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Summer Product Ideas for Your Online Store

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By Susan - June 16, 2022- in Go-Getter Blog

Whether you’re new to online selling or you’re an ecommerce superstar, you already know the summer slowdown is all too real. Research shows that sales can dip as much as 30% from their peak in December. 

But don’t worry, those less than ideal numbers don’t mean that the summer season is a bust. Instead, you can focus on top summer products with an innovative twist by using POD technology. Here are some ideas to kickstart your summer sales.

Beachside Tank Tops

Tank tops are always popular summer sellers, but you can stand out from the competition by selling performance tanks with moisture-wicking fabric. Most POD companies are unable to print bold & coloful designs on performance apparel fabrics.

That is why CustomCat is now using DIGISOFT® Technology to print your vibrant, durable, & full-color designs. As an ecommerce entrepreneur, you have more flexibility to create the art you want & know they come out looking fantastic.

Travel Wall Art

Research shows 86.2% of Americans are in a ready-to-travel state of mind, opening up opportunities to sell more travel-related products. As more people resume travel, you can appeal to their wanderlust with unique postcard-perfect moments on your products. Try turning your favorite destinations & travel moments into a reality with customizable travel wall art.

POD enables sellers to offer more customized options for their customers. Gather inspiration from their favorite travels or design an entire product line around globetrotting destinations & bucket list adventures. 

Road Trip Travel Mug

Recent studies show that up to 80% of Americans plan to take a road trip during the summer months. Cater to a market that loves to take road trips & keep creature comforts nearby. A travel mug customized with your favorite travel quotes, map design, & travel picts makes your products more engaging. Our travel mugs come in 19 different colors & have a friction lid, swivel spout, & comfortable handle for a smooth road trip.

Travel mugs also make a great gift for Father’s Day in June or summer birthdays. Offer customizations in different colors & designs to make the most of your summer POD products.

Sunny Onesies

The summer season seems to usher in social media posts of babies wearing nothing but onesies. We offer sizes from infant to 24-months, so your creativity grows with your littlest customers. There’s no limit to how creative you can get with onesie designs & sayings.

If you want to sell more products, consider bundling your sales by applying the same design concepts to grown-up tees & tanks. The entire family can mix & match before hitting the beach in style.

Summer Flip Flops

You can’t get through the summer without a pair of summer flip-flops. The best part is most people want several pairs to reflect the occasion. Unlike the drab, unified colors of flip-flops from a decade ago, modern options are adorned with quirky designs & ideas. Design a variety for every occasion & vacation to outfit your audience all summer long.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Dehydration is a common problem during the hot summer months, making a stainless steel water bottle a must-have. It’s not just practical; our bottles are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic & include a carabiner for easy travel.

Think about a larger strategy for what you offer in your ecommerce store. Cross-selling activewear, a water bottle, & outdoor-focused gear give your audience a reason to buy more than one product & make the most of their summer. Use your best-selling styles for coffee mugs, beer steins, & travel mugs for a complete drinkware line. It only takes seconds to apply your CustomCat designs to multiple products.

Curated Beer Steins

Sipping on beer outdoors is a long-standing tradition during hot summers. Our 22-oz ceramic beer steins are white with gold trim & are dishwasher safe. Start designing with your own innovations or poll your audience on what they want to see in their drinkware collection.

Beer steins are also crowd-pleasers because they’re as practical as they are collectible. Roll out new designs throughout the summer, or carry them into the fall & winter for a seasonal product line.

Customized Towels

Have you ever noticed that towels seem to be in short supply on every summer vacation you’ve ever taken? Sell your own line of beach or pool towels customized for every day of the week. Using POD technology simplifies the process so you can experiment with design styles & new ideas. With no minimum orders or need to carry inventory, you can take more creative risks to find what works for your online store.

Beyond the pool, customized towels also translate for everyday use. Bath towels are usually known for their uneventful designs, opening up new opportunities to stand out from other online sellers.

Travel Totes

Turn a POD shopping tote into the ideal travel accessory. Customize with your favorite travel landscape or relaxing summertime design. Our bags are eco-friendly & use an embroidery decoration method that still ships in 1 to 3 business days. 

Before you start selling, think about how you can earn more by cross-selling or up-selling your item. Turn the tote into an experience by including a travel mug, flip-flops, & T-shirt. You’ll end up making more revenue while improving the customer experience.  

What are your favorite summer products to sell in your online store? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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