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Why DIGISOFT® Adds Value to Your Products

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By Mick - August 9, 2022- in Go-Getter Blog

Let’s face it… modifying your designs to make them fit the restrictions of embroidery takes time. From learning about the “Dos & Don’ts” & physical limitations of the decoration method to actually implementing the changes you need to fit the design restrictions, you need to invest a lot of time into ensuring your design yields a high quality product. After all that energy, you still can’t be sure you’ve invested your energy into a winning design until you get it on your site & start pushing.

DIGISOFT® is making it easy for you to achieve retail-quality garments every time. That’s why we’re transitioning a lot of the previously-embroidered apparel products in our catalog to DIGISOFT® decoration.

Just in case you need more convincing – below, you’ll find the top 6 reasons you (& your customers) will prefer DIGISOFT® to embroidery.

1. Total Design Freedom

DIGISOFT® gives you unparalleled freedom when it comes to your designs. With embroidery, you’re restricted by the physical limitations of the decoration method (a stitch can only be so small) as well as the thread colors offered. With DIGISOFT®, you can use any combination of colors from CMYK or sRGB color spectrums, include endless detail, utilize color gradients within your design, & have more control over your design’s output size with multiple positioning presets.

2. Use Your Existing Designs

Because there are no design restrictions with DIGISOFT®, you can apply your store’s most popular designs to high-quality activewear garments & hoodies without making any changes to the designs themselves. Gone are the days of adjusting your best-selling designs to make them appropriate for embroidery – DIGISOFT® prints will include every color & every detail, just as you intended.

3. No Digitization Fee for Samples

Digitization fees are specific to embroidery, so there’s no need to pay to have your designs digitized for DIGISOFT®. It’s never been easier to order a sample using CustomCat’s in-app “Place an Order” feature. You can now test out new products with confidence that your designs will print as they always have on your other favorite DIGISOFT® products.

4. No Heavy Embroidery Stabilizer

Stabilizer backing is a necessary part of embroidering products. Unfortunately, stabilizer paper is heavy, stiff, & itchy on the inside of lightweight garments– especially those like activewear. Now with DIGISOFT®, those issues are in the past. You can finally offer your customers lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking garments that have lightweight decoration.

5. Multiple Design Size Options

DIGISOFT®allows you more design freedom than ever before – that means you’re more in control of what size your design prints on garments that were previously restricted by embroidery. While we’ll always offer the presets we think are best, you can choose between both small & large Left Chest positioning outputs that were previously unavailable with embroidery

6. Design Personalization

Personalization is one of the fastest growing apparel design types in the industry. Consumers want to submit their own text & have their products personalized to be truly one-of-a-kind. That was off-limits with embroidery, but DIGISOFT® allows you to offer personalization on any product. Be sure to check out our automated text personalization feature to streamline the personalization process in your store!

DIGISOFT® brings you retail-quality results every time – consistently vibrant colors, unparalleled design detail, & durable decoration that lasts. Give your designs the decoration method they deserve & your customers the results they’re looking for.

Head to the CustomCat App to add DIGISOFT® products to your store today!

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