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Design Inspiration for Adult Face Masks

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By Becca - September 9, 2020- in Go-Getter Blog Resources

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Face masks have become an essential part of everyday life. They’ve become our ticket to experience the world. Now that it seems like face masks are here to stay, consumers are looking for variety — they don’t want to wear the same mask at both the grocery store & on the dance floor. To help get your creative juices flowing, we put together this blog to give some mask design inspiration.
Wearing a customizable face mask while at work protects yourself and others while supporting your company name. These would be ideal for networking events, work gatherings, or just for everyday office wear. Masks also provide the opportunity for free advertising for your company when they are worn outside of work.


Wearing masks while working out is not part of everyone’s ideal gym outfit — but they are vital in preventing the spread of germs while you’re pushing yourself physically & breathing heavily. Many gyms are requiring their employees and gym-goers to wear masks while working out. Maintaining quality air flow while doing intense exercise is important in keeping fitness enthusiasts & gym employees safe. Giving your customers exercise-themed masks or patterns that match their workout gear will provide an extra incentive to purchase — and honestly, who wants to wear their sweaty workout mask at the grocery store? Gyms can now sell masks with their logos printed on the front and sell them for an extra source of income, & for additional promotion for their gym all while keeping their customers safe.

Going Out

Although nightclubs and some bars are still closed, the restaurants that are open are requiring customers to wear masks to enter — we can expect this to continue in other nightlife industries as well. Creating a face mask that has a going out feel will make customers more likely to want to wear the mask continuously. Some print options that give you the bar look would be alcoholic drink graphics, funny drink quotes, or your favorite bar’s logo. You should also consider masks that can be the focal point of an outfit — bold patterns might help push your all-black evening outfit to the next level. If you really want to add some spice, throw some sequins or fringe on the printed mask.

Special Occasion

Now that face masks are a part of our new normal, masks are now being purchased for special occasions. Your customers have upcoming weddings — they may want a special design for the bridal party or to provide wedding-themed masks at the entrance for each guest to take. Customers attending a birthday party may want to create a design that includes the age or a picture of the birthday boy/girl. Special occasion designs are also perfect for different holidays such as halloween, thanksgiving, and Christmas — if you want to show your holiday spirit.

Matching with a Child

Now that CustomCat offers smaller mask sizes, you can now create your designs in complementary pairs for parents and kids who want to wear matching designs. These can be for everyday wear, costumes, sports, special occasions and more.
Check out our blog post for more inspiration for kid face mask designs.

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