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Artificial Intelligence and Online Shopping

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By Becca - April 11, 2019- in Go-Getter Blog

The future looks bright! Automation is everywhere enabling users to accomplish a wide variety of tasks – from checking a luggage to booking a hotel room, customer service industry is no exception. 

Let’s take a moment to talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what AI has in store for us. 

Just to bring all-thing technology to prespective, let’s take a walk down a memory line. 

2000: USB Flash Drive

2001: Wikipedia

2003: iTunes

2005: Youtube

2007: iPhone

Growth projections estimate that by 2022, ecommerce revenues will exceed $638 billion in the U.S. alone.

Artificial intelligence in the retail market is estimated to be US$ 27,238.6 million by 2025 from US$ 712.6 million in 2016. (Artificial Intelligence in Retail Market 2025)

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay.


Chatbots is a tool that makes your life easier while you sleep. 

Chabot is a computer program that automates a real-life conversation to help customer service representatives.

Often times customers use chatbots when they have a straightforward question.

Customers with non-standard and more complex questions that are difficult to answer prefer human customer representatives.

Now and in future Chatbots are becoming an important part of customer service as they continue to develop with years to come.

Recommendation Engines

AI algorithms work to identify your recent searches to suggest appropriate and more efficient recommendation.

Both Chatbots and Recommendation Engines help us to be more effective with the things we search for. 

Social Media Shopping

From Instagram Shoppable to Shop Facebook every new update gets us closer to something bigger and better.

Native payment capabilities on these platforms could turn against traditional ecommerce platforms. (

Do you think social media shopping will overrule traditional ecommerce platforms?  

Automatization Warehouse Operations

Robots are becoming more common.

They help to improve the speed and efficiency of warehouse operations thus reduce the need for employees and cut costs. (

It’s happening right in front of our eyes.

Tokyo based automation startup has partnered up with to create the world’s first automated warehouse (CNBC). 

Ladies and gents the future is already here.

AI Customer Service Representatives

In the near future, customers might have a chance to chat with AI just as easily as they would chat with a human customer service representative. 

The days of automated greeting that guides callers through options may be over.  


What are your thoughts about AI? Share away in the comments. 

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