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[Guide] Selling Custom POD Posters

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By CustomCat - September 9, 2021- in Guides Selling Guides

UPDATED: January 2023

If your customers are looking to customize their spaces without breaking the bank, poster prints are an incredibly popular choice. This high-quality & low-cost product is a great way to decorate a space on a budget, a classic way to advertise special events, & a phenomenal merchandising opportunity for musicians, sports teams, & non-profits. CustomCat’s premium heavyweight poster prints are vibrant, durable, & sure to satisfy any customer!

Product Details:

Base Price: $6.50 – $20.00, depending on size

CC Lite Price: $7.80 – $24.00, depending on size

  • High-quality resin-coated photo base paper
  • Satin photo finish, maximum color gamut, dmax, and image resolution
  • Heavyweight (230 gsm); 9 mil base
  • Ships individually in a protective tube
  • Lasts 95 years inside & 5 years in direct sunlight
  • Prints edge-to-edge
  • 11 total variants available between 3 different poster shapes (square, landscape, portrait)


Product Packaging & Shipping Rates:

  • All Posters will use this packaging, though box size varies by poster dimensions
    • Small Rectangular Box (3″ W x 3″ H x 18″ L)
    • Large Rectangular Box (3″ W x 3″ H x 25″ L)

*This product is a single ship item. Posters shipping charges are in addition to other products in your cart.


Design Guidelines: 

You can design your posters via two methods.

  1. Upload a transparent PNG file & choose your background color. 
    • With uploading a transparent PNG file, our “Default” or “Custom” positioning options should be selected. After uploading, you can choose any background color from the available options to fill any transparent areas within your design. With Default positioning, your design will be centered on each poster with edge-to-edge background printing to ensure there are no unprinted areas on your product. If you’d like to resize or reposition your artwork on the poster, selecting “Custom” positioning will allow you to place your design wherever you’d like while still ensuring edge-to-edge printing of your selected background color.
  2. Upload product-specific artwork based on our Art Templates.
    • For design-savvy sellers, we have the option of uploading artwork that is specifically created for each product. This can be helpful for sellers who want to print patterns or photos from edge to edge.
    • With this method, select “Full Front” positioning within our designer. If your design doesn’t look quite right or doesn’t fill the “Full Bleed” area of our design template, please use “Custom” positioning to stretch your design to fill the entire artboard. If your design fills the artboard in “Designer View” while you’re adding a product, this means no background or unprinted areas will show in your finished product. 

Design Positioning Presets:

When creating a custom poster print, you can use any of our Design Positioning Presets, but they each have their own advantages.


Select the “Full” or “Full Front” design position if you’ve used our art template to create a design specifically for this product. As you can see, the design will display perfectly on the poster mockup below as the design was created to the art template’s specifications for scaling to multiple print sizes. To check your design against the art template, select “Designer View.” If you’ve created your art properly, your design should be able to be positioned to extend to the red border of the art board behind your image.


Select this design position if you’re using a transparent PNG file & a CustomCat background color. This design position will center your design in the center of your poster. Selecting a background color will fill all transparent areas of your design, ensuring no unprinted white areas will remain on your finished product. In the example below, we’ve uploaded a colorful & selected a grey background color in the CustomCat designer.


Using the “Custom” design position gives you full control over the placement of your artwork on your product. Use this setting if you would like to resize or reposition your design on your product. In the example below, we’ve uploaded a photo that is not designed to the specification of our canvas Art Template. We’ve resized the image within the CustomCat designer to ensure all the important parts of our design are within the safe area & selected a white background color to fill the transparent spaces in our design.

Art Templates:


Product Marketing:

MSRP: $16.50 – $30.00, depending on size

CustomCat’s satin finish posters are printed on a high-quality resin-coated photo base paper with a heavyweight 230 GSM thickness, making them much sturdier than the average poster. Our vibrant UV printing lasts 95 years indoors & 5 years in direct sunlight — the perfect low cost option for customizing your space! 


Target Market Audiences:

Posters are a phenomenal way to decorate a home on a budget, which makes them perfect for just about any market. You may think poster sales skew toward a young adult audience — however, they’re not only used to decorate college dorm rooms, garages, or basements. Posters can also be framed to spruce up a living space, restaurant, office, or workspace OR act as marketing materials at a conference, concert, or convention. Whether you’re selling high-resolution art prints, educational posters, or your designs are meant to make people laugh, posters can help you spread your designs to a wider audience. 


Design Ideas:

  • Promotional Posters
  • Educational Designs
  • Abstract Artwork
  • Retro Designs
  • Famous Quotes
  • Photo Prints
  • Tour Posters
  • Fan Art
  • Music-Inspired Designs
  • Animal Designs
  • Geometric Prints
  • Nursery Decor


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