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2020 Ecommerce Holiday Marketing Calendar

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By Becca - December 31, 2019- in Go-Getter Blog

Take a look at what 2020 has in store for you. Something tells me this will be your biggest sales year yet!
There are holidays for every business personality. Pick the occasions that resonate with your business to get the best return for your buck.


New Year’s Day – January 1

Another so-called ‘fresh start’ for everyone around the world. Everyone is ready to take on a new challenge, implement a new lifestyle, and commit to a new hobby. Generally, people are highly motivated to make things happen. However, not everyone will make it through the thirty-one days without a little motivation. For the first month, come up with designs that your customers can look up to stay motivated throughout the year.

National Personal Trainer Awareness Day – January 2

Exercise and getting healthy is one of the most popular resolutions up to date. Every year people all around the world vow to move their bodies more often, and that sometimes comes with the help of a personal trainer. Personal trainers also are known as January superheroes provide support, guidance, and encouragement to help with short and long term goals.

National Pharmacist Day – January 12

Pharmacists are needed all over the world. Having well educated and licensed pharmacists are necessary due to  increased demand for prescribed medications. But in all seriousness, everyone should have at least a little bit of fun no matter the career. One way to do so is to design  funny spin-offs on what it means to be a pharmacist such as ‘educated drug dealer.’

National Sticker Day – January 13

Stickers are a fun way to reignite the flame in your (stale) business. So often, we forget how one small thing, such as a sticker, can give your company a boost.

National Hat Day – January 15

This day is perfect for stores that offer ball caps and beanies. Depending on where you live, you may want to consider introducing a new hat design or opting for a one-day promotion.

Get To Know Your Customers Day – January 16

Get To Know Your Customers Day shouldn’t just be a one-day type of deal, but it’s a good start. Interact with your customers on a personal level and learn about what you need to do to serve them better.

National Cheese Lover’s Day – January 20

Cheese!! We’ve all been there! The middle of a night cheese trip to the fridge. Next time the cravings hit, sit down and design cheese-themed products to sell. Cheese is a ‘language’ of itself, check out Etsy for inspiration.

National Pie Day – January 23

Pies are great! They are worshiped all over the world, some cultures eat pie for breakfast and some for dessert. In America, people either have strong feelings for a pie or not at all.

National Compliment Day – January 24

You never know what a person is going through. Just like a lousy comment can have a negative effect, one compliment can change a day for the better. January 24th isn’t any more special than any other day. However, not everyone observes National Compliment Day, which makes the compliments extra special.

Chinese New Year – January 25

This  festival marks the start of the new year in the Chinese community. 2020 is the Year of the Rat, in Chinese culture, rats were seen as a sign of wealth and surplus. Because of their reproduction rate, couples who wanted to start a family used to pray to rats to have higher odds of getting pregnant.
‘Rats are clever, quick thinkers; successful, but content with living a quiet and peaceful life.’ – ChineseNewYear. Net

62nd Annual Grammy Awards – January 26

Grammys Awards is a great way to connect with an audience of just under 20 million people (2019). Get on Twitter, Youtube, or Facebook and start a convo. Throw in a little extra something for your customers, whether it is free shipping or a giveaway to spice things up before Valentine’s Day craziness.

National Spouses Day – January 26

National Spouses Day is a great day to introduce gifts for HIM & HER to catch the attention of loyal customers and those who may not be knowledgeable about this holiday.


Super Bowl Sunday – February 2

Super Bowl Sunday is the finale of the National Football League season when many Americans throw sporting party events. Remember, you don’t have to be a football oriented seller to introduce a little bit of Superbowl flare to share the big day with your customers. NFL trademarked these words; Superbowl Sunday and Super Sunday, but don’t worry, there are plenty of other creative ways to market Superbowl Sunday.

Groundhog Day – February 2

Groundhog Day calls for an opportunity to get rid of old inventory (discount) designs that do not get too much attention to prompt your audience into buying before you discontinue the products for good.

