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[Guide] Selling Custom Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Hoodies have come a long way in the fashion industry. From being just a functional winter garment to becoming a fashion statement of the new generation, hoodies can be very stylish through their unique prints & aesthetics. These multifunctional garments can be worn on any occasion and are a go-to when the weather is chilly. Because hoodies are versatile, they are always in high demand and are popular with all ages and genders.

Why Sell Hoodies & Sweatshirts?

As an ecommerce brand, you have the freedom to bring your designs to life on the most comfortable, yet stylish apparel item on the market. Hoodies are one of the most versatile apparel items – they can be worn when lounging on the couch, exercising, traveling, & so much more. Having your own niche within the large market makes it easier to target and allows you to authenticate your brand. 

High-quality competition with custom apparel is limited when it comes to hoodies, as most on-demand printers are unable to decorate hoodies’ polyester blends effectively. Competitors with outdated print methods are often limited in their customization abilities to print high-quality & durable hoodies. 

DIGISOFT® is changing print-on-demand hoodie & sweatshirt printing in significant ways. As a CustomCat partner, you can reap the benefits! DIGISOFT® has been engineered to solve the inherent deficiencies of today’s currently available methods for hoodies & sweatshirts. With DIGISOFT® printing, you can finally get consistently vibrant & high-quality prints that last. If they’re not already your top product, we think they will be soon.

What’s Different About CC’s Hoodies & Sweatshirts?

CustomCat has elevated hoodie & sweatshirt customization to its final form with exceptional vibrancy, durability, & design fidelity. Our next generation DIGISOFT® printing achieves ultra high definition prints, even with your most complex designs. 

It’s no secret that print methods like DTG struggle to consistently deliver quality hoodies. DTG is restricted considering its dye migration with darker & more vibrant apparel colors resulting in a lack of print vibrancy and durability in comparison to 100% cotton garments. 

While embroidery is known to be long-lasting, design complexity and color availability on hoodies and sweatshirts are limited. And we can’t forget about those heavy and uncomfortable stabilizing papers inside the garment. 

Screen printing is great for creating long lasting prints on a large volume of garments. However, it can get expensive when using multiple colors, making it less ideal for colorful, complex designs. This method also does not work well for designs elements like gradients. 

When it comes to hoodies and sweatshirts, decoration methods like screen printing & embroidery still have their places, but those are based more on preference than quality or performance. But these issues amongst the other print methods, have now been resolved with DIGISOFT® & the hoodie game is changing fast! 

DIGISOFT® is the first & only decoration method that lets you have it all:

  • Vivid full-spectrum HD prints
  • Real longevity & durability
  • Consistent quality across all garment & design types
  • Soft, wearable feel
  • Crisp, clear detail
  • Affordability at any quantity

Product Marketing:

Target Market Audiences:

Because the hoodie and sweatshirt market is so large, your target market audience is very dependent on your niche. Customers want to stand out and look unique. When creating your hoodie or sweatshirt listing, you can highlight the numerous unique purposes that your hoodies have.

Consider highlighting these three categories:

Seasonal/Cold Weather Apparel

The greatest functional advantage that people get by wearing hoodies is that it keeps them warmer. Hoodies are a much thicker material than other garments making them perfect for those cold winter or breezy summer nights. It is a garment that can be paired with other garments as well for layering.


Hoodies can be paired with just about anything so customers can decide how to style them to fit their aesthetic. Many people prefer to dress in hoodies with stunning prints to show off their fashion sense, & those who are inspired by streetwear love to wear hoodies wherever they go. When it comes to athleisure, hoodies are a staple. Hoodies as a part of activewear are now appropriate for a wide range of occasions, making the hoodie a breakout garment in the activewear category.


People love fashion, but they also want to wear clothes that are comfortable. Hoodies are soft, warm and comfortable. They are perfect for lounging at home, taking a walk outside, traveling, or any occasion. Offering hoodies in your ecommerce store gives your customers the opportunity to combine comfort & style.

Competitive Advantages

Our next generation DIGISOFT® hoodies feature the brightest, most durable hoodie prints you’ve ever seen. You can expect bold, vibrant colors every time. These features allow you more customization & personalization with a faster turnaround time than screen printing or embroidery. There are no minimum order requirements, giving you the freedom to customize however you best see fit for your business.


Whether you’re a seasoned hoodie seller or this is your first time offering custom hoodies to your customers, we’re here to help set you up for success.

Hearing about DIGISOFT® for the first time or want to learn more? Check out our DIGISOFT® FAQ page or click the image below.

Happy Selling!


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