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Crush Your Competition With Trending Products in Your POD Store

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By Emily Nelson - April 24, 2023- in Go-Getter Blog

Running a successful ecommerce store isn’t just about finding the best products & ideas around. It also requires an eye for trend-setting style & knowing what your customers want. Fortunately, POD can help you get there by offering more flexibility over your designs & ultimate creations to follow the thread & set them. Best of all, you can experiment with designs & trends without the financial risk.

Get inspired by some of these trending ecommerce products to stir demand in your online store.


Athleisure is trending with no signs of slowing down. Studies showing its global market is projected to reach nearly $204 million by 2029. But if you’ve tried to sell athleisure before, you’ve probably noticed quality control & clarity issues with designs & color.

In the past, the POD industry primarily relied on DTG to print designs onto hoodies & other soft, quick-wicking fabrics. The results weren’t great, with low-quality or bare basic design techniques that could only use one or two colors as an outline or border. 

CustomCat decided to adopt DIGISOFT® into its family of print technology, making it easy for ecommerce entrepreneurs to achieve retail-quality garments every time. DIGISOFT® allows the use of all combinations of colors from CMYK or sRGB with detail, color gradients, & more control of your design’s output size. With high-quality athleisure wear, your returns go down & reputation soars for having the best products around.

One of the best parts about baby products is they’re always in demand & quickly go together in a set. Try cross-selling:

– Infant Jersey T-Shirt

– BabyBibb Baby Bib

– Onesies, from 6 to 24 months

Or you can pair up design-worthy onesies with a matching sibling or Mom & Dad shirts to make it a family affair & increase your average order size.

Wall Art

Combine your passion for art with home decor & sell POD wall art & canvases to your audience. From wall flags to door mats & canvases, we help online sellers get started with template downloads & idea inspiration to kickstart your site. 

The best part is you don’t need to make the artwork in advance or carry costly inventory that may not sell. Instead, upload your creations to CustomCat, apply them to the canvases or products you want, & integrate them into your online store. You make money when an item sells, & we get busy fulfilling, producing, & shipping it out on behalf of your business.

Learn more about how to get started with CustomCat here


Drinkware dominates the online shopping trends, but not any old coffee mug will do. Instead, apply your POD designs to our selection of color-changing mugs. Our ceramic mugs are decorated with full wraps & a graphic that reveals itself when hot water is added. Encourage buyers to purchase them in a set or test your POD designs across mugs, beer steins, & stainless steel water bottles to leverage your creativity.

Leverage Trends with Milestone Events

There’s always a way to sell more products when you blend a sense of urgency with the latest trends. Instead of simply offering drinkware, package them as party favors or bridal party gifts. Or you can think ahead to graduations, summer vacations, & winter holidays to showcase your favorite trends. 

Unlike other mediums, POD makes testing out current trends easy without the risk. You never have to carry CustomCat inventory & can use one of our easy integrations with your online store. You make money when a product sells, & we do the rest to fulfill & ship it, leaving you more time & resources to focus on your ecommerce business.

Need trend-setting ideas? Get inspired by some of the latest spring trends for online stores.

How to Identify Trending Ecommerce Products

When it comes to POD, the designs are as trendy as the products themselves. If you’re feeling stuck, here are a few ways to kickstart your creativity & validate what’s trending.

Check Google Trends

Go straight to the source with Google Trends, a free tool that allows you to see how often a specific search term is entered compared to the total search volume. You’ll see how viable a particular search term is & get ideas for other queries people are looking for. Pro tip: Google trends is also a great way to see what topics are trending to include in your social media fodder or your store’s blog.

Look at Popular Marketplaces

Why start from scratch? Get a look at what popular e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon & Etsy are already selling & what’s trending. You can also look at the seller’s feedback to get an idea of what customers like (& don’t like) about the product to make your own improvements.

Keep an Eye on Social Media

Social media was practically built for setting, announcing, & canceling trends. Choose your favorite platform to discover trending products, including Instagram, TikTok, & Pinterest. You might also find specific keywords that are attached to your favorite trends, making it easier than ever to track new options down. 

Next Steps

Focusing on trending products in your POD store helps you make a splash & quickly drive more sales. By identifying current trends & creating designs that appeal to your target audience, you can position your ecommerce business for success. Remember to put your own custom pin on trending products, focus on quality, & exercise sparkling customer care.

What are your favorite trending products for your ecommerce store? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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