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How to Increase Customers’ Perceived Value & Earn More

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By Susan - November 23, 2021- in Go-Getter Blog

Making more sales isn’t always about marketing or advertising, or even the perfect niche. Sometimes sky-high sales have everything to do with the perceived value of your products or online brand. The good news is you can increase your customers’ perceived value & earn more while still offering the best products AND running your dream business. Here’s how to get started.

Provide More Value

If you want to raise the perceived value of your business, start by offering more value for your customers to rave about. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you need to work harder or even reinvent the wheel. Instead, leverage the tools & resources you already have. Add a quick video tutorial for your products, include a personalized thank you note, or use cross-selling apps so your customer can quickly see which items pair well together. 

Providing more value is also about assessing weak areas of your ecommerce business. If you struggle with fast shipping, rely on a fulfillment center or done-for-you solutions. CustomCat offers white labeling & drop shipping services. You’re empowered to expand your offerings, keep your overhead low, and your customers get fast shipping & quality products.

Refine Your Ecommerce Branding

Let’s face it. No matter how incredible your products are, an awkward or clunky website that’s difficult to navigate is a fail. How your website looks matters. Research shows that when asked what visual elements they value on a company website, 40% of consumers said images, 39% said color, and 21% said video. 

Customers won’t stick around to navigate your ecommerce store if it’s not intuitive, design-friendly, & loads lightning fast. Take the time to streamline your website design & make it simple for customers to find everything they’re looking for. Refining your branding can also help your long-term marketing & sales strategy. Add a sign-up button for your email list, make your social media channels easy to find, & add a testimonial or praise section of your happiest customers. 

Optimize the Customer Experience

Customers notice when a business takes the time to make their experience seamless
& rewarding. Don’t just sell your products; make it an experience your customers will never forget. Try offering valuable blog content with product tutorials 7 insights on how your items could improve their lives. An easy-to-navigate website that takes customers directly where they need to go is also part of the user experience or UX.

Beyond aesthetics & value-driven content, making it super easy for customers to shop is always a win. Leverage the power of apps like cross-selling, up-selling, & live chat features so customers have all the information & products they need within reach.

Stay Transparent

Transparency is one of the fastest ways to build trust with customers & raise your store’s perceived brand value. Why keep things on the down-low when you can give customers all of the info they need to make the best purchasing decisions?

Staying transparent can mean different things to different customers. Start by offering a variety of clarification points that sheds more light on your business—making it clear where your products are sourced or what charities your revenue supports are a few places to start.

Taking responsibility & being honest is also a powerful way to show transparency. Reach out to customers, personally walk through any issues with shipping or product availability & treat them with respect. Sending out an update about an issue within your business can also impress customers when done right & handled with integrity. 

Evoke More Emotion

Ecommerce stores often skip over a powerful way to engage customers & increase their perceived value: Evoking emotion. Instead of adding a simple product description that says what your item is, explain why it matters & transforms lives. Create copy descriptions & content that speaks directly to your target customer. Why do they need your product? What does it do for their life? How does it improve their day? 

Sharing the story behind your business also impacts sparking an emotional response with your customer base. Share how you launched your ecommerce store to travel more, be home with your kids, or fulfill a lifelong dream to yourself that you never gave up on. The more relatable you are to your audience, the more likely they feel an emotional connection. 

Tap Into Influencer Marketing

When done right, influencer marketing wins impressive returns & helps raise brand awareness & social trust. When done correctly, an influencer’s content is perceived as authentic. The key is picking influencers with authentic engagement & who have a reputation for marketing products they actually believe in. 

You also don’t need to blow your budget on the biggest-name influencers you can afford—instead, research influencers with a few thousand followers in a specific niche with a loyal following. Although big-name players on Instagram or TikTok may attract some buzz, you’re more likely to end up with a highly targeted audience interested in your specific products with smaller influencers.

Reframe Your Product Offerings

Sometimes the only thing standing between you & record-breaking sales is how your products are framed. If you’re selling a product with a simple description & what a great deal it is, you’re likely to attract bargain hunters who aren’t likely to convert into loyal customers.

Think about how to reframe your product with more value & clarity. What problem does your product solve for your audience & improve their life? Focus on the value you’re selling instead of the specifications or features of your product & watch your sales grow.

Raise Your Prices

Positioning yourself as the lowest ecommerce seller in your niche 7 hoping to generate the most sales is often counterintuitive. According to Science Daily, consumers associate high produce with high quality. Of course, your price point needs to make sense for your market & raise the value in other ways. From reframing your product’s value to offering the best customer experience, justify the high prices.

Final Thoughts

Increasing perceived value & earning more revenue go hand in hand. Focus on providing incredible quality, and make sure your branding and content align with your strategy. Share how you increase your online store’s perceived value below!

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