shadows, glows, smoke, etc.) which are advised against with other print methods as well — for a similar effect, consider using halftones to create distressing & fading.

  • Can I print black on black with DIGISOFT®?

    Every color in your design will be printed, regardless of the garment color you choose. That means a black design can be printed on a black shirt for a subtle monochromatic design style. If you’d like for the garment color to be visible in any area of your design, please leave that area transparent.

    Please note that product mockups may make your monochromatic designs appear with more contrast than your printed product may be able to achieve. Black on Black, White on White, or any other monochromatic print will be very subtle on your printed product.

  • Is DIGISOFT® eco-friendly?

    Not only does DIGISOFT® use water-based inks to create its vibrant colors, its printing process is also more efficient than industry alternatives, resulting in reduced energy consumption during the decoration process & fewer wasted garments due to print error.