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66-Day Challenge to Boost Your Sales

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By Becca - November 20, 2018- in Go-Getter Blog

Two months, that’s all it takes to form a habit – 66 days to be exact! If you want to change the course of your ecommerce business you have to be willing to do something different. Start now by taking an hour of your day to work on improving your skills which in long run will help with higher sales. In 2 months you can easily gain 60 hours of hands-on experience and knowledge to help you run your e-business more proficiently. Are you willing to do what it takes to run a successful business? 


1. Enroll in an online course to gain new skills in any design program or software. 
2. Watch youtube as a tutorial tool. 
3. Attend conferences to learn from powerful leaders in your industry. 
4. Read a book to self-improve yourself. 
5. Create buyers personas that will help you understand the interests of your ideal customer.
6. Research your competitors to avoid making the same mistakes. 
7. Create a vision board with visual elements of all things you want to achieve with your business. 
8. Subscribe to a new blog to gain a fresh perspective. 
9. Browse Pinterest for design inspiration. 
10. Journal your thoughts to actively engage in personal growth and development. 


11. Create Listicles when you don’t know what to blog about. They are easy to write. People love them because they are quickly navigable. 
12. Write a comparison blog post to compare products.  
13. Do’s  & Dont’s blog post as an advice for beginning entrepreneurs. 
14. Brainstorm blog topics and put them into your editorial calendar.
15. Put together a list of most popular blog posts to gain newcomers attention. 
16. Perfect your about [Insert Company Name] page to tell a story that will sell. 
17. Add subscribe button to give your audience the freedom to opt-in as they please.  
18. Fix broken links to improve your SEO standings. 
19. Find blogger mentor to get all the insights to blogging successfully. 
20. Create a 2020 editorial calendar to be one step ahead of the game. 
21. Recheck for spelling, grammar, and typos to avoid looking unprofessional. 
22. Cross promote to expand your reach. 
23. Add social buttons to increase brand exposure.
24. Make call-to-actions loud and clear to remove friction during the purchase process. 
25. Inserting internal and external links will improve the visibility and rank of your website. 
26. Use relevant photos to match the message of the blog post. 

Email Marketing 

27. Segment your email list will help you achieve higher open rates and click-through-rates. 
28. Cut out the fluff to grab the audience’s attention right of the bat. 
29. Make your emails mobile friendly to stay afloat among your competitors. 
30. Create creative subject lines that improve conversions. 
31. Use seasonal products to increase sales. 
32. Include GIFs to boost engagement. 
33. Include videos to reduce unsubscription rate. 
34. Set up abandoned cart email to win over your customers. 
35. Personalize the email list to each recipient to increase trust. 

Social Media

36. Add a call to action to your Facebook page  – “Shop Now”. 
37. Follow your competitors on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter & Youtube. 
38. Use Snapchat stories for behind the scenes footage. 
39. Engage with followers to learn more about their wants and needs. 
40. Go Facebook & Instagram Live to announce new products & features. 
41. Create IGTV to capture your audience in a new unique way. 
42. Run Instagram & Snapchat Contests 
43. Treat each channel as individual platforms – customize the look and the message. 

Product Improvements 

44. Create a new design 
45. Add new sizes – XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL
46. Add new products to broaden your audience reach. 
47. Improve your photography to appear well-established. 
48. Make a video for products to introduce your products in a fun way.  
49. Add colors to appeal to a larger audience. 
50. Write detailed product descriptions to answer the most common questions. 
51. Show related products to inspire your customers to purchase additional products. 
52. Show the product SKU number can help customers find the product faster. 

Store Improvements 

51. Show availability to reduce customer’s frustration. 
52. Highlight price to promote buying behavior. 
53. Show scarcity to encourage customers to buy. 
54. Test your check out process – is everything working properly? 
55. Put your shipping policy into your product descriptions to avoid confusion and hesitation. 
56. Test the page speed to ensure smooth navigation thru your site. 
57. Update meta descriptions based on Google standards. 
58. Improve your about me page to convey your audience to purchase from you. 
59. Make sure your site is easy to navigate to convert more sales. 
60. Offer free shipping to increase average order value. 

General Improvements

61. Ask for opinion to get a different perspective about your ecommerce store. 
62. Keep everything up to date, the ecommerce landscape changes constantly. 
63. Show value – how is your store better than the other ecommerce sites? 
64. Create engaging content based on personal experiences. 
65. Keep it clean – don’t distract customers during the purchase funnel with unnecessary pop-ups. 
66. Provide outstanding service to retain your customers but also attract new ones. 
You got this, remember it only takes 66 days to change the course of your business. We got one that you can do TODAY! Go to CustomCat and add new products to your store today!

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