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Personalize Your Products with CustomCat x Customily

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By Emily Nelson - April 13, 2023- in Go-Getter Blog

Product personalization used to be limited to finding your name on a keychain at a gift shop. As the market for product personalization has grown, so have customers’ expectations for product customization.

The market for personalized gifts is forecast to increase by more than $13 Billion from 2022 to 2027. Capitalize on that growth by adding personalization to your CustomCat products with Customily.

Integrate your CustomCat account with Customily to create endless personalization options & send them directly to your Shopify store. With an available library of clipart, custom text options, custom photo uploads, & live preview mockups, your customers are able to create the perfect personalized product.

Combining CustomCat’s industry-leading fulfillment with Customily’s industry-leading personalization technology, it’s never been easier to give your customers the power to personalize.

Whether they’re looking for a set of personalized t-shirts for their best friends, a meaningful blanket for Mother’s Day, or a custom doormat for their home, CustomCat X Customily has got you covered.

Customily allows your customers to create exactly what they’re looking for with the customized personalization options you provide. Once an order is placed, Customily will send the personalized production file to CustomCat for automated fulfillment & shipping.

So how do you get started?

– First, create your CustomCat account

– Create an API Store in CustomCat

– Connect Store > Choose Platform & API Store

– Make sure you set up your payment method to activate your store

– Next, use this link to create your Customily account

– Select CustomCat as your POD provider & click “Enable Integration”

– Copy the API key from CustomCat & enter it into Customily

– Save Settings

– Start creating products within Customily by choosing CustomCat as your POD Provider & picking a product from our catalog within the Customily platform.

*Note – products created in Customily must be managed within Customily. Products you create for your Shopify store within Customily will display as “Not Synced” in your CustomCat store dashboard. Do NOT sync these products in CustomCat or it will affect how Customily works with your products & may result in duplicated fulfillment.

And that’s it! Customily’s live mockup preview will allow your customers to create their own perfect products. CustomCat’s fulfillment will ensure they receive them.

Get started with your own CustomCat account, then head to Customily to create your own customizable personalized products for your Shopify store today!

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