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How To Boost Your Online Sales During Wedding Season

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By Emily Nelson - May 4, 2023- in Go-Getter Blog

It’s wedding season! The start of spring means a brand-new commitment to innovative products, unique designs, & fresh ideas. Here’s how to get inspired by the season while boosting your online sales for more revenue. 

Think About Seasonality

Wedding season may extend from late spring through early fall, but brides & grooms are still planning weddings year-round. You can cater your products around the current season, but offering multi-season selections is okay too. The trick is to keep everything tastefully organized & curated so people know how to navigate your site. You don’t want to put winter & spring items together or leave it up to chance that people will find your late Fall selection. 

Beyond the products you’re selling, keep the look & feel of your ecommerce store seasonal. From spring flowers to summer fun, develop a cohesive aesthetic for your online store to apply across your branding & product offerings.

Push the Boundaries of Creativity

Print-on-demand (POD) throws open the doors to creativity & lets you push the boundaries. With no risk involved, you can upload your designs to your CustomCat library, apply them to your products, & earn as you sell. We fulfill, produce, & ship out your products on your behalf as a white-label arm of your business. 

There’s also no limit with CustomCat, whether you sell one item or hundreds. One of the best parts about the POD ecommerce model is the ability to offer more variety without carrying inventory or risking costly overhead to try something new. While your competitors are churning out the same traditional wedding designs & favors, you can explore the possibilities without the investment.

Learn how to get started on CustomCat here.

Make It Extra Dreamy

The wedding aesthetic is dreamy & captivating while transporting audiences to another time & place. However, you don’t need to adopt the traditional wedding look if that doesn’t reflect your brand & products. Instead, your dreamy vibe can embrace your individual style or overall vibe without compromising your business ideals. 

The goal is to keep your look & feel cohesive while creating an evocative experience.

Get inspired by browsing the best wedding Pins on Pinterest & Instagram. Jot down different aspects that pique your creativity, including colors & product designs. As you see common trends about your favorites, you can run with the ideas & give your products your own personal touch. 

Position Yourself as Wedding Favor Royalty

Niche down your products, theme, or audience to stand out among other online wedding sites. You can sell jewelry or themed T-shirts to brides or choose to supply quirky wedding favors. Whatever you decide, own it & run with it. For example, become a powerhouse of incredible POD wedding favors that your customers can’t find anywhere else. The results could pay off big. Research shows that the average cost of wedding favors & gifts is $440 per wedding.

Your secret weapon is coming up with unexpected product designs & rolling them out immediately. While everyone else is slogging through the research & development phase, you’re quickly gathering feedback from surveys or social media, uploading new designs, & selling your creations right away. 

Network with Wedding Influencers

The wedding niche gets saturated quickly, but it’s still possible to compete with the help of carefully selected wedding influencers. Don’t worry if you don’t have the budget to attract an influencer with millions of followers. A smaller micro-influencer with a few thousand dedicated followers can also produce big results. Carefully consider their audience, engagement, & style before negotiating a mutually beneficial agreement to increase your sales & own social media following.

Think About Who You’re Really Selling To

Wedding products command different audiences, from mother-of-the-brides to maids of honor & everything in between. Take time to think about who your products appeal to the most & who is buying them. It’s also possible you may have more than one buyer. Fathers, friends, grooms, & best men may all be buying your beer steins with original designs. 

Once you determine who is buying your products, scour your product copy & overall marketing approach. Are you directly talking to those buyers & drawing them in? Make sure it’s so clear they feel like you’re speaking directly to them.  

Turn Your Ecommerce Store Into an Experience

Weddings have a way of sweeping everyone up into a whirlwind of emotions & once in a lifetime moment. Capture the magic & create an experience in your own ecommerce store. From the colors you choose to photos, videos, & marketing copy, leave your buyers wanting more.

The experience isn’t over once someone hits ‘Buy’ & CustomCat starts producing & fulfilling their orders. Call out some of your buyers on social media & rally everyone in wishing them the best on their special day. Follow up with an email, reach out about their special day, & share in their excitement.

Design Post-Wedding Products

There’s still plenty of opportunity to sell your products once the wedding is over. Think about post-wedding products, including honeymoon T-shirts, Mr. & Mrs. hoodies, homewares, mugs, & more. Send your customers a congratulations email & a discount or special offer to entice them to buy & continue celebrating. 

If you know when your customers got married, you can also send out reminders about anniversary gifts & fun products each year. Remind them to spread the word about your business to score new customers while fostering current relationships.

Offer Gift Certificates

There are always going to be wedding shoppers who don’t know what to choose or want to contribute to their loved ones’ big day. Keep them from leaving your online store empty-handed with gift certificates that leave more flexibility in their shopping experience. You can also follow-up with curated gift guides or wedding favor run-downs to keep in touch & offer more value from their shopping experience.

Make It Personal

By nature, weddings are personal experiences, so align your branding accordingly. Ask customers to upload photos of them using or wearing your products & tag your ecommerce store. Or ask directly for feedback & inquire when their big day is to send a heart-felt congratulations. The idea is to genuinely celebrate your customers’ milestones & moments & show that you truly care about their happiness & journey to “I do.”


How do you boost your online sales during wedding season? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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