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[Guide] Selling Custom POD Towels

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By CustomCat - May th, 2019- in Guides Selling Guides

Spring is the best time to start thinking about summer. For those who are jetting off on to a  tropical vacation or dreaming of warmer days, let’s go ahead and do them a favor – design towels that everyone will love.

Let’s dive into CustomCat’s Print On Demand Beach Towel Guide to help you scale big this upcoming summer season.


Beach towels have gained in popularity due to the growing numbers of travelers. For ecommerce sellers like yourself, beach towels open new avenues for your online store growth.

The summer season will be here before you know it. People are going to start spending more time outdoors by the pool and/or at the beach.
Regardless of age, everyone finds beach towels useful.

Pro Tip: Use the entire garment’s surface to run your imagination wild.

Next to walking – swimming is the second-most popular beach activity and sun-bathing being the third. You’ll find that all over print beach towels and blankets can drive sales for your online store quickly during summer days. With that said, towels can be considered a seasonal or all year-long product.

Dropshipping towels is a low-risk business. With CustomCat, you don’t need to worry about inventory. We take care of production and shipping for you.

most popular beach vacation activities worldwide as of July 2014
Most popular beach activity (Image Source Statista)


The first encounter between pineapple and humans was recorded in 1493 by Christopher Columbus. When Columbus returned to Europe with pineapple, it became an instant hit among the royal court. It took years for Europeans to grow pineapples, therefore, back then it was considered as a symbol of hospitality and privilege. Today, pineapple remains the symbol of hospitality both in New England and many of the Southern states. You can find symbols of pineapple in many households from canvas to blankets. Pineapple is a popular decor across the nation.

Pineapples Consumption( Image Source Report Linker)


Thanks to Instagram’s hottest trend – inflatable flamingo. Flamingos continue to rule summer trends.
Our oversized towel provides plenty of space for your customers to spread out by the pool or the beach.
You can find pink flamingos all over – from parties to cell phone cases. Summer is fun and so are colorful flamingos, so give the customers what they want.


Although 2017 was the year of the unicorn, consumers continue to buy unicorn-themed products.
Talk about all the baby showers and birthday parties.
Pregnancy is a magical time, so a magical baby shower theme is only fitting.


Towels with patterns are this summer season’s must-haves.
The stripes are subtle yet so colorful that the towel will easily stand out among others.
Make sure to leverage this latest trend to make your designs more marketable to your audience who want to look trendy this summer season.


Nautical themes are super trendy during the summer months.
Sailor or nautical themed products have been around for a while – back in 1846 Queen Victoria had a sailor suit made for her son to wear on the royal yacht.
Nowadays stores are being supplied with hundreds of nautical themed products to get consumers ready for summer.

Target Audience

Check out few types of people you can meet at the beach from 5-Minute FUN.

Possible target audiences are sun worshippers, surfers, lifeguards, beach bums, sun avoiders, swimmers, loungers, dog lovers, sandcastle freaks, sunscreen deniers, burners, book nerds, overprotective parents, beach bros.


Product Description

Products Base Cost Shipping Cost
S6HATL Towel – 15×30 $9.50 $4.99 + $1.50 per additional
S6BATL Towel – 32×64 $18.00 $7.99 + $1.50 per additional
S6BETL Towel – 37×74 $23.00 $7.99 + $1.50 per additional
  • Soft hand towel
  • Printed edge to edge
  • Full-color print on soft polyester-microfiber front
  • White cotton terry reverse side
  • Machine wash cold & tumble dry low
  • Decoration Type: Sublimation
  • Front-Side Print Only

Suggested Retail Pricing

  • Sublimated Hand Towel – 15×30: $14.99
  • Sublimated Bath Towel – 32×64: $34.99
  • Sublimated Beach Towel – 37×74: $44.99

Art Templates



Create a copy of summer activities and subtly mention your products. Check our blog on how to improve your SEO to position your blog post at the top of Google Rankings.
Summertime is fun, same goes for marketing. Make your marketing bright and airy.

Design Inspiration

In addition to 2019 trends, there are many other designs that you can sell. Here are just a few examples that we thought might inspire you and help get you started.

Flag Towels

For all the patriots living all over the globe loving their country.

Military Towels

For all military family members who are proud and loud.


Palm trees are the ultimate staple of summer. Nature is one of the oldest and most enduring theme of warm weather. They convey the spirit of tropical vacations so well.


Superheroes equally steal the hearts of both children and adults.
All-time popular superheroes – Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Superman, Wolverine, Captain America, The Hulk, and Thor.
The more recent heroes added to the mix – Wonder Woman & Captain Marvel.


Small towels come in handy when tracking across the country. They spice up day-to-day activities.
call to actions

  • Lounge by the pool in style!
  • Wrap yourself in something special.
  • Personalize your beach experience.
  • Last chance to get superhero towels for your kids.
  • Get your military-themed towel & join the community of loud and proud!


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