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25 of the Best Shopify Apps for Ecommerce

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By Becca - September 23, 2020- in Go-Getter Blog Resources

Shopify’s app store is home to thousands of free and premium apps to help get your ecommerce empire up and running. From email marketing to upsells, there’s a Shopify app for just about everything you could possibly want to do to help grow your store.
The hard part is narrowing down where to start and how to maximize your resources. To get started with some of the best Shopify apps around, we compiled a list of 25 to choose from.

1. UserGems

Everyone needs a little social proof for their business, and finding influencers to help is simple with the help of UserGems. The Shopify app helps identify influencers who cater to your customer base and send you a notification. All the research is done for you while building relationships and curating the perfect project to work on.

2. Kit

Easily promote your store and favorite products on Facebook and Instagram with Kit. The simple ecommerce app makes it easy to create ads designed to convert. You can also re-target previous customers or someone who stopped by & browsed but didn’t buy. Use the straight-forward functionality to create discount codes and send customized emails to new customers.

3. Digital Downloads App

You don’t need to sell physical products or services on Shopify to grow a successful ecommerce empire. Use Shopify’s Digital Downloads app to sell printables like cards, invites, teaching resources, and anything else in your creative reserves.

There’s also no waiting around with follow-up from customers about their orders. Your customers get their files instantly with a customized email and link. You can also update the attached file, triggering an updated download link that is automatically sent to your customers.

4. Free Shipping Bar
Boost your sales and increase revenue with the help of free shipping. Shopify’s Free Shipping Bar app motivates customers with progressive messaging whenever customers put more items in their cart.
Customize the criteria to geo-target your offers and align the design to fit your brand. You can also track the performance of the different bars you set to see which ones result in a sales boost.

5. Swell Loyalty & Rewards

Sell more with a loyalty, rewards, or referral program to maximize engagement. Swell Loyalty & Rewards is an intuitive Shopify app that creates VIP gamification tiers to keep customers engaged and coming back for more. The ecommerce app offers 15 different actions, including referring friends to your Shopify store, creating product reviews, and engaging with your brand on social media.

6. Bulk Image Edit

Give your SEO a boost with the Bulk Image Edit app and automate some of your most tedious admin duties. The app helps you bulk update your image file names and their image alt text with your customized templates. Once you’ve set up your criteria, your new images also automatically update. Of course, photo size is crucial when it comes to SEO, and large images are notorious for slowing down sites. Bulk Image Edit allows you to knock down your file sizes with a click to align with best practices.

7. Trust Hero

Savvy customers don’t want to take chances on payment security issues and will instead abandon their cart. Give them peace of mind with Trust Hero and display payment and security badges on your product pages. You can set up different incomes or customize for a quick creation process.

8. Subscriptions by Recharge

Recurring revenue with a subscription business is scalable, profitable, and a more predictable way to run your Shopify store. However, managing the process can get complicated without an app like Subscriptions by ReCharge.
The turnkey solution offers a subscribe and save function, customer portal, analytics, and enterprise options like upsells and API functionality. Whichever way you decide to use it; your monthly subscription payments are easy to collect while growing your revenue.

9. Etsy Marketplace Integration

Etsy sellers can make the shift to Shopify without the admin headaches. Etsy Marketplace Integration imports your products into Shopify or can link your Etsy product with Shopify to avoid duplicate listings. As you grow your audience on channels outside of Etsy, you can sell directly through Shopify without the commission on orders and keep more profit in your business.

10. Free Persistent Cart App

According to Free Persistent Cart App, nearly half of customers shop on one device before switching to another and often lose their cart in the process. Your Shopify store may be mobile-ready, but you need the right app to ensure the customer experience is seamless between devices. Free Persistent Cart App makes sure your customers’ carts are waiting for them for a seamless shopping experience.

11. Tidio Live Chat

Elevate your brand by upgrading your customer service. Tidio Live Chat offers live chat, email, and Messenger in one place with the help of intelligent Bots to help increase sales. The Bot functionality also allows more time to work on your business while responding to common questions about product availability and delivery status.

12. Plug-In SEO

Working on SEO is practically a full-time job, but Plug In SEO can help get you up and running. The Shopify app optimizes your store’s SEO ranking, increases Google rankings, and drives more free traffic to your site. There’s also functionality for bulk edit SEO data, keyword tools, and tips for fixing your Shopify store’s SEO issues.

