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Increase Your Sales With Key September Events

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By Becca - August 28, 2018- in Go-Getter Blog

Although summer has come to end your store continues to spin the wheels and sell.
We are entering the ‘March Madness’ of holiday seasons.
Check out some of these September events to help you spark creativity to achieve higher goals this month.

Labor Day

Labor day is the only official holiday in September. This day signifies a transition in back to school time.
During this weekend people squeeze in a last minute family trips before kids go back to school and things resume into daily chaos yet again.
Customers look for discounted summer items.
Think about what consumers will need in the upcoming months. Introduce fall collection items.
Combine holiday deals and spirit to achieve the winning combination.
Boys at Twilight Holding Sparklers in Front of Flag with labor day t-shirt designs

National Grandparents Day

National Grandparents Day is the perfect opportunity to sell around the world.
Many people honor their granparents on this day whether it is by spending time with them or sending a specil gift. Introduce a new mug or t-shirt design collection.

Design Ideas

  • Best Grandma Ever
  • The Best Days Consists of Grandkids, Coffee & Chocolate
  • The Best Grandma Gets Promoted To Great Grandma
  • Great Grandma EST.____
  • Papa: The Legend
  • We Love You Grandpa

Female multi generation portrait with grandparents t-shirt designs


Promote Never Forget designs to remember the tragedy of those we lost and the strength we gained.
9/11 will forever be a day of a catastrophic tragedy. An important day in American history as we remember those we’ve loss and those who fought against time to save others.
In the memory of 9/11, you should recognize all NYPD, FDNY, volunteers, and survivors. Target specific New York City areas.

Stand Up to Cancer Day

Promote Fight Against Cancer to everyone who is currently fighting or is a survivor of cancer to unite against beating cancer.
Many different cancer-related activities and events occur throughout the year.
Browse Pinterest for design inspiration.
Follow ethical guidelines to be as discreet as possible but have fun with it, those who are fighting cancer don’t want to purchase a sad tee.
Make your designs fun and cheerful.

Design Inspiration

  • No One Fights Alone
  • Stronger Together
  • I am in REMISSION
  • Survivor Strong

cancer hats

National Hunting & Fishing Day

Increase your profits by recognizing the importance of gathering food the old-fashioned way.
Recognize outdoor enthusiasts that like to provide food for the table.
On this day organizations hold local, state, regional, and national fishing and hunting related events – experience the wild.
Ask for permission to market your brand at hunting-related events.
Scope Instagram for hunting influencers to promote your brand.
hunting t-shirt

National Coffee Day

Tap into the billion dollar industry.
Many coffee shops offer a buy-one-get-one-free type of a deal.
While this isn’t a federal holiday it has become a worldwide phenomenon that is celebrated across the whole world.
Introduce special 24-hour deal for mugs & coasters to increase your sales.

International Podcast Day

It’s a great opportunity to be heard.
Partner up with your favorite podcasters to promote your products.
On International Podcast Day people love to connect and share their experiences by spreading the word about small family businesses.

Let’s do this! Increase your conversions with fun September events this fall! Let us know how it goes below.

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