National Hedgehog Day – February 2

I don’t know about you, but Nation Hedgehog Day is a must to celebrate in my book, they are so stinkin’ adorable, and they would make a great addition to your store if they fit the theme of your brand.

National Women Physicians Day – February 3

National Women Physicians Day is also known as women in medicine. It’s a day to recognize and give thanks to dedicated female boss babes who help others. Depending on what field of occupation you are in, you may want to consider giving a shoutout or organize donations for a good cause.

National Boy Scout Day – February 8

February 8th is recognized as a day of young men learning survival skills and good manners as they increase the odds of succeeding in the future. Boy scouts and their families have a tremendous impact on America. Think about how you can partner up with boy scout organizations  to do a good deed for others.

Ice Cream for Breakfast Day – February 8

Ice Cream For Breakfast Day, I must admit – it’s a thing that I might add to my bucket list. Count me in for anything sweet!

Oscars Night – February 9

The Oscars Night also is known as one of the most significant events in the film industry and a perfect opportunity to get to know your audience. If there is a similar event, get into a habit of staying on top of trends, so you don’t miss an opportunity to make a quick buck. In the ecommerce industry, you always have to keep an eye out for patterns.

National Pizza Day – February 9

Where are all my cheese pizza lovers? Oh, hey, everyone! Pizza is one of the most popular foods in America, the Asia Pacific, Western & Eastern Europe, the Middle East/ Africa, and Latin America indulge in pizza too. Some of us indulge on pizza daily others keep it to once a week, but regardless of how often you consume pizza, you know there are so many ways to use pizza as a profitable driver in your online biz.

National Tortellini (Pasta) Day – February 13

You can get creative with Tortellini day; there are so many different kinds of noodles (gnocchi, tortellini, spaghetti) and sauces! You can genuinely make a wide variety of pasta t-shirts that catch the eye of every pasta lover from all over the world.

Valentine’s Day – February 14

The day of love and romance is celebrated just about in every corner of the world, in recent years, Valentine’s Day, has become a day to celebrate friendships too, keep that in mind when you are preparing for this holiday. To help you get started, take a look at the Top 10 Valentine’s Day marketing ideas and how to make an impact on many hearts across the world.

Singles Awareness Day – February 15

If you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day you most certainly should consider adding Singles Day, also known as anti-Valentine’s celebration, to the list. In 2009, Single’s Day was adopted by the e-commerce giant in China that compares to Amazon.
Since then, on this day everyone, regardless of whether they are single or taken, buys themselves a gift. Don’t mind me if I do, and I am sure many others would love this too – especially in the world of treat yourself culture.

President’s Day – February 17

President’s Day is a federal holiday, which, the United States observes as another excuse for a retail therapy because many retailers discount their prices. You may want to consider running a 24-hour promo to keep your audience engaged post-Valentine’s Day blowout.

National Drink Wine Day – February 17

You shouldn’t pass this one up! Wine is an international code for ‘fun’, and it shows. Just take a look at Etsy, and you’ll find pages of products that have wine written all over it.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro 2020 – February 21

You can’t miss the biggest (opportunity) carnival in the world, with over two million people visiting each year.  I don’t like crowds, but if you are like me, you see the potential of making a good buck of this event. Read up on the history of the carnival, talk to someone who was born in Brazil, and figure out how you can get in front of the audience that will purchase your designs.

Fat Tuesday / Paczki Day – February 25

Paczki is consumed on Fat Tuesday to symbolize the beginning of Lent. Poland and places rich in Polish communities; Midwest cities (Chicago, Detroit) religiously observe Fat Tuesday too. Hamtramck Michigan puts on an annual Paczki Day Parade, and Evanston and Illinois started a paczki-eating contest in 2010 to kick off Lent in style. Thanks to Polish immigrants and creative marketing, paczki is now very popular in many places.

National Retro Day – February 26

According to Pinterest 100: 2020, retro is coming back! Designs with retro elements will do your business a solid.

