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How to Drive Sales with Instagram and TikTok

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By Becca - March 17, 2020- in Go-Getter Blog

In the world where interaction is central to social media, you should know about some of our favorite platforms to keep up with the ever-changing world of social media. Let’s get started. Shall we?
Being where your customers hang out daily is vital for the success of any online business. And right now, Instagram and TikTok are the platforms where you should be connecting with your customers. Every serious business owner should be aware of what’s happening in the social media sphere.
We will give you some practical tips and tricks on how to get your audience to engage with your brand on the two most talked about social media platforms. *Drumroll* –  Instagram and TikTok.
Let’s get started. Shall we?
Instagram is perfect for an online business. You have to find what works for you tho. What may work for a competitor may not necessarily work for you. Like everything, it is all about trial and error. There is no “one size fits all” situation.
Instagram – it’s all about Stories. You are putting your brand at a significant disadvantage if you are not using Instagram Stories. Instagram users rarely take the time to view Instagram profiles anymore, unless encouraged to do so via Stories.
But how in the world can I make my Instagram Stories stand out among other 1 billion monthly active users? That’s a good question. Here’s how:
Engage, Engage, Engage. Customers want to be part of your brand. They want all in or not at all. Let them contribute through Q&A, poll stickers, or quizzes. This way, your audience is more likely to get invested rather than just being a bystander on the sidelines.
When you fill out your Instagram Profile, you can add a single link to your store. However, that sometimes is not enough. That is where Linktree comes into play, and it’s free. According to Linktree, “The Only Link You’ll Ever Need.” Ultimately Linktree is a launchpad to all the important information that you can find of Instagram, like your Facebook Page, Shopify store, blog, and more. This link ensures that your profile includes all the necessary links easily accessible to your audience. Everything should be within fingertips reach. And Linkree does it so well!
Unlike stories, where you can be unapologetically raw, your content feed should be polished and planned out well-in-advance. So you don’t miss an important date or an event. With PLANN, you can figure out the order you want to post your content in, discover the best times to posts, and being able to peek at other user stats that are just one of the few perks of PLANN. You can access PLANN both from mobile and desktop version (which is a lifesaver because it’s not time efficient when you have to come up with a copy on your phone). The desktop version easily comes into play when you are trying to batch your work months in advance.
Let’s take a look at the hottest new social media platform TikTok. There is a lot to be said about what the platform can do for your business. To some, it can come off as an app where people go waste time. Others use TikTok as a tool to move the needle forward in their business.
First and foremost, before you post your first video, you should watch a couple of videos to familiarize yourself with the platform. You don’t want to jump in before taking an in-depth look at the platform as a whole. To sum up, TikTok, in a sentence, a platform dedicated to silly videos and challenges.
One of the most significant pros of having a presence on TikTok is that you don’t need to have any background in a video. It’s simple, just pull out your phone and start filming. You can post a video that shows off your product in a unique way, make it fun, don’t overthink the process.
In today’s age, regular old fashioned ads won’t do a whole lot for Generation Z audience. Anything that so much resembles an ad will be immediately disregarded. And TikTok is the ultimate platform that cuts through the clutter of all old school advertising.
More than 500 million people globally use TikTok each month.  And that alone is a positive indicator that you should be using TikTok too. One of the most popular user-generated things you can do on the platform is challenges. Challenges are fun and interactive. TikTok may be the best new thing to connect with your audience on a more personal level.
TikTok can be a great addition to your marketing strategy, but it can be easy to get sucked into the never-ending scroll ecosystem. Similar to Instagram, you can seriously waste a lot of time on there. Always keep your end-goal in mind.


Are you Instagram or TikTok user? If you have any additional things that we may have missed thus far, you know the drill. Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll be happy to add it to the list.

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