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How to Make Product Videos for Your Ecommerce Business

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By Emily Nelson - June 27, 2023- in Go-Getter Blog

If you’re thinking about using product videos in your ecommerce business, you could see your profits skyrocket. Research shows that 92% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI. Another 89% of respondents said watching explainer videos swayed them to make a purchase. 

Of course, driving sales also requires the right products, branding, and customer service to really push your ecommerce store toward long-lasting success. But the right videos can also help increase your organic search traffic to score more sales. Data shows that businesses using video marketing saw a 76% increase in traffic. 

Ready to dig in and get started? Making your own product videos for your ecommerce business doesn’t need to be complicated. Here’s how to tackle your first videos, from tone to branding, and create winning content your customers want to watch. 

Make It Fun

Show off your passion for your online store with fun ecommerce product videos that share the vibe with your customers. Unless you sell a very sobering product, there’s no reason to take your videos too seriously. Go ahead and add some graphics, captions, and music to give them a boost of brand personality.

Get in the right mood by listening to upbeat music that reflects the overall tone of your online store. Then turn on your smartphone or video camera and talk about your products and what they offer your customers. You can look at your competitors’ videos if you need help with how to structure your content. The goal isn’t to copy them but to ensure you’re hitting all the major points and offering more value by improving your product videos.

Show, Don’t Just Tell

There’s plenty you should share with your audience in your product videos, from fabric to sizing. But your videos are a visual marketing tool and should focus on the showing aspect of your products. Show your audience how your customized hats or hoodies fit, run your hand over the fabric and describe it, and show how high-quality the design really is. 

You can also show and tell the design print method you’re using. For example, CustomCat’s DigiSoft technology helps maximize your designs with stunning, durable, and surprisingly versatile results. Sure, sometimes, the old-school way of DTG (Direct-to-Garment) works best for some material types. But for softer, more challenging fabrics and complicated designs, you’ll stand out from the competition with CustomCat. 

Upload your designs to your CustomCat library, apply them to your products, and integrate them into your store. We’ll take it from there to produce, fulfill, and ship out your order with a label reflecting your business. The results are incredible-looking products without carrying the inventory or compromising on design quality. 

Focus on Your Target Audience

Remember to speak directly to your audience and loyal customers during your product videos. If you’re catering to college students looking to travel or let loose on the weekends, take a laid-back tone. Otherwise, you could end up with a mismatched approach between the style of your video, branding, and customer base.

Focusing on your target audience also enhances the value of your videos. You’re speaking directly to your customers, their pain points, and embracing all the reasons they shop in your online store in the first place. If you need help figuring out the right tone, survey your audience first. Send an email asking for feedback in exchange for a limited-time coupon code. Or take to your most popular social media channel and ask customers what they love about your store and how they would describe it to a friend.  

Explain the Benefits, Not Just the Features

People may love your hoodies or athletic pants because of how soft they are, but your videos shouldn’t be all about the nitty gritty details. Instead of only focusing on the features from color to design, inspire customers about the many ways your products benefit them.

The new color-changing mugs in your online store may look fabulous, but they also serve as a unique, durable gift for everyone on your customers’ gift list. Or the new doormats you’re selling can look great and offer durability, but give your customers’ front door some individuality and charm. The goal is to illustrate how your products help transform the customer or the final recipient, not just how your housewares look.

Enhance Your Videos’ Production Quality

Before you go nuts investing in high-grade video equipment, you can start slow and use a good smartphone camera, an external mic to improve the audio, and some natural light. You can slowly work your way up to a better system, but you can also jump in and get started before spending your hard-earned profits on video equipment. 

Over time, you’ll figure out which videos resonate the most with your customers and which ones need work. As you get more comfortable behind the camera, you’ll better understand how to improve your videos. You can also skip the mic altogether and never appear in your videos at all. Instead, try layering in a voice-over later or hire a video editor to create a fun, animated video representing your brand.

If making product videos intimidates you, strip it down to the bare basics. Record yourself going over your products and talking directly to your audience. You can keep them short and sweet for TikTok-worthy videos. 

Create a Video Template Around Your Brand

Creating a video template for your ecommerce business creates more cohesive branding and makes your life easier in the process. Instead of reinventing the wheel and trying to come up with something new, you can follow a general outline of the points to cover and what to say to your audience. 

Your template can also include graphic samples, music options, and a one-sheet of creative ideas and flourishes to enhance your product videos. If you ever outsource your product videos to a video editor, they’ll already have a template to work from to keep everything feeling consistent. 

Consider Repurposing Your Product Videos

Product videos can amplify your marketing materials without much extra work. You can repost them directly to TikTok, Instagram, and other outlets or use fun outtakes to create separate videos. You end up with a powerhouse of content to keep your audience engaged and reach a new customer base. Product videos don’t need to be complicated to resonate with your audience to help make a big impact in your online business. 


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