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3 Tips to Up Your Content Marketing in 2020

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By Becca - March 5, 2020- in Go-Getter Blog

Quality information is a valuable source of marketing these days. Not only it provides information that is useful to your audience, but it is one of the best marketing tactics to sell your products/services.
Gone are the days of the former way of selling. Simply announcing products, prices, and phone numbers on your website will not suffice. In fact, marketers say, website visitors are six times more likely to be converted to customers if the site contains some non-sales-specific content marketing, in terms of blog posts, videos, freebies, and more.

Here’s a couple of ideas on what you can do to turn your website from the typical sale model to providing value to your target audience.

Let’s take a look at what you can do NOW to improve your content marketing immediately, with hard work and determination:

Quality over quantity

There are so many guidelines on how to approach content marketing; for example, you will find that the length of the blog post matters to a great extent.
“Experts” say that many great blogs are 1000+ words, and anything under is not worth publishing. I’m afraid I have to disagree.
Content that is 500 words can be as equal of value as 1000+ words article.
Great content can be also categorized as a freebie, and usually scratches the surface with the amount of information the content creators disclose.
Don’t get me wrong, freebies can still be of a high-value, but the goal is not to give everything away. You are looking to engage and invite your audience to keep coming back for more.

Create eye-catching visuals

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Interactive and creative visuals peak a lot more interest than a plain old text.
Thanks to the fast-spreading information across the internet, our attention spans, and time we are able to focus on one task is becoming increasingly shorter.
To make your content stand out and generate interest, within a split second, requires you to put your best foot forward.
If you haven’t done so, here are a couple of different ways you can engage with your audience: infographics, videos, short podcasts, lists, customer stories, and testimonials.
Of course, all this is easier said than done, what if you never created a podcast? We gotcha, here are a few guides on how to tackle content marketing to start engaging with your audience on a more deeper level:

  1. The Step-by-Step Guide: How To Start a Podcast 
  2. How to Make an Infographic: The Ultimate Guide 
  3. How to Make a Punchy Short Video For Social Media 

See what the competition is up to

When you find yourself struggling to come up with content, check what the competition has been up to.
It usually is a good starting point, or it may spark an idea worth sharing.
Also, comments, whether that is someone replying to a tweet or Facebook comments, they are a great source of inspiration too. A lot of times, comments itself can be an inspiration of itself.
When you find an interesting topic that could be beneficial to your audience, you have to revamp it in your voice to create a better version of it ultimately.
You can add or omit ideas that aren’t necessarily relevant to your business. Whether that is a video, blog, or infographic, you are looking to provide additional value that your competitors failed to mention to gain the upper hand in becoming the go-to guru on a specific topic.

Promote content across channels

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We can’t stress this enough.
Think about this? You put together the most epic content that includes videos, infographics, and podcast. But no one is aware that it exists. Ahhh, so much time and effect went into this without no sign of return.
You must let everyone know that you are giving away all this value – whether it is through social media, word of mouth, or drop a hint in conversations.
It’s all about connections and how much you are willing to give before you start making profits.


Last but not least, create content with a purpose in mind.
Don’t just create content because society is telling you to create to be a successful entrepreneur.
If you don’t have anything of value to share, don’t force it. Your time will come, in the meantime, explore new hobbies, try new things, and surround yourself with people you want to become.
I promise you, when you put yourself out there, you will soon realize how much you have to offer, and then you can begin to share your knowledge with the world.
Let us know what you thought in the comments below. We value your feedback, and we are always striving to provide you with content that is useful to you as you navigate your journey through ecommerce.
Check back in often. We have plenty of content that you will want to get first dibs on. Talk soon!

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