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How to Create Your Own Fitness Brand

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By Emily Nelson - June 27, 2023- in Go-Getter Blog

Establishing a thriving fitness brand can turn an online store or gym into a recognizable, profitable business. Sure, you can still sell products & services without a fitness brand backing your business, but you’ll also get lost in the online noise. People are more likely to price shop & overlook your offerings when your business looks like everything else out there. Instead, focus on building a powerhouse fitness brand to grow the business you’ve always wanted.

Why Build a Fitness Brand in the First Place?

Whether you’re passionate about fitness or are an established gym trying to stand out from the competition, a fitness brand helps establish your expertise & credibility. If you’re about to launch a product or service, developing a brand around it also fortifies your marketing efforts & raises awareness for your new business venture. People are also more likely to spread the word about your brand, send you referrals, & become loyal customers for the long-haul.

It’s true building a fitness brand takes time but could dramatically increase your profit potential & long-term success. Here’s how to get started.

Pick a Fitness Niche

Like establishing any brand, you need to focus on a niche to refine your messaging & marketing efforts. If your fitness niche is too broad, you’ll end up competing in an over-saturated marketplace. Here’s where things get complicated: What if you sell a general product or service, like online workouts or resistance bands?

Instead of trying to bring ingenuity to your offerings, your niche could also focus on who you’re serving. For example, cater your fitness brand to empty nesters looking to get in shape later in life. Or try focusing your niche around digital nomads who want to stay fit while on the road without losing motivation. Once you understand what your focus is all about, you can align your marketing & brand voice to cater directly to that audience. 

Find Your Target Market

Chances are you established your target market while narrowing down your niche, as the two often go hand in hand. However, you also need to go out & find those ideal customers. Where do they hang out online, & what do they talk about? What kind of reviews do they leave for the products they buy? What are their pain points & struggles with in their fitness journey? The more intimately you understand your audience, the stronger your fitness brand becomes.

Research Your Competitors

No matter how unique you think your fitness brand is, there’s probably a competitor out there doing something similar. You want to make sure everything from your website design to brand voice is different, but you can also glean valuable information. Find players in your space catering to digital nomads or another demographic & study their online presence. Do they have a freebie & an email opt-in? Are they releasing video content? Do their customers engage with the brand on social media? The goal is to figure out what your competition is doing well & where you can improve the customer experience.

Establish Your Branding

Choosing the look of your fitness brand is an integral part of the process. Choose colors that resonate with your offerings or your personal preferences, & work with a designer to bring your logo to life. Your online store should offer a clean, intuitive, & uncluttered interface but reflect your brand colors & feel. If you need some clarity, look at a bodybuilder fitness website compared to a site catering to an audience trying to lose weight. The colors, graphics, & copy will look dramatically different & align with the values & pain points of their audience.

Develop a Brand Personality

When you’re building a fitness brand, personality is everything. What kind of personality do you want to convey to the world? Is your brand sassy & smart? Type A & highly ambitious? Do some sleuthing to see what type of fitness influencers & brands your target market follows. You’ll end up attracting the customers you really want & being more relatable. Studies show that people buy from companies they feel are like-minded & share similar values.  

The real question is how to show off a brand personality. Start with your product copy, blog, & email marketing langage to establish some consistency in your brand personality & voice. You can also share your fitness journey with your customers or launch a challenge for your community to spark the connection you’re looking for. 

Launch Your Products or Services

Whether or not you’re already selling products or services, you should cater them to your new fitness brand to align with your target market & niche. Launching a physical product can be challenging if you’re new to the fitness game. You’ll need to figure out production, fulfillment, where to store your inventory, & how much you’ll need. 

Research shows that poor inventory management negatively impacts businesses & could push them into a cash flow crisis. Many companies end up failing due to inventory problems. Instead of fulfilling & storing all of your inventory yourself, work with a white-label or dropship company instead. CustomCat powers your online store to expand your products & easily offer high-quality fitness products & designs in no time.

Refine Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing is part of creating your fitness brand voice & growing your business. However, marketing requires some trial & error, testing, & consistency to work. It’s not a set-it & forget-it strategy, but you’ll make your life easier if you pick a few techniques you resonate with & run with them. Launching a giveaway, partnering with fitness influencers, & taking pre-orders are a few places to start. 

Creating a fitness brand is an exciting venture that takes some testing & hustling to get off the ground. What are your best strategies for establishing a fitness brand? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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