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January Holiday Guide For Online Sellers

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By Becca - December 13, 2018- in Go-Getter Blog

Another year has gone by in a blink of an eye and we have compiled information in regards ecommerce, spending, audience and more!

Oh, ecommerce you’ve been so good to us!

As ecommerce continues to grow we’ve taken it upon us to take a look at what has been trending and what will prevail.

 1 – Click shopping, instant gratification, high-quality experiences, omnichannel integration, and augmented reality continue to dominate retail’s future.

Something tells me, this will be your biggest sale year yet! Keep on selling friends. 

New Years Day

New Year’s Day falls on January 1 marking it the start of a new year.

It’s a public holiday and generally, everything is closed. For many people, it’s a day of recovering and/or the first day of resolutions.

Business like yours offer deals on fitness and clothing gear.

Call to actions

  • New Year, New You!
  • New Year, New Gear. 
  • Upgrade Wardrobe, Upgrade Life!
  • New Years Getaway Deals!

2020 Fitness Trends

  • Outdoor Activities – group hiking, walking, climbing, biking & swimming 
  • HIIT Hybrid Classes – HIIT Yoga to build inner peace, strength, and endurance  
  • Workouts are becoming shorter – 15 – 30-minute sessions 
  • A wide range of recovery techniques – steam rooms, saunas, cold plunges tubs, sports massage & compressions, percussion guns 
  • Sleep coaching – meditation techniques  
  • Boutique studios expand to smaller cities 
  • Virtual workouts are on the rise – cycling at home & treadmill audio coaching
  • Personal goals and social media continue to bring the best of us 
  • Personalization VO2Max, resting heart rate & BMI (body mass index)
  • Mental health – meditation is as important as physical well-being 
  • Bodyweight training– is an effective way of using your own body weight as a resistance to builds muscle that will start to overpower weightlifting 
  • Fitness programs for older adults – are on the rise because people are living and working longer 
  • Postrehabilitation classes – include classes for soldiers with a post-traumatic disorder, chronic conditions, and stroke recovery were ranked #27 in 2018 this year they are at #20 

National Personal Trainer Awareness Day

One of the most common resolutions is to lose weight or gain muscle.

No wonder January is one of the busiest times for personal trainers.

Personal Trainer Apparel

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  • Perfect your Health & Fitness! 

2020 Personal Fitness Trends

  • Personal training sustains to hold its position in the fitness industry world, although we are starting to see an increase in online personal training at health clubs, in the home, and in worksites that offer fitness facilities. 
  • Employing Certified Fitness Professionals are now more important than ever, any influencer can claim to advocate for a healthier lifestyle, this assures qualified candidates that are capable of guiding an individual to better living.
  • Health/Wellness Coaching continues to prevail in the fitness industry. Individuals continue to have a need for a coach providing support, goal-setting, guidance, and encouragement to achieve short and long terms goals using behavior change intervention strategies. 

National Pharmacist Day

Pharmacists ensure that the right medicine is provided to each patient and use their schooling to protect the health and prevent illness. This day was set aside to bring awareness to pharmacists and their positive impact on the world and the importance of this profession. 

  • Health Care Awareness 
  • Drug Dealer 
  • Pharmacist Student 

Call to actions

  • We matter! 
  • Heal the soul!

2020 Pharmacist Trends

  • Pharmacists employment is projected to grow 5.6 percent from 2014 to 2024.
  • Increased demand for prescription medications leads to more demand for Pharmacist services.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

It’s a day to celebrate pet fashion by dressing up pets and sharing the moments with the community.

Call to actions

  • Pets are family!
  • Family gang!
  • Pets make your life better!

Pet Trends

  • Annual spending per pet has grown from $225 to $275 in the United States in just five years. (APPA, 2017)
  • In 2016 and a whopping $14.71 billion was spent on items such as beds, collars, leashes, toys, travel items, clothing, food, and water bowls, and other accessories, up 3% from 2015 and the trend continues to grow. 
  • “77% of Millennial pet owners prefer to buy certain items online rather than at a brick-and-mortar retailer.” Ecommerce is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? 
  •  82 % of millennial pet owners have purchased a dog- or cat-themed merchandise to advertise their proud pet parenthood.” As social media continues to rule the world this trend will only continue to increase exponentially. 

National Hat Day

Like any other holiday, I mentioned thus far, people are encouraged to participate in this social-driven anomaly to jazz up their ordinary or extraordinary lives.  

Call to actions

  • Wear it loud and proud! 
  • Tribe Pride!

2020 Hat Trends

  • The average revenue per person in the market for Hats & Caps amounts toUS$22.51 in 2018. –(Statista) 
  • The future for hats market looks bright. In 2019, caps & hats revenue amounts to $7,669 in comparison to $7,381 in 2018.  – (Statista)
  • The hat online market is projected to grow.

National Cheese Lover’s Day

People don’t necessarily shop for cheese online, however, they love cheese and that is enough to prompt them to purchase cheese related accessories.

  • Feta
  • Mozzarella
  • Cheddar 
  • Gouda
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Cheese Obsessed 
  • String Cheese
  • I HEART Cheese 


Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is an American federal holiday indicating the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.

This is generally celebrated by nonprofit organizations through service opportunities and free admissions to national parks and parades.

Encourage people to volunteer and immerse themselves in US history. 

Beer Can Appreciation Day

Have your customers celebrate in style, offer them unique designs that will start conversations. 

  • It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere 
  • Craft Beer 
  • Cold One 
  • Brew
  • Brown Bottle 
  • Brewski 

2020 Beer Trends

  • Beer revenue in North America is on a steady rise.
  • A rise of small, traditional and independent craft brewers.
  • Cans continue to climb – more portable for on-the-go society. 
  • Beer is considered the leading alcoholic drink, globally, which accounts for over 74.58% of the global alcoholic drink market share.
  • Light beer segment may grow at a faster pace due to the health consciousness among drinkers – Lager, MichelobUltra, and Budlight 

National Peanut Butter Day

For some of us, the taste of peanut butter takes us back to childhood.

The home-made P&J sandwich is a stable of every American home.

  • PB & J  
  • Peanut Butter Fudge 
  • Peanut Butter Crepes 
  • PB Junkie 
  • Addicted to PB
  • Icecream 
  • Sauces & Seasonings 
  • Health Nut 


Peanut Butter Trends

  • Peanut Butter is used as a base for smoothies or oatmeals. 
  • The demand for positive nutrition emerges for healthier peanut butter options that only include peanuts & pinch of salt. 

Chinese New Year

“The Pig is the twelfth of all zodiac animals. According to one myth, the Jade Emperor said the order would be decided by the order in which they arrived to his party. Pig was late because he overslept”.

Chinese New Year is a significant holiday across Southeast Asia.

This is an opportunity to connect with your Chinese audience.

  • Chinese Zodiac
  • Shang Dynasty
  • Guo Nian Hao – Happy New Year
  • Lucky Money
  • Lantern Festival
  • The year of  the pig
  • Zodiac Animals
  • Symbol of Wealth 

Chinese New Year Trends

  • Most consumers start their CNY shopping spree 2-3 weeks before the actual festival.
  • A significant proportion of purchases are made on mobile applications instead of websites.

There you have it, hope this was useful in your entrepreneurial  journey. Good luck sellers!


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