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5 Ways to Sell More with 4th of July Fun 

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By Emily Nelson - June 9, 2023- in Go-Getter Blog

The summer is heating up & the 4th of July holiday is just around the corner. Online shoppers are looking for sales & feeling patriotic while gearing up for a three-day weekend. Give sellers more of what they want by ramping up your 4th of July ecommerce promos & deals. With the right strategy & approach in place, you can attract the shoppers you want, increase your average sales volume, & generate more buzz for your online store. 

Short of writing out your store’s name in an epic fireworks display, we’ve made it super easy to stand-out & command the attention your ecommerce business deserves. Here are some of our best tips for a fun, festive season, from custom-designed product ideas to the best marketing tactics. 

1) Get Patriotic with Your Product Options

Give patriotic shoppers the freedom feeling they’re looking for with some inspired beach vibes. Upload your favorite patriotic designs & apply them to all the beachwear you can find, from POD flip flops to towels & tank tops. Here are some design ideas to start with:

  • Patriotic quotes
  • Stars & stripes
  • All things red, white, & blue

Beyond apparel, remember to include some of the best accessories for summertime travelers. Canvas tote bags with a soaring eagle or 4th of July design essentials are perfect for customers to show off their patriotic side.

The best part about POD is you can get creative without carrying any extra inventory or the financial risk. But if you’re not feeling all that patriotic, you can still play around with a low-key  4th of July theme. Think color palettes, cook-outs, & vacay fun to inspire your favorite designs. 

Upload your favorite designs to CustomCat, apply them to all the products you love, & start selling. Our easy integrations streamline the buying process for your online store. When someone buys an item, you get paid, & we get to work producing, fulfilling, & shipping it out with a white label on your behalf.

Learn more about how to get started with CustomCat here

2) Get Customers Involved

Stir up a frenzy & get customers involved in some creative marketing promos. After all, who doesn’t have a crazy 4th of July story to share? Get customers involved by asking them to submit the following:

  • Their worst 4th of July cook-out story
  • The funniest summertime pool party story
  • Their weirdest 4th of July beachside moment
  • Most memorable 4th of July date

Once customers submit their juiciest stories, post them on social media & turn them into a viral-worthy contest. Select the post with the most upvotes or interactions to win a free product or VIP pass for early shopping. Remember to keep tabs on the best entries & re-post throughout the year to recapture that 4th of July marketing magic.

3) Offer Creative Customizations

Remember the dark ages of POD when customizations were a challenge? We’ve got something to celebrate! Customily now integrates with CustomCat to provide high-quality customizations to drive more sales. Your customers can choose their products, select their customization options, & get their items shipped right to their door. 

Customizable products also make great gifts for 4th of July reunions, wedding parties, & special occasions. The idea is to market your selection as gifts to buy in bulk for a unique experience your customers will love.

There’s another perk to customizations that ecommerce sellers often overlook. They’re a great way to beat out the big box retailers. While everyone else sells the same tired, generic flip-flops & beachwear, your products are highly customizable & ready to go. From dogs to family portraits, show off what can ignite your customer’s imagination to create a must-have buying experience.

4) Cook Up Some 4th of July Themed Bundles

Bundles are an easy way to increase your average order size, increase revenue, & keep your customers happy at the same time. Look at your recent sales & trends from last year’s 4th of July. Next, bundle up your best sellers as a summertime package or beach-themed bundle for customers. 

Here are some ideas to help kickstart your inspiration: 

  • Beach Party Bundle – Add our customizable towels, travel water bottles, & tank tops with a patriotic theme or summer design series.
  • Family Fun Bundle – Include a custom camping mug, duffel bag, travel water bottles, & shirts with the option for a customizable family photo or theme to complete this bundle. 
  • Travel in Style Bundle – Cater to your globe-trotting customers with a flag-inspired bag, luggage tag, & travel cups.

There’s just never enough bundles in the world to cater to every customer out there. Instead of guessing what they want from your online store, set up an email marketing campaign to ask them directly. Solicit feedback on what products they want to see more of & include a discount or VIP special to spark action.

5) Wrap up the 4th of July in Style

There’s more to do once the last burger is eaten & the 5th of July rolls around. Close out your promos & email marketing campaigns with a thank you to your customers & a public update on your season’s success. You can also send out a secret email campaign to all of those customers who abandoned their shopping carts & offer one last chance to finish up their shopping with a limited-time discount. You’ll end up rescuing some sales & making customers feel extra special in the process. 

It’s not time to turn your attention to Labor Day just yet. First, make a spreadsheet of all your best marketing ideas, strategies, & notes & how each performed this 4th of July. Then look at your sales volume & include information on how each product performed & why. 

Did all your shirts suddenly move once you offered a discount? Did a design on one of your summer-inspired hats go viral? Make a comprehensive spreadsheet of everything you’ve learned this season so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running for the next 4th of July.

How do you sell more during the 4th of July? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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