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Why Everyone Who Works in E-commerce Should Try WooCommerce

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By CustomCat - September 10, 2019- in Go-Getter Blog

E-commerce business owners have a lot to think about – not only is it such an incredibly competitive industry, but it’s also challenging to find the right platform.
While managing merchandise and marketing your business might be of paramount importance to you, ensuring that your site is performing well, products are optimized, and the store works correctly.
Finding the best store-builder is definitely something that you should look into, especially if you’re looking for cost-effective ways to reach new audiences, and experience a fantastic interface.
Woocommerce is an amazing option for many e-commerce business owners, which everybody in the industry should try.
Here’s exactly why.

What is WooCommerce?

Firstly, it isn’t like the majority of other store-builders. Usually, you sign up to a single hosting-to checkout platform and follow-through from there.
WooCommerce isn’t standalone – it’s actually an open-source WordPress plugin, which has its limitations but implies many benefits. It works as a third-party integrating platform as part of WordPress’s greater scheme.
Obviously, as the world’ most popular content management system, there’s a good chance that your site already uses WordPress. It’s a fantastic CMS system, that really helps enhance websites – and allows anybody to create excellent look sites.
You can build out your website design using the themes, and also include other plugins that help with email marketing and security. After this, you’ll then have to install and configure WooCommerce – this handles the e-commerce function of the site.
It only works as the builder for the e-commerce aspect of your website. Your blog, home page, or any other parts will not be affected.
So, why should you give WooCommerce a try?

It’s versatile

The store that you can build with WooCommerce is nothing short of amazing.
In terms of design, it offers so much flexibility and versatility, that you can portray your brand and vision, without compromise.
Practicality speaking, it also gives you multiple variants and configurations for products. For instance, if you have various sizes or colors – you can add those on your product listing.
You can even use WooCommerce with affiliate marketing models. Versatility, like this, is always a significant benefit to e-commerce stores.

The design options

Following on from this point, it’s essential to get specific about design options around a store-builder.
The design of your e-commerce store makes such a drastic difference – it helps portray your brand, and also makes a big difference to the overall user experience.
WooCommerce has been designed to work with the majority of WordPress themes. That’s countless options – making your choices essentially endless.
If your website has been built using WordPress, this means that WooCommerce will be able to settle in comfortably. Otherwise, you can pick a theme that you really love and go from there.
Of course, this does mean that you may have to spend more time designing your site and making sure every plugin works perfectly. However, the outcome means that you’ll have something completely unique and personal to you.

It’s free

Yes, WooCommerce is entirely free to use. This means you’ll keep all your profits, and be able to list all products with no extra cost.
However, if you want flexibility and functionality, you will want to pay for add-ons.
In the beginning, you can probably showcase your e-commerce store without any extra payments. As time goes on and your store expands, paid plugins and features will be necessary to improve the e-commerce experience for everybody.
Standalone store-builders very often take a tiny bit of profit or require a monthly fixed payment for your store. WordPress allows you to grow before spending any unnecessary amounts of money.

They have 100+ payment options

WooCommerce is leading the way with the array of payment options available. Obviously, this is beneficial to you, but also your customer. There is a much higher chance that a customer will find a suitable payment option, with no struggle. As you’ll know, making the checkout process more streamlined and straightforward is in the best interest of everybody.
The core payment options for WooCommerce are credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and COD. However, you can also integrate other payment options like Amazon Payments, Square, and Stripe.

An abundance of additional features

WooCommerce can do basically anything that a standalone store-builder can do, and then some. When it might seem like it’s missing something, a quick plugin search – and you’ve found everything you’ve been searching for.
Regardless of your marketing techniques, or selling platforms – WooCommerce can aid you. Their features include:

  • Multiple payment options (as mentioned above)
  • Hundreds of plugins
  • Ready-built themes and designs
  • Adjustable shipping rates and taxes
  • Inventory control
  • Mobile-friendly designs
  • Unlimited products and categories
  • Complete autonomy
  • Facebook store extensions

One of the main reasons why every e-commerce business should try WooCommerce is because of their unlimited options. If you use other platforms, you’re ultimately limited to what you’re provided. WordPress continually updates and adds plugins that will help elevate your company.

It’s easy to use

WooCommerce is super easy to use, especially if you have experience with WordPress.
If your website is already hosted through WordPress, getting started with WooCommerce will be so super easy. All you need to do is install the plugins, and follow the steps.
If you’re not on WordPress, you’ll have to set up an account, purchase web hosting (if you want a personal URL), and then design your site. After you’ve completed that, the next step is to install the WooCommerce plugin.
It can seem slightly intimidating, especially if you’ve never built your own website before. That being said, the majority of tech companies specialize in WordPress, and will easily be able to set you up.
Once you’ve installed WooCommerce – a setup wizard will pop up. This will guide you through everything, and ensure that you set up WooCommerce correctly.

An SEO advantage

One way that WooCommerce significantly trumps other store-builders is with SEO.
WordPress blogging capabilities – which covers both metadata and content management, really helps WooCommerce stores to rank higher.
“It goes without saying that great SEO requires a lot of hard work, but it’s much more comfortable with WooCommerce. Those that want to put in the effort, and include SEO in part of their marketing plan should choose WooCommerce for this one sole reason.” — Janine Silverstein, SEO specialist at WoWGrade and Supreme Dissertations.

Improved customer service

WooCommerce also offers impressive features, that help with customer service.
For instance, automated customer follow-up emails that can be personalized, as well as various shipping options.
Customer service is a crucial way to make your brand and business stand out from the crowd.
WooCommerce also sends out follow-ups, which will contact customers that have abandoned their carts.


Even if you just try it out for a short period, WooCommerce should be experienced and tested by everybody in the industry.
With over 400 plugins, SEO benefits, and versatility – it really is every store owner’s dream.
WooCommerce isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of situation, if you prefer more centralized platforms, or if you want to code your site yourself – that’s completely fine.
WooCommerce is just a simple, secure, but extensive platform which can help to elevate your business and brand. You should absolutely try it.


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