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Social Media Content Ideas For Quarter 4

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By Becca - August 29, 2019- in Go-Getter Blog

People respond to social media content differently; lifestyle content has become widely popular across the world. It highlights your business beyond your products or designs. It shows customers how, where, and when they can use your products and designs.
When you think about photographing content, think about your buyer persona – what they like to do, where they hang out, etc. Ultimately it’s similar to building a relationship. First, you have to get to know someone to understand if you’ll get along.
Empty planner with pen and glasses


Labor Day

During this weekend, people squeeze in last-minute family trips. There may be some individuals who just want to enjoy the long-weekend without having to worry about missing the deals. Let them know that you got their back by extending Labor Day deals until Tuesday, September 3rd, so they can enjoy their holiday in peace. Include words such as “Relax,” “Recharge,” “Enjoy,” “See ya in store on Tuesday!”, “Happy,” “Peaceful,” “Savor,” and “Summer.”

Last Minute Back To School Shopping – First Two Weeks Of September

Remind the audience about specific items that will go back to regular pricing within the next couple of days. Reminders come off less intrusive than “Hurry, this offer won’t last.”

National Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is most definitely worthy of celebrating. Take a photo of your grandparents wearing some of your merchandise. You can caption it as something along the lines of “I have the best grandparents in the whole wide world.” Don’t forget to link the products in the photo.

Patriot Day –  (9/11)

If your store is based in the USA, shout out to all the dispatchers – firefighters, medics, police, and many other brave souls for their courage and bravery. Please, be respectful and don’t get controversial. Anything along these lines will do: “Always Remember,” or “Never Forget.”
U.S. Soccer Tweet About 9/11

Friday the 13th

Take this Day as is. Some correlate this Day to bad things. However, you have the opportunity to turn this day into a positive day. Take advantage of the number “13”. Present thirteen top sellers to your audience. You may also want to add a discount to get your customers excited about buying.

Wife Appreciation Day

Ask your audience a question. What does appreciation like? When you publish content on social channels, set aside a few minutes (depending on the size of your audience) to engage and respond to all comments. Get to know who your audience on a more personal level.


Germans are not the only ones to celebrate Octoberfest. Everyone knows that Octoberfest is yet another opportunity to promote deals.

Autumn Equinox

Every time there is a season change, we tend to hear more about balance, reflection, and recharge to get ready to get our bodies prepared for new beginnings. Your social media post doesn’t have to be about yoga. However, you should include something about balance (“Look at that design balance!”) or new beginnings (Introduce a new member of your business family).
Pro Tip: Create a collection of meditation, yoga, and spiritual designs.

National Hunting & Fishing Day

This Day can be beneficial to your brand if you sell outdoorsmen related designs. However, you may want to avoid celebrating National Hunting & Fishing Day if you know your audience doesn’t like hunting.

International Coffee Day

Coffee is a common topic that almost everyone can relate to. Take a lifestyle photo of you or someone drinking coffee from a cup with one of your designs. Use #NationalCoffeeDay to address the reason for this particular post.


Fall is running season. The temps are down, and races are in full swing. Your captions can include a variety of things, such as “Running toward a new (product).”
If your business is sports-oriented, we recommend implementing some 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, and Ultra races to your category list. T-shirt designs can include anything from nutrition, training, to the actual race day.
Free Press Marathon Instagram Post of a guy running away

Farmer’s Market Outings

Go to a farmer’s market and take a photo of yourself wearing any type of gear that you sell. Add a second photo of what you bought (your basket or a bag filled with all the goodies). If you don’t have a farmer’s market near you, you can go to a local grocery store and caption your photo, “My kind of Farmer’s Market.”

Fall Colors

Fall is a popular time of year, especially in the midwest. There are so many popular activities that people love to do. You can refer to #Fall anytime from September through November.

Scavenger Hunts

Social media can be used to announce scavenger hunts. Here’s an idea: make a list of places (backgrounds) where your products would match with:

  1. A fountain
  2. Bakery
  3. Coffee Shop
  4. Park
  5. School
  6. Amusement Park
  7. City
  8. River Walk
  9. Fast Food Restaurant
  10. Grocery Store

When an individual completes this challenge feature their posts on your Instagram account.


World Vegetarian Day

Similar to fishing and hunting, there will always be two sides to a story. Based on your audience, pick a team – if you sell hunting-related items, you may want to create designs that oppose veganism.

World Smile Day

Encourage your followers to send you a cheesy photo of them wearing a product with one of your designs. Add comment, “Top smiles will be featured on our social media.”

Pumpkin Everything

October is known for pumpkin coated everything. Whether you want to include pumpkins in your designs or do something else, that’s up to you. However, be sure to add a pumpkin touch to your social media photos (use props, choose specific colors…etc.)


Football is widely popular in the States but not so much around the globe – unless Super Bowl comes around. People tune in to say they watched the half time show. Paint your face and wear your football-related design. Snap a photo and ask your audience a question. “Who’s your team?”


