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8 Marketing Tips For Your First Facebook Holiday Campaign

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By Becca - October 29, 2019- in Go-Getter Blog

Over two months, millions turn to Facebook to look for deals. From Halloween to New Year, Facebook users post, react, comment, and share on major deals.
Every year, the shopping frenzy kicks off earlier than the year before. This year isn’t any exception. Take a look around, in mid-October; you’ll find Christmas related-products on the shelves.
Not to mention, people start talking about holiday shopping in advance in hopes to avoid last-minute shopping that comes with stress and expansive shipping.
According to a Facebook study, in 2018, nearly half of US shoppers had started shopping for the holidays in November or earlier. 
New to Facebook advertising? Today is a good day to start using Facebook ads to grow your business. Let’s dive in!
With Facebook ads, you don’t have to be digitally savvy, and the platform is designed to be user-friendly with little to no experience in digital marketing.
Facebook can help you tremendously with getting your products in front of the right audience.

Set a budget

There is nothing worse than running out of budget before the holidays even begin. Set clear budget expectations, plan to get an idea of how much you are going to spend to get the results you’re looking for.
The good news is, when you set up your campaign, Facebook automatically spits out a number your campaign/ad will reach. The campaign reach will fluctuate when you adjust your ad/campaign specifications.

Create eye-catching visuals

The visuals should be text-free and straightforward. In the over-saturated market – images need to stand out, among others.
Create a clear, simple, and visually appealing photo/design to catch the attention of your customers.
With, you can create eye-catching images with the correct Facebook dimensions.
Use your products to create holiday-specific visuals. Arrange your products into a particular shape (snowflake, Christmas tree, and more)

Market your brand’s story

How many times have you heard “personal connection yields sales”? The ‘Why’ behind your brand is what sets you apart from the competition. Even in the product-oriented market, it would not be very reasonable to omit the exclusivity of your story.
How many times have you purchased a product from a company that shares similar values and beliefs?

Invest in high-quality video

‘Shocker,’ right?  Among people surveyed in the US, 30% of mobile shoppers said a video is the best medium for discovering new products.
Here are a few inexpensive tips on how to shoot a video for Facebook with your iPhone. 
Here are some excellent and affordable programs that you can use to create social media videos in minutes. 

Create exclusive deals

Treat each holiday (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc.) as individual events. Do not combine all events in one promotion. Each holiday should feature individual (special) offers that create urgency, and most importantly, scarcity.
With everyone discounting their products, you want to make sure to give a firm deadline. so customers don’t just click in-and-out of your store, thinking they have plenty of time to purchase the products.
Set a firm deadline (time and date), to stand out in the sea of competitors by offering mini time-sensitive promotions on certain products.
You can divide the promotions by price range or type of product (home decor, apparel, etc.)

Run retargeting campaign

Advertise to users who have recently visited your site; this allows you to show deals to anyone who has lately been interested in your products.
Less than 2% of average customers are ready to buy when they visit a site for the first time, don’t spend a large amount of money acquiring new customers, the people who are more likely to buy again are right in front of you.
With these simples steps, you can be on the way to creating your first retargeting campaign. 

Respond to Facebook messages

Your marketing doesn’t stop when you schedule your campaign, and it’s much more than that. When your customers see your ad, they are more likely to have additional questions.
You want to make sure you come off as someone prompt in answering customer questions – earn “Very responsive to messages” badge to showcase that you put customers first.

Cater to mobile audiences

As you know, most people are on mobile, be sure to design your visuals and site to fit the specifications of the mobile.
According to Facebook People Insights if you plan to target your audience on mobile devices, you may want to keep a few things in mind:

  • Design clear and high-quality images
  • Content should fit both screens (mobile & desktop)
  • If you add copy to your visuals, make sure it’s easy to read

In conclusion, who’s ready to launch their Facebook campaign? Let us know how you are doing.

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