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Fall in Love with Fall with These Best-Selling Product Ideas

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By Emily Nelson - September 13, 2022- in Go-Getter Blog

Fall is in the air, & it’s time to start thinking about the best products to sell in your online store. The good news is Q4 spending tends to peak during fall & winter, with sales predictions toppling $236 billion

Ready to get in on the trend & ready your online empire with the best-selling products? Here’s where to start.

Sweatshirts & Pullovers

When the air turns cool, sweatshirts & pullovers are always in-demand. You can go the traditional hoodie route or opt for a 1/4 zip sweatshirt, crewneck pullover sweatshirt, & low-key pullovers. If you can’t decide, you can also choose every combination possible to stock in your store. 

Our print-on-demand (POD) services are easy to use & eliminate the need to carry expensive overhead & inventory. Upload your designs, apply them to as many products as you want, & we’ll do the rest. You earn when an item sells while we fulfill it & ship it out. Learn more about how CustomCat works.

Remember, your end goal is selling timely, best-selling products that customers love. Look through your sales from last year to identify your favorite graphics & best-selling items. Or create a line of fall-inspired designs & sayings to delight your customers.


There’s an option for everyone, whether they want traditional, modern, or sporty. Jackets are always best-sellers with options like jersey-lined, wind shirts, & moisture-wick full-zip hooded jackets. Jackets also sell well with short-sleeve & long-sleeve shirts, providing cross-selling opportunities in your online store.

Consider using print-on-demand to create a line of jackets & shirts with similar graphics & designs. Show your customers how your products work together to create a cohesive & fashion-forward look. 

Athletic Apparel

Fall & football are synonymous for sports fans, offering more opportunities to sell athletic apparel. We offer customizable athletic wear from moisture-wicking products to racer tanks & hoodies. Of course, you can’t sell items with your favorite sports teams’ logos without copyright infringement issues, but you can still get creative with the football fall theme. 

You can also fuel the frenzy over football & fantasy sports leagues in your marketing campaigns. Create your own “teams” or products, ask customers to give their most creative ideas for product names, & take bets on which products will sell the most. You can reward your betters with a free product, discount, or bragging rights on social media. 

Fleece Pants

Keep your customers warm & comfy with a selection of fleece pants. Choose from sweatpants with pockets, fleece-lined, & wind pants. They also pair well with our line of jackets, activewear, & hoodies. Or browse our shirts to design a line of loungewear with your favorite designs & graphics.  


Homeware & accessories are always in demand, especially when you offer customizable options to fit your customer’s aesthetics. Start with our pillows & choose from small to large sizes. You can also show off how they look with our selection of blankets to create a cozy fall feel at home.

Remember, you can market your pillows in a few different ways to earn more. Instead of just selling traditional home accessories, create a line of pillows for animal lovers. The furry friends in your customers’ lives will love their pet-themed pillows. Ask your customers to share pictures on social media & tag your online store. 

Bags for Fall

Whether your audience loves to travel or just loves a good bag, give them what they want with customizable bags. We offer a selection of rugged bookbags, 2-tone-shopping totes, cinch bags, & duffel bags. If you sell activewear products or attract sports fans, a 12-pack cooler is a popular option that you can customize with our POD technology. 

Our DIGISOFT technology is engineered to deliver exceptionally high-quality prints on even the most challenging fabrics. The results speak for themselves with colorful, vibrant designs on even the softest fabrics. It’s perfect for products like our 12-pack cooler & other bags with material that’s usually difficult to print on & still looks great. 

Wall Art

There’s something about the seasons changing that also inspired reinvention around the house. Consider investing in deluxe canvas & frames to create stunning artwork & designs with the help of print-on-demand. You can also apply your designs to different-sized canvases to give your customers as many options as possible. A satin-portrait poster is also a good option if you cater to family audiences or teachers. They’re affordable & easy to customize. 

Another option is to allow customers to send you their artwork for production. Mass customization trends are on the rise. Research shows that 50% of consumers expressed interest in purchasing customized products or services. Fortunately, POD empowers your online store to stay competitive. You just apply your customers’ designs to your library of products, & we’ll fulfill & ship it out. 

Drinkware & Mugs

Drinkware & mugs may seem like a tired product option for your online store, but you can give them a creative twist. Our color-changing mugs are a fun way to grab customers’ attention. When hot water is added, the color changes. Your POD design looks high-quality & professional with our sublimation design type. Beyond mugs, you can also sell your on-the-go customers stainless steel water bottles & travel mugs outfitted in your favorite designs.

Remember to cross-sell any drinkware & mugs with coasters. They’re an affordable, easy add-on & can also be customized with fun & eye-catching graphics. You’ll probably find customers buying a set of four, giving your order a bigger sales boost. 


What are your favorite fall products in your online store? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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