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Why You Should Sell Activewear in Your Online Store

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By Susan - June 7, 2022- in Go-Getter Blog

Gone are the days when we considered activewear clothes for the gym or something to get dirty in while working in the yard. Donning hoodies and workout pants certainly weren’t trending as celebrity-worthy fashion statements. Today, activewear means sporty, comfortable clothes that can be worn on the go, during a workout, or just to relax around the house or on vacation. 

Instead of selling the same things that everyone else is focusing on, why not add activewear to your online store & cater to the thousands of people looking to discover their new favorite finds? Not sure how to get up and running? Here’s why you should sell more activewear in your online store & how to get started.

Tap Into the Trends

The stats paint a promising picture of selling activewear & athleisure in your ecommerce empire. According to Shopify, 41% of consumers polled purchased more athleisure clothing online during the pandemic. Another 19% plan on buying even more moving athleisure than they did before, even as the conditions ease. Go ahead and give customers what they want with unique, comfortable, & eye-catching activewear to enhance their wardrobe. 

Find Your Niche

There’s a reason so many people espouse the idea “the riches are in the niches.” It works! With Amazon earning 2.45 billion visits each month, and eBay 885 million visits per month, it’s crucial to stand out as a smaller ecommerce store owner. Selling everything to everyone means your online store gets lost in the noise & passed over for the tried-and-true juggernauts like Amazon. 

Instead of competing against everyone, one of the easiest ways to sell more & stand out is to niche down & specialize. Selling activewear helps focus your efforts on finding one type of spectacular product & doing it well. 

You can also get ambitious & hyper-niche with your new products. If you’re selling activewear in your online store, consider focusing on a specific demographic like dog owners or active mothers. The more you define who you sell to, the easier it is to attract your core audience & beat out your competition. 

Attract a Loyal Customer Base

Amazon may attract loyal customers for its sheer volume of variety and fast shipping, but its customers aren’t exactly loyal; they’re just looking for convenience. Once you niche down & focus on superior products & service, your loyal customer base begins to materialize. They’re not there for mere convenience, they’re there because they enjoy your products & feel you understand what they want. Selling activewear in your online store raises your brand awareness for what you do well & keeps customers coming back for more.

When your customers are loyal, they also expect to hear from you. Whether you’re popping into their email inboxes with a flash sale or discussing favorite fitness routines on a busy schedule on Instagram, your customers are part of your community. The end result? It’s easier to earn revenue when your customers are anticipating that next communication touchpoint.

Increase Your Revenue

Selling activewear could also skyrocket your revenue in your online store & reframe your ambitions for online success. Let’s say you’re already a personal trainer or love running fitness boot camps; your income potential taps out depending on how many people you serve. Instead of hitting a plateau, add a revenue stream by selling activewear & other fitness products to help your core audience & spin off a new arm of your business. 

To keep growing your revenue, make sure to leverage apps like Shopify’s cross-selling & upselling tools. Try customizing your preferences to show off your new line of legging every time someone is interested in specific shirts or workout resources. 

Make It Personal

One of the best parts about selling activewear in your online store is how versatile it is. It’s easy to customize & personalize products for your customers and make them feel like a celebrity. Whether you’re tapping into current events or adding their name to a hoodie, you can deliver on what they want & earn more.

Align Your Lifestyle & Business Goals

If you love fashion, selling a wide variety of styles may suit you well. Otherwise, you’re just selling products that probably don’t hold much interest for you. Instead, you can align your lifestyle & business goals together by focusing on a niche you love. Staying fit & active is more motivating when you’re testing your own products, showing them off to the world, & feeling proud of your efforts. 

As any business owner knows, building & running an online store takes some serious work. When you align it with something you love, like fitness & activewear, you reap the benefits. Just think of the trade shows, conventions, festivals, markets, & meet-ups you can attend that tap into your passions & the core of your business at the same time.

Flex Your Influence

Budding & growing fitness influencers alike benefit from launching their own activewear brand. Selling your favorite finds to your audience creates more revenue while increasing your position as an influencer at the same time. You can also turn your online presence into a collaboration & work with established brands to spin off your own activewear line. Beyond the revenue potential, the move could help build the perceived value of your products to your loyal audience base.

Establish Yourself as an Expert

Online stores are often profitable & fun to run but also help establish your expertise in an industry. If you love fitness, leveraging your store to attract an audience to your other services is a savvy business move. For example, your customers may discover your shop for your line of activewear & inspired hoodies, but stay for your video workouts & content on staying fit in your 30s or as a single parent.

Final Thoughts

Selling activewear in your online store is a win for your business & customers alike. Of course, just like with any selling strategy, it requires some persistence & focus to get your new line of products off the ground.

Why do you sell activewear in your online store? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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