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DIGISOFT® is Coming: What It Is & What It Means for You

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By Sarah - April 15, 2022- in Go-Getter Blog

You’re probably seeing the word DIGISOFT® for the first time right now, but it definitely won’t be the last. In fact, it’s a word you’re going to be seeing A LOT going forward – DIGISOFT® is about to change print-on-demand apparel printing in significant ways. As a CustomCat partner, you’re going to reap the benefits! But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s get you caught up on the basics.

DIGISOFT® print on 100% polyester activewear t-shirt

What is DIGISOFT®?

Our newest apparel decoration method, DIGISOFT®,  isn’t just a decoration method – it’s the next generation advancement in on-demand apparel printing – like 5G for print-on-demand. DIGISOFT® has been painstakingly engineered to solve the inherent deficiencies of today’s currently available methods, like DTG (direct-to-garment), DTF (direct-to-film), apparel sublimation, vinyl, & screen printing. 

Each of the aforementioned methods requires you to make concessions. DTG is fast & affordable even at low volumes, but quality & durability are consistent challenges. DTF prints look great but can’t match DTG on speed or cost, limiting its feasibility for businesses. Sublimation, vinyl, & screen printing have their uses, but are similarly limited by physical constraints. 

DIGISOFT® is the first & only decoration method that lets you have it all:

  • Vivid full-spectrum HD prints
  • Real longevity & durability
  • Consistent quality across all garment & design types
  • Soft, wearable feel
  • Crisp, clear detail
  • Affordability at any quantity


DTG vs. DIGISOFT® prints — Images are unedited.


Pretty great, right!? By now you’re probably wondering…


What Does DIGISOFT® Mean for Me?

DIGISOFT® will allow us to increase the quality of more & more apparel products as time goes on. Over the next few weeks & months you can definitely expect the following:



Activewear is coming back better than ever! With DIGISOFT®, CustomCat will be the first & only print-on-demand fulfillment provider to offer access to this multi-billion dollar market with products that feature:

  • Brilliant print color & consistency
  • Access to all garment colors
  • Extreme Durability
  • Lightning-fast fulfillment
  • No order minimums
Solid white DIGISOFT® print on 100% polyester activewear t-shirt


Hoodies are about to get a major facelift! If they’re not your top product now, we think they will be soon. 

It’s no secret that the DTG method struggles to consistently deliver quality hoodies. Colors are often dull, lines are anything but crisp, & the overall print is frankly lackluster in comparison to 100% cotton garments. 

DIGISOFT® hoodies will be a night & day difference from what you’re used to. 

Our next generation DIGISOFT® hoodies will feature the brightest, most durable hoodie prints you’ve ever seen. You can expect bold, vivid colors every time – on every garment. It’s a difference you’ll have to see to believe, so we’ve included some pictures. 

DIGISOFT® print on 50/50 Polyester Cotton blend hoodie
Detail of DIGISOFT® print on 50/50 Polyester Cotton blend hoodie
DIGISOFT® print on 50/50 Polyester Cotton blend zip hoodie
Detail of DIGISOFT® print on 50/50 Polyester Cotton blend zip hoodie


Check out our FAQ below — additional resources will be coming soon to answer all your DIGISOFT® questions.

When will I be able to get DIGISOFTon my apparel products?

DIGISOFT® will be coming to our newly available activewear products within the next few weeks. Hoodies will be the next to make the switch, likely coming online with DIGISOFT® shortly after. We know you’re going to be begging for  DIGISOFT® on cotton t-shirts, but that will take a little longer. More than anything, we want to ensure our production can meet the demand & continue giving you the lightning fast fulfillment speeds you’re used to — we may even be ready to make the switch later this year.

Will I have to create all new products?

There’s no need to recreate your products to take advantage of DIGISOFT® print technology for existing products like hoodies. As DIGISOFT® becomes available for existing DTG products, those products will be transitioned fully to DIGISOFT® decoration. You won’t need to modify any existing designs – any print that was achievable with DTG will be printed more precisely, accurately, & consistently with DIGISOFT® technology.

Will DIGISOFT® prints look different on different garments?

The color of your print will not change based on the color of your garment, nor should it be different from one garment style to the next. The crispness, clarity, & color vibrancy of your design will remain constant regardless of the garment color or style you choose.

What does a DIGISOFT® print feel like?

DIGISOFT® prints are soft, smooth to the touch, lightweight, & remarkably durable. The print will stretch with the fabric on which it’s printed without cracking or tearing.

Are there special care instructions for a DIGISOFT® print?

DIGISOFT® prints are remarkably durable & don’t require any special care, but care label instructions for each garment still apply. Most notably on polyester moisture-wicking garments, high heat should be avoided, both when washing & drying.

How is DIGISOFTactivewear different than POD activewear from competitors?

DIGISOFT® prints are totally unrestricted — you can easily have your design printed on any color, style, or brand activewear garment in our catalog. Other providers of on-demand activewear limit you to one garment color (white), require you to buy larger quantities, & often even require you to design every square inch of the garment in order to add it to your store. DIGISOFT® allows you to have any design printed on demand without compromising the quality of the outcome. DIGISOFT® prints will always be vibrant, durable, & consistent across any garment you choose.

Is DIGISOFT® eco-friendly?

Not only does DIGISOFT® use water-based inks to create its vibrant colors, its printing process is also more efficient than industry alternatives, resulting in reduced energy consumption during the decoration process & fewer wasted garments due to print error.

Where did DIGISOFT® come from?

The development of DIGISOFT® technology has been underway for several years, involving ourselves & several of our close partners in various capacities, including Bespoke Labs, Aeoon Technologies, & others. Its roots can be found in our common quest to create the most perfect prints possible by engineering solutions that significantly enhance the quality & lifespan of POD apparel products. CustomCat is the exclusive print-on-demand fulfillment partner for DIGISOFT®, proudly making the technology commercially available to our partners.

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