13. Sumo

The Sumo Shopify app is designed to grow your email list and increase your conversions with promotions and news. Sumo can also generate unique discount codes and help reduce cart abandonment with incentives to complete their purchase. And if you sell overseas and want to grow your list with international shoppers, Sumo is also compliant with GDPR law on data protection and privacy in the EU.

14. Instagram Shop by Snapppt

Turn your Shopify store’s Instagram feed into a shoppable gallery with Snapppt. Set-up galleries and carousels, or shop “look cards” where your latest products and wares are available to customers. You can also embed your entire Instagram feed into your website or blog that automatically updates when you add products.

15. ByteStand – Amazon to Shopify

If you’re selling on both Shopify and Amazon, you can reduce repeating all of the duplicate work with the help of ByteStand. The Shopify app syncs up your inventory from Amazon to Shopify to eliminate the need for manual entry. ByteStand also integrates with Amazon Merchant Account, ReCharge, and Bold Cashier to streamline your selling processes.

16. Exit Intent Popups by OptiMonk

Email popups are still an effective way to grow your email list and sell more products and services. Exit Intent Popups by OptiMonk offers an intuitive interface to customize popups. However, this Shopify app goes beyond email and helps increase your Messenger and SMS list with a lucky wheel or exit popup functionality.

17. Ultimate Sales Boost

Give your customers a sense of urgency to buy with the help of Ultimate Sales Boost. Create a countdown timer or low stock countdown to tap into your customer’s fear of missing out. You can also add promotions on your cart, checkout pages, and more to increase overall conversions.

18. Quickbooks Sync

Getting sidelined by growing your business often means bookkeeping falls to the wayside. Instead of dealing with the stress of playing catch-up during tax season, install Quickbooks Sync directly to your Shopify store. The ecommerce app automatically imports your orders and inventories from Shopify to Quickbooks daily. The app also generates quick reports to track your payouts, fees, and other items easily.

19. Buildify Drag & Drop Builder

You don’t need to be a developer to build stunning pages for your Shopify products. Buildify Drag & Drop Builder allows you to create pages using pre-made structures and widgets. You can use it with blog posts, articles, landing pages, and products. The responsive layout and pre-designed forms also make Buildify Drag & Drop Builder a customer-friendly experience.

20. Cross-Sell

Entice customers to buy more by offering personalized recommendations with Cross-Sell Recommended Products. The ecommerce app allows you to show related products when users add an item to their cart and create recommended product popups.
Incentivized coupons are also available to encourage customers to buy one item and get a bonus item with automatic discount codes. To see what’s working and what’s not with your store, clicks and conversions are tracked to focus on moving sluggish inventory or promoting best-selling items.

21. Experiences

The future of ecommerce points to unique experiences and marketing. Instead of just selling a physical fitness product, market it with Zoom classes or live workouts with the Experiences app. Install and customize to host virtual events, workshops, classes, and other memorable experiences.

22. Enlisty

If you’re ready to start recruiting affiliates to help grow your Shopify store, you need Enlisted. The affiliate management app offers real-time order tracking to see which referrals sent business your way. You can also analyze which orders are refunded or canceled in real-time to adjust your inventory levels as needed.

23. Facebook Messenger Marketing

Start marketing your Shopify store via Facebook Messenger with the Facebook Messenger Marketing app. The Shopify app boasts open rates of 80% or higher, with no coding required to get up and running. The app also interacts with current customers regarding order receipt and shipping notifications and customized marketing campaigns.

24. Data Export Reports

Creating customized reports is essential for tracking your Shopify store’s progress and sharing with business partners. Data Export Reports sorts all your criteria from orders to meta fields and payouts.
You can also schedule and automate the process. Beyond standard reporting features, specialized reporting includes industry-specific and matching payment gateway transaction IDs.

25. CustomCat

We designed our app, CustomCat, for Shopify store owners who just want to focus on growing and marketing their business while we take care of all creation and fulfillment needs. When a customer orders a product from your store, we automatically process it, customize it, and fulfill it.
Your order is also white labeled, so your customer only sees your design and branded product. To streamline the admin details, we’ll also send an automatic tracking email directly to your customers to free up your time and resources.

With so many Shopify apps to choose from, there’s something to help improve every store. Start with the apps that automate and simplify your business and move onto resources that help you grow and scale your way to success

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