Skip the Straw Day – February 28

Eco-friendly habits are changing how and what consumers shop. We are increasingly becoming more aware of our environment. We understand that ecommerce print on demand isn’t environmentally friendly. Still, we believe that with your help and sales, you can make a change (for example, donate to building reef ecosystems).


National Employee Appreciation Day – March 6

If you are a business that outsources your work, you may want to give thanks to everyone who is helping you run your business.

Holi – March 9

Holi is a famous festival in India, Nepal, and other areas of Asia. Communities get to reunite and welcome the arrival of spring. Holi is most known for the excitement of pouring bright colors over each other. It’s a fun way to welcome spring.

National Napping Day – March 9

Napping is a cultural phenomenon, and studies have shown that naps have significant health benefits. Design funny sleep shirts that both men and women will love. Choose a fabric that is comfy to touch.

National Promposal Day – March 11

Highschoolers across North America are preparing to propose to their high school sweethearts. Design variations of a question, “Will you go to prom with me?”  and you will reap the benefits of National Promposal Day!

National Girl Scout Day – March 12

It’s only fair that we acknowledge Girl Scouts to celebrate all the good deeds Girl Scouts have done for the communities across the country.

National Panda Day – March 16

Pandas are cute, so can your designs. There are no limits to what you can do for Panda Day. Include features like bamboo, boxing gloves, weights, trash, noodles, chopsticks, glasses, and more.

St. Patrick’s Day – March 17

St. Patrick’s Day is a popular holiday across the states with a few distinctive cities where people go all out for St. Patrick’s Day. Create designs based on a specific location; Chicago’s Green River and Southie in Boston. Anything beer and green-related will work.

World Down Syndrome Day – March 21

In for a good deed? Advocate and build awareness for people with genetic disorders by designing a new line of tees or have a percentage of profits go to local schools and organizations. If all fails, go seek out volunteering opportunities to offer your talents or give a presentation about ecommerce business.

National Prom Day – March 31

Fancy dresses and tuxedos? After-party and get-togethers may very well be an excellent reason to introduce a new collection of witty and fun prom designs; ‘Best Homecoming Date Ever.’ ‘Prom Squad,’ etc. Add Personalization to make your designs relevant to the occasion and a year.


April Fool’s Day – April 1

A day of pranks and jokes. You can be subtle, or you can go all out. The world is your oyster. You can design tees that showcase a fake lottery win, chocolate vs. raisin cookies, tin foil office, and more.

National Burrito Day – April 2

Americans love their burritos. Food can easily be combined with activities, occasions,  working out, holidays, body type, fast food chains, religion, slang, drinks, babies, and more.

Jeep 4×4 Day – April 4

Adventure and cars. The day couldn’t get any better. What happens when people go on adventures? They will need a shirt or two to go along with it. Jeep is an American icon, so it’s safe to say it’s a trendy off-road choice of car.

National Beer Day – April 7

National Beer Day is celebrated in the United States since its origin in 2009, and it is mostly recognized in five states; South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Montana.

National Unicorn Day – April 8

The peak of Unicorn themed everything  has passed (2017), but the love for unicorns among little girls is still there.

Good Friday – April 10

Good Friday is a Christian holiday. Therefore, if you are in the ethical business, you may want to consider adding Jesus themed designs for Good Friday to appeal to your demographic. Good Friday is a widely instituted holiday around the world, especially in all the Western countries and the United States.

Siblings Day – April 10

Siblings Day is celebrated around the world, primarily in Western countries where small holidays like these are driving sources of the economy. Similar to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Siblings Day is all about expressing gratitude to one and other.  Personalized, matching, and complementary items are perfect products for this day.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival – April 10-19

Coachella is one of the most famous music festivals in the United States. Many people travel across the world to attend this event each year. Coachella is theoretically  music and fashion event in one. You can find many different outfits throughout the whole week of Coachella, from graphic tees to flower patterns anything goes.

