How to Get Started Selling Online with CustomCat

Easily connect with CustomCat & start making money selling custom products online!


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1) Getting Started Steps

2) Integrations

3) Products

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Just Follow These Steps to Get Started


1) Create Your FREE CustomCat Account

Get started by creating your very own CustomCat account. [Click to Sign Up!]

Logging in will bring you to your CustomCat dashboard where you can upload designs, create custom products, check on orders & information, place sample orders, & export products to your store!

2) Connect with Your Stores

Whether you have an established ecommerce store or are starting fresh, you can choose one (or many) of our direct integrations to link your store to the CustomCat app. Jump to Integrations.

3) Upload Designs into Your Design Library

With our universal design library, you can create products with your uploaded designs from any computer & within any integration.

4) Choose Products to Customize

Select your favorite apparel, accessories,  drinkware, or housewares & apply your designs. Customize your listing title, tags, categories, sale price, & more. Jump to Products. 

5) Export Products to Your Stores

Next, send these new unique products directly to your store via the integration of your choosing.

6) Market Your Stores to Increase Sales

Once your Ecommerce store is filled with your new products, it’s time to start advertising! Post on social media, use paid ads, & more to show your customers what you can offer.

7) We Produce & Ship to Your Customers

Each time you make a sale, the order details are transmitted to us for fulfillment & white-label shipping. Most orders are processed in 3 business days or less!

8) You Keep the Profits

You purchase products as you sell them — that means there’s no need for you to keep inventory. You keep all the profits from your sale! When you partner with CustomCat, you can rest assured that you’re getting the lowest prices in the industry so you can maximize your margins.

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