Puns and memes work magic on social media. When people like something, they are more likely to share it with their friends. When friends of friends choose to share, you find yourself surfing the social media viral wave. Take Halloween as the perfect opportunity to gain new followers and friends.

World Teachers’ Day

Teachers are important to our society. Post a shout out with an included promo code: TeacherAppreciationDay. It’s the least we can do to appreciate the work they do in shaping the lives of many.


Hockey season is back, and so are a ton of hockey fans. Provide your audience with an opportunity to purchase new gear for the season.

Bonfires & Smore’s

Warm clothing pieces are in full swing. Here is a list of captions that you can use with pit fires and hoodies.

  • Cuddle weather
  • Find your fire
  • Just a bunch of happy campers
  • Let there be pumpkin spice and s’ mores in your life

Ciders & Donuts

Yet another phenomenon that has spread throughout our nation through social media: cider & donuts. It’s an activity that is glamorized with photos on Instagram and Pinterest. Use this opportunity to sell more products.


Holiday Matching Gear

Shoppers are on the hunt for holiday-themed gear. Design a couple of holiday-themed goodies and start promoting early.

Veterans Day

Keep your Veterans Day social media posts honorable and professional.
You want to generate more sales with your Veterans Day marketing, right?
You need to read this – Veterans Day Marketing Guide.

Single’s Day

Single people like to treat themselves too. They want to feel loved and valued, so show them how much you care. Put together a discount code to honor independent individuals who wish to treat themselves for fun.


Share thankful thoughts this holiday season. Don’t forget to tell a story. One good story surpasses everything else.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Use social media as a reminder to promote discounts.
How do you get more people buying on Black Friday & Cyber Monday?
The answer is simple – implement these marketing tactics into your overall marketing strategy. Read more at Black Friday & Cyber Monday Guide. 

Small Business Saturday

Partner up with some other business and cross-promote each other to help each other grow.
a list of ways on how to support a friend's small business for free


Christmas Ornaments

After Thanksgiving, the mood shifts into the holiday (Christmas) spirit. People decorate their homes with Christmas decor. Personalization is super popular, especially with Christmas ornaments.
Circle Christmas Ornament
Heart Christmas ornament


According to Statista, December is the most popular month to get engaged. Most weddings take place in the summer. That means fall and winter are the most popular seasons for engagements.

Pond Hockey Games

Pond hockey is similar to ice hockey. However, pond hockey focuses more on skating and puck handling rather than physical contact. Pond hockey isn’t just a sport that kids play in their backyard, and it has become much more than that. There are highly talked about pond hockey tournaments all around the world. As far as your social media posts, place your design on one of our hockey jerseys and hashtag it pond hockey season.

Bucket List

When we approach the end of the year, many people reflect on their past and look forward to the future. Come December, and people start planning their summers. Show them where you plan to go by pointing at a map. This method not only inspires them to take action, but it also says, “Hey, you need this hat to travel the world.” In the comments, ask, “Where will your summer bucket list take you?”


Bowling is a popular indoor sport during the cold months. Winters are long and days are short, that’s when people find this activity fitting. Most bowling outings happen in December through March.

Winter Photoshoots

People do professional shots for a variety of reasons, and Christmas cards are one of them. Christmas cards wouldn’t be the same without some kind of commonality in the photo. Hint: Everyone wears the same beanie or sweater.

Homemade Hot Cocoa

The desired winter drink of choice, is hot cocoa topped with marshmallows. According to Google Trends, over the past 14 years, hot chocolate searches spike just around December. Make yourself a hot cocoa, add marshmallows, snap a photo, and post it on social media.

Mid-Winter Vacation

During cold months people head down to warmer climates. That’s when you can re-introduce summer wear and accessories.

Yoga Classes

December is too cold for outdoor workouts. Fitness junkies flock toward indoor studios. Classes range from yoga to boot camp classes. Boutique fitness skyrocketed in popularity, mainly in urban cities. People pay anything from $20 – $50 for a single type. Hint: They are more likely to spend the same or twice as much money on workout gear.

Pearl Harbor Day

Similarly to 9/11, when it comes to major events you need to be aware of the past and the present. Address Pearl Harbor with the respect and care.
a date which will live in infamy Decmeber 7th us navy instagram post

Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Ask or fill in a blank sentence. “Chocolate covered __________.”

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, remind your audience to be mindful of their time.


Not everyone celebrates Christmas, so don’t forget to include Hanukkah in your social media marketing.

Christmas Eve

Wish your audience Merry Christmas by posting a meme, photo, video, or graphic to resemble your brand.

Christmas Day

You can dress up in a Santa outfit, take a video of yourself, and start unpacking presents (your products & designs). Caption it: “Santa’s here!”

Boxing Day

Boxing day is a major shopping holiday, similar to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. After Christmas, retailers offer discounts to convince consumers to continue shopping. Boxing day is generally recognized in Canada, the UK, and Ireland, but in recent years it has become popular among Americans too.
Two ladies dressed in yellow cheering with two champagne glasses

New Years Resolutions

Write down a list of your resolutions and ask your audience for theirs

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