National Pet Day – April 11

Pet owners have one thing in common, and they love to spoil their furry friends. Even if you don’t sell pet products, you can play with your imagination to design products for pet owners instead – dog mom, doodle mama, a rescue pup, etc. Plus, you can ask your audience to submit a photo of their furry friends on social media to enter sweepstakes and win a prize.

Easter – April 12

Easter is often considered a more meaningful holiday than Christmas. People don’t usually go shopping on Easter. Instead, they get together with family and friends to celebrate Jesus and all the blessings in life. Easter week may be a good week to start introducing spring sales as everyone will be gearing up for spring/summer sooner or later.

Tax Day – April 15

For all the accountants, the 24/7 season is finally coming to an end. Families and loved ones were most likely affected by the tax season.  If you are not in the accountant business, you may want to consider adding some variations of tax themed designs to your collection because it is such a widespread event.


Law Day – May 1

The Day of LAW. An event that reflects on the rights that we get to exercise daily. But here’s a thing, in the ecommerce world ,it wouldn’t be fun without a little bit of extra flair such as ‘Will give legal advice for ______.’ A play on words is the best print on demand marketing strategy.

Kentucky Derby – May 2

The Kentucky Derby is an annual horse race festival in Louisville, Kentucky. It is one of the most popular high stakes races in the country, surpassing Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes, and Breeders’ Cup.

National Star Wars Day – May 4

The date was chosen to pun on the ‘May The Force Be With You,’ and many Star Wars fans continue to celebrate this holiday in fashion. Typical celebrations may include Star Wars Movie Marathons or Star Wars-themed gatherings. It’s a day of EAT, BREATH, STAR WARS.

Cinco De Mayo – May 5

Cinco De Mayo is celebrated in the state of Pueblo and some parts of the United States since many Mexicans migrated to the United States. On May 5, people get together to celebrate with drinks, tacos, and Mexican music to honor the Mexican army’s victory.

National Nurses Day – May 6

This day is observed around the world yearly in honor of all nurses for their contributions to society. Whether we give thanks to nursing students or full-time nurses, by all means, they all deserve something special – personalized nursing gifts.

Mother’s Day – May 10

This one deserves an individual blog post itself.

NASCAR Day – May 15

A day where everyone from the NASCAR world comes together to help raise funds for charitable causes.

National Rescue Dog Day – May 20

Dog adoptions are on the rise. Maybe it’s because of social trends? Dog adoption is like getting a badge of honor, people talk about it, and they want to be part of it. Popular phrases like ‘rescue mama’, ‘save a life’, and ‘adopt’ are common.

Memorial Day – May 25

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the US to honor all the people who vowed to serve our country. Memorial Day is a very touchy subject for the families of the fallen. Consider the tone and the message you want to put out into the world.

Towel Day – May 25

Head on over to our Towel Selling Guide to get all the deeds on why you should start selling towels online.


National Running Day – June 3

There are plenty of runners with different skill levels and desires. You can target casual runners or the more experienced runners. Tees that perform well are those that speak runners’ language; ‘This is a 5K, right?’ and other things you may not say out loud when you are running.

National Doughnut/Donut Day – June 5

If you are a skilled graphic designer,  put together a contest where you have your audience sent you a photo of a donut. The most creative-looking donut will be recreated to a graphic for your next clothing line.

National Trails Day – June 6

On this day, people hit the trails to enjoy the great outdoors. People benefit from going outside in so many ways;  fresh air, vitamin D, and getting the heart rate up. While hiking may be the first trail activity that comes in mind, there are various ways people enjoy the outside; surfing, paddle boarding, biking, RTV, and  more. Depending on the target market, find a way to relate to National Trails Day.

National Flip Flop Day – June 12

Summer is underway ,and so is the fact that many people head out to enjoy the sunshine and refreshing water plunges, whether your customers love the pool, ocean, or lake. We got flip flops for everyone.

Flag Day – June 14

National Flag Week is meant to display the standard – the red, white, and blue; however, you may want to consider adding a discount in honor of the National Flag Week for all your flags regardless if they are American themed. Also, check out #NationaFlagWeek to see what your competitors are doing.

