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[Guide] Selling Custom Activewear

Activewear & athleisure have steadily gained popularity over the last decade, with everyone from work-from-home parents to A-list celebrities wearing the trend. Activewear has become a staple in everyone’s wardrobe because it’s both stylish & comfortable. It empowers consumers to get in a workout, stop for a quick lunch with friends, & still make that 2 o’clock meeting without having to completely change their outfits.

While new activewear & athleisure brands seem to pop up left & right, there is still one market that has yet to be successfully tapped – customization.

Well, until now.

Why Sell Activewear?

CustomCat is not only offering activewear, but with the added benefit of being able to customize these products without limitation. The rest of the POD market’s inability to offer full color custom prints on fabrics other than cotton has prevented sellers from expanding their product offering & accessing a large market of consumers – we’re here to change that.

What’s Different About CustomCat’s Activewear?

While other POD companies may offer some custom activewear products, there are limitations when it comes to designing & selling these products– you may be limited to certain fabric or print colors, required to maintain order minimums, or restricted to specific print methods.

The standard Direct-To-Garment (DTG) print method only works on fabrics that have at least 50% cotton in the mix – even when it is a 100% cotton garment, the print is often unimpressive. Dye-sublimation on All-Over-Print garments forces design specificity – you need to design every inch of the garment to submit it to print, often using confusing art templates. Embroidery limits design complexity & color availability, and can be heavy & uncomfortable when sweating. Screen Printing will impose certain design limitations & order minimums & can’t be used in POD.

DTG vs. DIGISOFT® prints — Images are unedited.

CustomCat’s activewear, featuring DIGISOFT® print technology, allows us to achieve high quality custom prints efficiently while maintaining complete design & color accuracy. With DIGISOFT®, every print is stunning & vibrant, even when directly applied to moisture-wicking fabric & other activewear materials.

DIGISOFT® prints are known for a sharp, consistent, true-to-color look with a soft, wearable feel, & impressive longevity on any fabric.


Marketing Strategies

Consumers have been waiting to customize their activewear to fit their personal style & brand. Adding CustomCat’s performance apparel products to your online store will allow you to build your personal brand with fewer limitations than ever before. Plus, due to the superiority of DIGISOFT® prints, you will have fewer complaints & returns (leading to even more 5-star reviews).


Target Market Audiences

Health & Wellness
– Gym/workout apparel
– Athletes/Sports Teams

– Loungewear
– Working from home
– Travel

– Athleisure
– Streetwear

– Personalize your own clothing

Not only has activewear & athleisure taken over the fashion industry – it’s about to take over the print-on-demand industry. For the first time ever, you are able to print your own custom designs to activewear using DIGISOFT® technology. With this major technological advancement in POD, you can now confidently offer custom activewear in your online store & before anyone else.


Hearing about DIGISOFT® for the first time or want to learn more? Check out our DIGISOFT® FAQ page or click the image below.

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