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Colors & Consumer Behavior

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By Becca - September 6, 2018- in Go-Getter Blog

People make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with products.

That’s a relatively short amount of time to make an impression. Looks are an integral part of your brand.
The colors you choose have a direct correlation with the success of your brand.
Let’s take a look at color psychology and what it means to implement award-winning color background for your website.
Here are 4 tips to make your online store scream with wow factor.

Dominant Color

Choose the right color for your e-commerce business and use it to your advantage. Use your dominant color where you want your website visitors to take certain actions.
Different colors have different abilities to attract specific types of shoppers. Colors can even alter consumer behaviors.
Colors should reflect your brand’s story and it should be cohesive with the message you want to tell. Ask yourself:

  • How do you want your visitors to feel?
  • What are the core values of your brand?
  • What does your brand stand for?   

Biological Sex & Color Preference

By using color combinations that are favored by either male, female, or both, you can alter their perceptions of your brand – subconsciously.
Here’s an interesting study.
Israel Abramov, of CUNY’s Brooklyn College, studied men and women’s brains when it comes to color perception.

Abramov asked men and women to break down the hue of a color and to assign a percentage to the categories red, yellow, green, and blue. The results showed that women were more adept at distinguishing between subtle gradations than were men. This sensitivity was most evident in the middle of the color spectrum.With hues that were mainly yellow or green, women were able to distinguish tiny differences between colors that looked identical to men. In fact, Abramov found that slightly longer wavelengths of light were required for men to see the same hues as women – hues identified as orange by women were seen as more yellow by men.
However, when shown light and dark bars flickering on a screen, men were better than women at seeing the bars. Men were better able to perceive changes in brightness across space, a skill useful for reading a letter on an eye chart or recognizing a face. This effect was increased as the bars narrowed, suggesting that men are more sensitive to fine details and rapid movement than women.

Another study by McInnis and Shearer says, that women preferred soft colors more than bright vivid colors. Also, women prefer tints over shades.

Complimentary Color is an awesome tool to help you pick color scheme in seconds. Available on iOS for $1.99.
Complimnetary color of your choice can be used to highlight secondary information on your online store.

Background Color

Generally, online stores use a white or subtle background color in order to sell products.
The focus are the products instead of the design of the website. The background color a backdrop to help make the content pop.
Clean look makes a store look proffesional and well-established.

Product Photography

Nowdays, brands are using high-definition photos to showcase their brand’s story.
Photos are usually paired with products to showcase an experience and that evoke emotion. Emotion is a start of the buying process.


The colors that you pick play a role in whether your audience decides to leave your online store  or make a purchase.
85% of shoppers state color as the primary factor in their decision to buy a product.
It is important to understand that specific colors ignite certain feelings in the human brain.
Colors are somwehat a roadmap to guide your visitors to the end of the purchase cycle.
Are you ready to be a guide? Optimize your online store today.

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