National Splurge Day – June 18

Similar to treat yourself observances, you want to give your audience a little nudge to act purchasing a gift for themselves or a friend. Give a social media  announcement and consider adding a small discount or a giveaway favor for anyone who makes a purchase.

Father’s Day – June 21

Father’s Day is celebrated internationally in all corners of the world on different dates, honoring the unique bonds that come with fatherhood.

International Yoga Day – June 21

Yoga is a fun way to relax, strengthen those muscles,  and get your head back in the game. Many Westerners have incorporated yoga into their lives. With different types of yoga classes, yin, ashtanga, and vinyasa, there is a place for everyone.

National Camera Day – June 29

The photography bug seems to have caught up to everyone. Beginner’s and seasonal photographers are using photography as a creative outlet more than ever. To celebrate, you can design a new clothing line, or you can have your audience submit photos with your products to get featured on your social media channels.


Canada Day – July 1

Much like Independence Day in the USA, Canada Day is a holiday to celebrate the ratification of the country’s constitution in 1867. If you sell primarily to an audience in Canada, this date should most definitely be on your list. Canada typically celebrates with fireworks, parades, and music.

Independence Day – July 4

Gearing up for one of the biggest holidays of the year is paramount to the success of your business in the summer. Try spicing things up with your campaigns leading up to the 4th.

National French Fries Day – July 13

Fresh Fry Day is another opportunity to add quirky designs to your collection. This salty goodness treat is a perfect way to diversify your portfolio.

National Mac & Cheese Day – July 14

Classic and very well-known comfort food is proclaimed to be one of the most recognized American dishes. It is a celebration of food. Food apparel sells, so add some variation of mac & cheese to the list.

National Tattoo Day – July 17

If you are in the market to impress anyone who is inked, you are in luck. Tattoo themed shirts are a hit, and there is a market for them. Just make sure when you are designing, strive for quality over quantity.

National Ice Cream Day – July 21

Yet another food group that you can take to a whole new level. Ice cream is a sweet treat. Therefore, it is best combined with sex appeal or fitness.

Summer Olympics – July 24 – August 9

Yes! Summer Olympics present another opportunity to earn some extra cash. Grab summer Olympics by the handful because they aren’t going to be back anytime soon. Do you have a trademark question? Read up on all the trademark information here.

National Avocado Day – July 31

Fruit or veggie? This delicious superfruit has made a way to many hearts. Avocados are proven to have many benefits, plus they make for great matching costumes (hint: Halloween is coming up).


National Girlfriends Day – August 1

Many people are grateful to have someone special in their lives. National Girlfriends Day is another widespread observance that many people celebrate to say ‘thanks for being my friend.’ It doesn’t have to be a big gesture.You can sell gifts under $15 with CustomCat.

First Day of School – Sometime in August/September

Typically in the USA and Europe, the academic year starts in late August or early September. The first day of school is exciting in anticipation to achieve big things,  back to school shopping is an event that happens in advance and  annually.

International Beer Day – August 2

Cheers to  ales, lagers, and pilsners. Beer can be considered an international language that everybody can understand. Beer brings people from all corners of the world together, and that’s why you won’t have a problem selling beer themed products.

National CBD Day – August 8

CBD oils help to treat anything from epilepsy to chronic pain. Hemp-derived CBD is legal in all 50 states, and so is the opening of small medical shops across the country. Talk about all the swag opportunities.

National Book Lovers Day – August 9

Book lovers are serious readers that love all the swag. Anything from book stands to personalized tees will suffice.

National Dog Day – August 26

Dog parents are utterly obsessed with their furry friends. Design dog parent themed apparel that pet owners can wear to tell everyone of their little miracle of joy.

National Red Wine Day – August 28

People that talk about wine are generally women. Understand who your target market is  before you decide to incorporate wine elements into your collections.

National Beach Day – August 30

Nude or not, every beachgoer needs a towel. National Beach Day is an excellent opportunity to promote any summer accessories and  apparel that can be very well sold in your swimwear section; towels, blankets, water bottles, and more.

