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What to Sell for Valentine’s Day in Your Online Store

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By Susan - January 26, 2024- in Go-Getter Blog

Valentine’s Day has long been a day to celebrate couples but it’s also a rapidly growing gift-giving occasion for other target markets. In 2023, the average spend on gifts for friends, coworkers, pets, classmates, & teachers reached $52.65 per person, showing a 37.3% increase from 2022. There’s a broader market to sell Valentine’s Day products to, giving you more flexibility in your online store. Here are some ideas to fuel your POD inventory this year to make the most of this mid-winter holiday.

Custom Pillows

Customized pillows can be a romantic gift & provide a reason to snuggle. They can also be marketed as gifts for friends & family who need an excuse to relax and practice some self-care. Our selection of pillows are vibrantly printed from edge to edge on both sides with sublimation. They’re soft, high-quality, & come in three different sizes to customize. You can also create themed sets with POD pillows, using a similar theme on each to drive more revenue in your e-commerce business.

Cozy Blankets

Pair your custom pillow creations with our POD blankets to develop a line of Valentine’s Day-themed housewares. Our Premium Sherpa blankets are a great option with a silky-smooth printed front & fluffy Sherpa backside – perfect for snuggling up alone or with your Valentine. All of our blankets offer edge-to-edge printing that allows you to feature your custom design in rich vibrant detail.

With 5 blanket styles available in 3 sizes, you will be able to offer your customer their ideal choice to create the perfect Valentine’s Day gift regardless of the recipient.

11oz & 15oz Accent Mugs

Accent Mugs are a great gift for couples, friends, coworkers, & anyone else who enjoys coffee in the morning or tea at night We offer both 11oz & 15oz accent mugs, with 7 color options (including Pink & Red for Valentine’s Day themes).

Accent Mugs (and all of the other products we offer e-commerce sellers) are also easy to personalize. You can use our simple text personalization feature to allow your customer to customize your design with their loved one’s name or meaningful words to create a special personalized gift that makes a big impression.

Crewneck Sweatshirts

Crewneck Sweatshirts never go out of style, but a wintery Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to sell them. Create paired couples styles to embrace the spirit of the season.

Old-school POD methods meant fleece products like sweatshirts were challenging to print on & required a basic design strategy. CustomCat uses revolutionary DIGISOFT® technology for vibrant, detailed prints that showcase your high-quality designs. Customers love them & it’s easy to make your sweatshirts stand out from your competitors.

Bib Aprons

If your customer is planning a romantic Valentine’s Day cooking for their sweetie, they’d love a custom Valentine’s Day themed apron to make things more festive. Offer a personalized apron with their loved one’s face on it or a simple romantic phrase to help set the mood.

Bib aprons are also a fun Valentine’s Day gift for anyone who enjoys grilling, barbecuing, or cooking, from parents to friends & grandparents. They come with an adjustable sliding buckle on the neckband & are printed with DIGISOFT® technology. Make them more marketable by adding downloadable recipes or your own printer-ready wrapping paper for a more enticing sale.

Print-on-demand makes it easy to experiment & scale your e-commerce business without the overhead. Upload your designs to your CustomCat library, apply to our hundreds of products, & start selling. You just need an easy integration to connect to your online store, or you can upload your orders manually with the help of a simple file. We’ll also fulfill your order from start to finish so all you need to do is focus on growing your store the way you want without all the hassles of fulfilling & shipping out inventory.

Get started with CustomCat here.

What do you sell in your online store for Valentine’s Day? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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