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Tips for Writing Product Descriptions

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By Becca - February 3, 2022- in Go-Getter Blog

But I thought a picture was worth a thousand words, why do I have to describe it too?!

Writing a product description is not always easy. It can be stressful to think about the words you add to your listing might be the reason someone chooses whether or not to buy your product. What should you say & how should you say it? Does it really matter? The answer is yes. 

Whether you’re writing your first or want to spruce up the listings you already have, make sure you are considering these tips before posting your product descriptions.

Identify Your Target Market

Before you can begin writing your product description you need to decide who you’re selling to. A quality product description speaks directly to your target audience. It uses words & phrases that would most likely be in your customers vocabulary. Think of ways your customer might use the search bar to find your products. The closer the description is to your ideal customer the more likely they are to purchase your product. 

Make the Description Easy to Read

Your product descriptions should be easy to digest. It shouldn’t use overly complicated words that would make the customer confused or unsure about your product. The product description should quickly describe the product, list its most important features, & provide any specs or measurements that would matter to a customer. 

Include Details that Might Not be Obvious

Your product photos should speak for themselves but sometimes there are important details that can be missed by just looking at a photo. Be sure to include these details in your product description. Think of things that customers might be curious about. It’s important to remember customers can’t touch your product when shopping online. 

A method that we find works for sellers is using your mockup photos to point out small details that are important, but might be passed over when reading the product description. Customers are more likely to casually flip through you product photos than spend time reading a paragraph of text. That way it is easier for your customer to understand that product before having it in their hands. This also leads to less customer complaints because this information is no longer being missed.

Suggest Ways the Product Can be Used

Listing the ways customers can use your products in the description is a great way to get the customer envisioning your product in their space. The more a customer can see a product improving their life, the more likely they are to spend the money on it. If you’re selling canvas, describe the room it can be displayed in. If you’re selling t-shirts, add a style guide to show customers different outfits you believe would pair nicely with your product. Use this area of your product description as a way to get the customer fantasizing about their new life with your product.

Include Real-Life Proof

Nowadays the competition for any product or service is endless. Customers have so many options to choose from you must find ways to convince people that your product is worth their money. One of the best ways to do this is by using real-life proof that customers are happy with your product. Adding a product reviews section underneath your listing is an easy way to show potential customers that your past customers didn’t regret taking that leap of faith required when ordering online. 

If you already have a reviews section on your page but are struggling to get your customers to use it, try enticing your customers with a discount for sharing their experience. That way you get your review & your customer now has a reason to come back.


There is no perfect product description. The goal of your descriptions should be to match your brand, speak to your target market, & correctly highlight your products. As long as you believe in your brand & the products you offer, your ideal customers will find your products & your awesome description will just be what makes them click that final purchase button.

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