Burning Man – August 30 – September 7

A temporary city arises in the middle of the desert. More than half of the attendees come from the United States. It is one of the most popular out of the world experience in the festival of festivals. It said that burners like to spend a lot of money on new outfits and accessories every year.


Labor Day – September 2

Labor Day weekend is considered a farewell to summer and the start of the holiday season. Labor Day is a federal holiday, during which Americans and Canadiens celebrate the economic achievement of workers. Take advantage of seasonal change to ignite buying behavior with a few creative marketing ideas.

National Wildlife Day – September 4

Popular Etsy animals include moose, tiger, rhino, snakes, bison, possum, beaver, pangolin, manatee, raccoons, wolves, deer, giraffe, bear, platypus, leopard, and others. There are plenty of other animals that you can use to create visually appealing designs.

National Tailgating Day – September 7

Tailgating primary takes place in the United States, where football is popular. It often involves consuming alcohol and nutrient-deficient food. Tailgate parties happen at parking lots, preferably near cooler full of beer, in tents, and occasionally indoors before the official  kick-off. Aside from the food and alcohol, lawn games are also popular  – cornhole, Kan Jam, Beer Pong, Dizzy Bat, Pocket Passer, Flip Cup, and others.

World Beard Day – September 7

World Beard Day is celebrated  by the people who can grow a full beard or a tragic sadness of people who struggle to grow a stub. If you have a high following on social media and beard day is relevant to your business, you may want to consider hosting a contest of the best looking bearded man.

National Grandparents Day – September 13

National Grandparents Day is a day to appreciate all the joy and wisdom that grandparents bring into our lives. Grandparents usually just want to spend time with their grandkids, but if the families are too far apart from each other, a little gesture of love in a small gift that warms their souls is always appreciated. Check out all things mugs.

Wife Appreciation Day – September 15

Another day all the men frantically scramble to find something unique for their wives. Give them a hint by advertising ahead.

Oktoberfest – September 19

Oktoberfest is the most ptominent folk & beer festival in the world. Not only is it celebrated in Germany, but the United States partakes in this phenomenon too. Here are a few popular types of beer: Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu, Paulaner, Hofbräu Munchen, Hacker-Pschorr, Löwenbräu, Augustiner Brä

National Hunting & Fishing Day – September 28

This is a perfect opportunity for you to tap into the outdoorsmen market if you are in the market for enthusiasts who enjoy quality food supplied straight from our public/private lands you are in for a treat. On this particular day, many environmental and outdoorsy organizations hold special events and conferences. Ask for permission to sell your products there to increase brand awareness.

Coffee Day – September 29

Tap into a multimillion-dollar industry of  all things coffee. You can find coffee drinkers all over the world. Many people depend on the dose of caffeine every day. Discount your mugs for this special occasion to increase your sales.


National Taco Day – October 4

National Taco Day is celebrated in the United States to promote all the taco joints. Americans consume over 4.5 billion tacos every year. I’d say Taco Bell might have something to do with it. Words that you can use to create relevant and timeless taco slogans – salsa, avocado, guacamole, cilantro, tomatoes, Mexico, fish tacos, taco shop (Taquería), street tacos, and more.

National Farmers Day – October 12

National Framers Day is observed in the United States of America to pay tribute to all the hard-working farmers throughout America. The farming industry is massive. There are more than 2 million farms across the US alone. The agriculture business holds a stereotype, but careers in agriculture go beyond jobs in the field.

Canadian Thanksgiving – October 14

Canadian Thanksgiving is a holiday to express gratitude toward life itself and all the good and the bad that happened over the past year. This would be a good idea to thank your customers for their unwavering support.

International Leggings Day – October 18

The internet goes wild for international leggings day, especially women. It’s safe to say that international leggings day will continue to prevail as our everyday clothing continues to transition toward versatility and comfort.

