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Getting Started With Shopify

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By Becca - September 10, 2019- in Go-Getter Blog

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up &connect your Shopify website with CustomCat.

Create a Website

To use CustomCat to fulfill your Shopify orders, you must first create a website with Shopify.
1. Head over to & click on ‘Start Free Trial.’

2. Start your free 14-day trial of Shopify – add your email address, password, & store name. Click ‘Create your store.’

3. Enter your basic information.

4. Fill in all the necessary information to get paid.


Select Theme

5. Go to the ‘Online Store’ in the left navigation menu in Shopify

6. Go to ‘Visit Theme Store.’

7. Explore themes by categories:

  • Trending this week
  • Product recommendations
  • Big, beautiful imagery
  • Browse by industry (Clothing & Fashion, Toys & Games…etc.)
  • Grid-style layout
  • Great for large inventories
  • Fun and lively
  • Great for small inventories
  • Minimalist style

8. Select a free or a paid theme. You can view the demo before you select a theme of your choice. Free themes have a limited selection. However, if you are just getting started, you do not need to pay for a theme just yet.

9. Once you’ve successfully added a theme of your choice, click ‘Customize’ to personalize your store.


Install CustomCat App

10. Go to ‘Apps’ in the left navigation menu on Shopify & click ‘Visit the Shopify App Store.’

11. Type in ‘CustomCat.’

12. Add the CustomCat App.

13. Install the App.

14. Once you’ve added the CustomCat app to your Shopify store, you will be redirected to & CustomCat will be displayed in your Shopify ‘Apps.’

Set up your CustomCat Account

16. In your CustomCat settings, you will either see that your Account Status is Active or Inactive. 

17. Fill out all the important information.
Account Information: Please be sure to add a correct email address. That email will be used to communicate with CustomCat’s support crew.
Payment Information: Choose from three different payment methods –  PayPal, Credit Card, or Payoneer. Fulfillment charges may show up on your billing as MyLocker or CustomCat.
Shipping Label Information: All information entered will be printed on each order’s return label.
Click ‘Save Changes.’
18. You will see that your account is now listed as “Active” & you can click the “Change Plan” link to select either CustomCat (for $30/month & $2 discount on each item in the catalog) or CustomCatLite (+$2 on each item in the catalog but no subscription fee).

Create Products

Learn how to upload designs to your Design Library here: How to upload designs into your design library.
Learn how to create and export products to your Shopify store here: Adding products to your store.

Shopify FAQ’s

This page contains answers to the most asked questions relating to CustomCat WooCommerce sellers: Shopify FAQs.

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