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4th of July Products To Sell

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By Becca - June 18, 2019- in Go-Getter Blog

Independence Day is right around the corner! And if you’re looking for inspiration on how to launch your next marketing campaign with patriotic spirit, we’ve got you covered. This blog post will walk you through hot summer products and designs so that you can experiment before Independence Day comes around.

4th of July Holiday Statistics

According to the National Retail Federation, last year, 86% of Americans celebrated the holiday and $6.78 billion was spent in preparation for this day. Although Independence Day is not a traditionally gift-giving holiday, 26% said in the survey that they plan to purchase additional patriotic merchandise.
Different from usual shopping statistics, men are more likely to buy patriotic merchandise than women, and adults aged 18-44 have much higher percent purchasing plans.
What this means: People are ready to spend on the Fourth of July. Men aged 18-24 are most likely to plan to or might buy Fourth-related merchandise. Independence Day is also a good chance for ecommerce stores (yes it’s you!) to compete with brick and mortar stores and increase your sales.
And one thing is for sure, the sooner the better. Many people have already started looking for summer products. Independence Day deals usually begin as early as the third week of June right after Father’s Day. Right now is the perfect time to set up your marketing campaign.

What To Sell For This Holiday?

Independence Day is celebrated in July, which is the hottest month of summer! This means you should consider choosing products designed to help people keep cool all summer long. Check out what people are looking for and what’s selling hot this summer.

All Over Print Tank Tops & Tees

When it’s too damn hot outside, the most popular clothing item that can be found in many wardrobes is, without a doubt, a tank top. Say hello to an All-Over Front Print opportunity. Unlike normal tank tops, all-over front print tanks present you with a freedom to scale your business.

Beach Towels

There are never enough towels that one can bring to the beach. The main purpose of a towel is to put something in between the customer and the sand to avoid sand sticking to the body after getting out of the water. Towels are used for drying and can be used as a tool to hide from the burning sun.

See our towel guide for more information

Flip Flops + Hats

Flip flops are fashionable must-haves during the hot summer months. They are comfortable slip-ons that can be used at the beach, park, or at home. Together with hats they will be a great combo as essential as sunscreen and tank tops.

Travel mugs

Drinking during holidays is relatively standard activity. Beer is the typical drink of choice for the Independence Day celebration, more so than on any other holiday event. It is obvious that alcohol consumption increases during the holidays, therefore, don’t forget to add drinkware to your store.

Product Bundle Options

This marketing tool helps to sell more items in one encounter. For instance, combine two or more products to create greater value for the customer. Bundling is perceived to be less costly in comparison with an individual product. Put together an outfit of a day at a discounted price. In case the customer wants to purchase a single item from the bundle, have a single-purchase option available.

Beach Inspiration

Fourth of July brings fireworks, barbecue and beach crowds. Beach-goers consist of sunbathers, surfers, vendors, and people-watchers. They present a great opportunity to take your artwork and turn it into a profitable business. According to Travel + Leisure Venice Beach, Miami Beach, Coney Island are the most crowded beaches in America.

Parade Inspiration

Fourth of July is a popular time to check out hometown celebrations and parades. Independence Day is all about making life-long memories. Here are our top products to make 4th of July comfortable and patriotic.

Design Inspiration for Fourth of July Campaign

Patriotic Fourth of July design inspiration doesn’t change much year over year. Anything that focuses on patriotism, American pride, U.S. flag, or slogan is a safe bet. Don’t forget to use red, white, and blue all the way too!

Popular Sayings

Sellers can add common phrases to their designs to match American pride. Example phrases for your designs: God Bless America, Party Like It’s 1776, Let Freedom Ring, United We Stand, Liberty Justice For All 

States Shapes

Just like national pride, state pride is also popular and trendy at the moment. So, why not incorporate states shapes to show off the patriotic side.


The 4th of July can be a touchy subject for so many reasons. Please keep your designs respectable to those who serve or have served.


Incorporate the actual time when America was founded into your designs.

Blue, Red, White Pattern

Anything related to these colors can be used to promote patriotic designs.

Create Themed Boards On Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the biggest visual platforms that you shouldn’t overlook. This platform is used to look for products, find inspiration and make a purchase. If you aren’t already displaying products on Pinterest, you should definitely do so.

  • Independence Day all the way (American flags, beer, parades and fireworks)
  • Fashion Inspiration (put together a guide of top-selling products in red, white and blue colors)
  • Family-oriented activities
  • Fireworks
  • Red, white & blue wall art decor (share some ideas of patriotic designs)

Source: Fourth of July Fashion search on Pinterest

Prepare For The Biggest Patriotic Event Of The Year

Above all, Fourth of July will be here before you know it. Don’t leave what you can do today for tomorrow.

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