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Unexplored Niches for Your Online Store

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By Emily Nelson - January 27, 2024- in Go-Getter Blog

You already know that finding the right niche is paramount to ecommerce success, but it’s hard to know which direction to take when everything seems like it’s been done & then redone by online sellers everywhere. In reality, no niche is wrong, provided it aligns with your target audience & your goals. The key is finding unexplored niches or sub-niches that put a spin on those tried & true ideas.

Dig deeper into your creativity to find untapped sub-markets, including hyper-local sports, specialized professions, & nostalgia-driven communities. With the power of print-on-demand, you can create uniquely personalized products that resonate with your target audience. Here’s how to get started.

Embrace Niche Travel

The market size of the tourism industry increased 31.2% in 2022 alone, making it a strong niche for ecommerce sellers. It may feel like travel has been overdone, but there are scores of niches to choose from. Create products for RVers, campers, urban hikers, & nomadic travelers looking for their own products from bags to luggage tags to celebrate their favorite pastimes. Spread the word about your ecommerce business with the help of travel bloggers & influencers to showcase your products to a more diverse audience base to tap into their engaged followers. 

Get Competitive with Local Sports

There’s nothing new about selling sports jerseys & caps, but there are more unexplored niches to explore. Focus on local teams & regional markets that give you a competitive advantage. You’ll run into licensing issues if you swipe a sports logo & hope for the best. 

Instead, you can tap into the culture around the sport, slang sayings, local landmarks, or expressions to show support for your customers’ favorite teams. Better yet, give sports enthusiasts an opportunity to throw shade at rival teams to generate buzz around your online store. 

Honor Specialized Professions & Industries

Targeting specialized professions & industries is a win with an established audience that often goes overlooked. Instead of targeting musicians, think of how to dig into a sub-niche. You could serve classical guitarists, street buskers, or harmonica players looking for their own line of merchandise & gifts, from color-changing mugs to hoodies. Or, instead of serving hairdressers, think about salon owners or competitive barbers. Whoever you target, engage with professional communities to gain insights & leverage their expertise to create tailored products.

Cater to Pet Lovers

The pet niche never really goes out of style, but it continues to evolve into a lucrative niche for a POD store. Develop a range of quirky, pet-related products, such as customized pet portraits on our high-quality canvas or breed-specific human clothing & accessories designs. Pet lovers are fiercely loyal, making niche online communities on Facebook, Instagram, & TikTok a goldmine for spreading the word about your products. 

Get Retro & Nostalgic

Nostalgia sells, & tapping into retro trends can prove profitable to expand your online store’s niche. Get inspired by designs from past eras & turn them into a vintage aesthetic for your store. You also don’t need to dig too far into the past. Referencing popular cultural references from the past can also spark excitement in your audience. It’s also a savvy move to target specific generations or subcultures, during the ’80s kids or gamers from the ’90s. 

Embrace Language & Linguistics

Wordplay, typography, & all things language are all things to celebrate in your online store. Target those passionate language enthusiasts & polyglots who resonate with your creative designs from a linguistic perspective. Get started creating POD products showcasing famous quotes, wordplay, or typography from different languages by highlighting alphabets, scripts, or calligraphy from various cultures. 

Of course, the key to online store success is promoting your products where your target market is already hanging out. Start collaborating with language bloggers or work on creating winning partnerships with language learning platforms to reach your target audience.

Explore Your Perfect Niche Today

The good news is print-on-demand makes testing, experimenting, & getting creative with niches a breeze. With our easy integrations, you can connect CustomCat directly to your online store. Just upload your latest inspirations to your online store, apply them to your favorite products, & start selling. When someone orders a product, you get to celebrate with your thousands of BFFs on social media while we get to work fulfilling, producing, & shipping it out on your behalf. Get started with CustomCat here.


What are your favorite unexplored niches for your online store? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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