Halloween – October 31

Irish brought the holiday to the US, and the commercialization made Halloween the biggest dress-up celebration of the year. Halloween is the second most popular holiday for decorations, candy, and customs sales in the US. Use this day to add an extra flair to your marketing, run a special promo, share a spooky story, or simply deck out your online store in scary fashion.


National Nachos Day – November 6

A popular snack food served in bars across the United States. Nachos are known for multiple ingredients; melted cheese, chicken, jalapeños, and more. Real-life situations that may arise eating tacos are also great examples of designs.

Veterans Day – November 11

Veterans Day honors everyone who has served in the US military. Rule of thumb, don’t market sales with observances/holidays that involve the US military. Be extra sensitive, commercialization of US military holidays is not recommended.

World Kindness Day – November 13

The holiday says it all. It’s an opportunity to do some good, whether it’s in your local community or halfway around the world. Donating a percentage of your sales to a cause is one way to go about it. If you are not in a position of giving (maybe you are just starting) any act of kindness – compliments, or an uplifting message will do.

Diwali – November 14

Diwali is known as the Festival of Lights, and it’s one of the most popular holidays in India. Hindus celebrate with shopping, fireworks, and religious rituals. In preparations for Diwali, Hindus look for the perfect Festival of Lights outfit.

Thanksgiving – November 26

One of the most celebrated family holidays originated when pilgrims shared food with Native Americans. Every year on this holiday, families and friends get together to celebrate the season of gratitude with a meal. This is a perfect opportunity to thank your customers for their loyalty to your business.

Black Friday – November 27

Everyone in North America will be expecting sales and deals. Seasoned sellers start preparing for this unofficial holiday well in advance. As an ecommerce seller, you can’t afford to miss Black Friday. Many sellers report that the majority of revenue comes from Black Friday. You should have a marketing strategyand tactics in place come the first of November at the latest.

Small Business Saturday – November 28

Ecommerce is often considered a small business. Show of your entrepreneurial spirit or shout out to a local/relevant business to support a small business for free.

Cyber Monday – November 30

The Monday after Black Friday is a must on your list, especially when your audience lives in North America. Every year, Cyber Monday sets a new record for the biggest online spending day throughout the year.


Giving Tuesday – December 1

This day’s purpose is to remember to give back, think in terms of charities. Giving Tuesday originated in 2011, urging consumers to take a different approach to buy goods and services.

National Bartender Day – December 6

There are over half a million bartenders across the US, and it’s a big holiday to celebrate. Anything related to thirst, tips, tacos, sarcasm, and alcohol will suffice.

Hanukkah – December 10 -18

Festival of Lights, is celebrated in the Jewish community all around the world. Before you market your products to the Jewish community, do your research, understand the meaning of Hanukkah, so you don’t accidentally say something that has an opposite meaning.

Green Monday – December 14

Green Monday is very similar to Cyber Monday, and it’s the second round of deals, many people are drawn to Green Monday to avoid the stress of last-minute shopping.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day – December 20

Every year we see new trends in terms of designs, but the tradition of Christmas sweaters continues to grow. Christmas sweaters are conversation starters, and people look forward to wearing Christmas sweaters all year long.

Winter Solstice – December 21

Yoga and winter Solstice go hand in hand. It may be a good idea to introduce a new apparel line dedicated to yoga practice.

Christmas – December 25

In the US, kids wake up at the crack of dawn to race down the stairs to open their presents. It may be a good idea to market Christmas morning apparel, such as matching PJs leading up to this very day.

Kwanzaa – December 26 – January 1

Kwanzaa is a multi-day holiday to celebrate African heritage. If you plan to target the audience of African culture, be very mindful of how you approach this holiday. Like Christmas, there is a gift exchange, but the presents are usually homemade. Personalization may come in handy during this holiday.

New Years Eve – December 31

The last day of the year is usually celebrated with parties, fireworks, and alcohol. Similar to Christmas sweaters, it’s another opportunity to get creative. Don’t forget to wish everyone a prosperous year, and thank them for choosing you as a business.

What’s your game plan?

Put together a game plan for holidays and dates that are relevant to your brand to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

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