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Ways to Incorporate Hoodies Into Your Online Store

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By Susan - June 14, 2022- in Go-Getter Blog

You’ve figured out how to generate a solid stream of sales for your ecommerce store but are ready to dream bigger & earn more. Instead of reinventing the wheel, now may be the time to incorporate more products into your shop, like hoodies. Yet where do you start when your online store is known for something else altogether? 

Tap Into Current Events or Trends

One of the best ways to incorporate hoodies into your online store is to tap into current events or trends. Whether it’s the holidays or your favorite celeb said something meme-worthy, turn it into a hoodie and leverage the buzz. Being first to market is the goal where you launch & start selling before your competitors. The problem is how to get it ready to go & out the door within days or hours?

Niche Down 

Anyone can sell hoodies, but not everyone sells hoodies to specific niches & serve a particular audience. Instead of trying to sell hoodies to everyone who stops by your online store, think about a unique segment of your audience. Now is the time to look through your Google Analytics & see where your audience is coming from, and you can also investigate what types of comments & engagement you’re getting on social media. 

Don’t be afraid to make it quirky. If you figure out people love your designs related to armadillos, give them more of what they already want. It’s also wise to search Reddit & online forums for the niche you’re serving to figure out what type of characteristics & nuances they share.

Tell a Story

Why show your consumer what products you’re selling when you can tell a story instead? Studies show that nearly 80% of people want to hear brand stories, and as many as 55% would consider buying from a business if they really loved the brand narrative.

Flex your storytelling skills & come up with a strategy for your hoodies. Tell a story about why you designed them, about the model who is wearing them, your dream for your entrepreneurial pursuits, or create some sizzling fiction that captivates your audience. However you tell a story, keep it interesting and worthy of a click.

Start a Subscription Box

Ecommerce stores don’t always look to subscription boxes as a way to earn more but could be leaving some serious revenue on the table. Subscription boxes have grown nearly 100% year after year since 2011. Recurring revenue and a loyal customer base could make it a win for your business. 

It’s true subscription boxes take some work to get off the ground. If you’re not ready to launch your own subscription service, team up with popular ecommerce stores that curate their own boxes. Ask to include your hoodies or a deep discount to snag one from your store. 

Cross-Sell & Upsell Alongside Popular Items

One of the best ways to move more hoodies is to see what’s already selling well in your store. If your audience is wild over your hat or T-shirt selection, use a Shopify app like Cross-Sell & Cart Upsell to promote your hoodies along with it. When customers click on an item, they’ll also see your hoodies promoted as a recommended or related item. You’ll end up raising your average order value (AOV) & earning more with the help of a simple app.

Revamp Your Website Design 

Returning & new customers alike need a reason to stick around. Instead of hoping they’ll find your hoodies under ‘Shop,’ revamp your website design to highlight them front & center. From the homepage to email capture pop-ups, make sure it’s abundantly obvious that you’re crushing the hoodie game with buzz-worthy, must-have options.

Show Off Innovative Ways to Wear Hoodies 

Hoodies are a trending fashion find when styled appropriately. Show off your favorite hoodies with a round-up of innovative & unique ways to wear them. Pair your items with blazers, layers, designer pants, or high-end accessories. Beyond showing how to wear your hoodies best, you also need a strategy to promote them. An Instagram takeover, email campaign, or How-To videos help put the front & center of your hoodie to earn more sales in your online store. 

Run a Promotion

Consumers love a good sale, especially if it’s for new items they’ve never seen in your store before. Start emailing your list & dropping posts on social media leading up to your promotion or sale. A countdown clock on your website also helps generate anticipation & preps your customers to buy. Make the deal irresistible with deep discounts, flash sales, and giveaways to help create buzz & spread the word.

Gather Inspiration From Your Competitors

Instead of struggling to understand your market research & target audience, see what your competitors are already doing. Who are they targeting? What makes their hoodies stand out? How do they engage with consumers on social media? The goal isn’t to mimic what they’re doing; after all, consumers notice generic copycats & are likely to add you to their list of businesses to cancel. Instead, figure out what your competitors already do well & design a strategy around how to do it even better.

Play the Long Game

Quick sales from promos & discounts keep your business momentum going, but don’t replace the need for a long-term strategy. SEO & content marketing are essential to keep growing your revenue & attract more customers to your store. As with anything worth doing, SEO takes time to start ranking in Google. Apps like Yoast or SEO Manager help with meta content, keyword suggestions, search analytics, and more to step up your SEO game.

Incorporating hoodies into your online store is within reach & could dramatically increase your revenue potential. What are your best tips for introducing new products to your online store? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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