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Guide to Marketing on Facebook in 2021

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By Susan - June 4, 2021- in Go-Getter Blog

Facebook isn’t dead, it has millions of active users every day, and they’re on this social media site to search, see, and share products & services. So being on Facebook is vital for any business, especially because you can get thousands of conversions with the advertising on this site.

Why Facebook Marketing?

Why use Facebook for marketing when other sites are more popular at the moment? Let’s answer this question now:

– You can create an entire virtual community around your brand

– You have greater reach

– It’s a second shopfront or web page where you can showcase your products

– It allows you to advertise so thousands of people can see you

– You show relevant information to your potential clients

You might’ve read that if you don’t have a website, you’re unreachable & losing many potential clients, but with a Facebook page, it is almost the same. Your Facebook page will position very well & show among the first Google results whenever they search your business. 

Optimize Your Business Page on Facebook

As in any other social site, it’s important to optimize your profile or page & improve the user experience to achieve your goals. Here are a few steps to do so:

1. Add your brand images: Upload your profile photo & cover photo. With a business account, make sure it is your logo & a photo that represents your brand well. This way you will convey confidence & they won’t have doubts about your official page.

2. Add as much information as possible on your page: On your Facebook page, you can add a lot of information. Fill in as much content as possible so that users are aware of everything. And do not forget to add:

– A description of your business

– Contact information & your website (if you have one)

– Options that interest you according to your business: open hours, address, price range, etc.

3. Add a call to action button: Facebook allows you to create a button to achieve your goals. Such as driving traffic to your website, increasing conversions or making a call to your business.

Your Goals for Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Once you have created & optimized your page, it’s time to take action, to create your content & advertising plan, but before that, determine what are the objectives of your strategy on Facebook. Here are some examples:

– Bring traffic to your website (if you have one)

– Gain visibility

– Increase sales

– Create a great community around your brand

Reach Your Ideal Audience

On Facebook, there are millions of different people from all over the world. Before you create content for your Facebook page & posting it like crazy, stop for a moment & think:

Who is my target audience? Who do I want to reach? Who can help me meet my goals?

The person who’s going to buy, recommend & enjoy your products or services. So think carefully about who the audience you want to target is & develop your strategy with them in mind.

Design the Content You’re Posting on Your Page

The moment is here: it’s time to decide what content to post & design it.

For this, it’s best to make a posting schedule at least one month in advance, focused on your ideal client & the objectives you want to achieve. This will allow you to work without stress.

Decide on Your Content

For Facebook marketing to work, you have to be constant & active. This means posting content every day, even multiple times a day, replying to comments, etc.

It’s also important to vary the type of content you post, so you won’t bore your followers & generate engagement on Facebook.

1. Photos & videos

After texts, images and videos are the content that generates the most interactions.

– They attract users’ attention

– Your followers will share your content

2. Live streaming

Live videos, also called Facebook Lives, are a direct way to connect with your audience & get them to engage with your content.

3. Giveaways

Giveaways on Facebook are another type of content you can create, they work very well & bring excellent results:

– Increase your followers

– Reach more people

– Keep followers

– Get more web traffic

For your giveaways, you can include promotional items with the logo of your brand or custom designs to get your followers excited. If you don’t know how to customize white-label products & get your promotional items, print-on-demand services like CustomCat are your best option.

Personalized Products & Promotion with CustomCat

Personalized products & promotional items are a great way to market your business & delight your audience. These, alongside good Facebook marketing, can help you bring in many new clients & engage your existing ones. 

With CustomCat’s print-on-demand you can easily offer high-quality products with customized designs in no time. Now you can add uniqueness as a strong point to exploit in your business marketing, in & outside of Facebook.

Do you want to know more?

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