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17 Time-Savings Ecommerce Tools

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By Susan - November 10, 2020- in Ecommerce Go-Getter Blog

Setting up an ecommerce store can take as little as an hour with Shopify or Amazon FBA interface, just to name a few platforms. Done-for-you templates & quick-pick options bring the dream of ecommerce to side hustlers & entrepreneurs. However, growing & maintaining an ecommerce store takes countless hours & resources to reach the point of profitability—& to stay there.
Whether you’re short on resources or want to maximize the hours in a day, these time-saving ecommerce tools deliver.

1. RescueTime

Get a handle on your time by tracking where you’re spending it. RescueTime is an automatic time tracking software that helps you take back control over your time. In addition to seeing exactly where your time goes, you’ll get reports & tools to help make improvements. 
If you want to improve your time management, RescueMe offers a productivity 4-week masterclass challenge sharing the secrets of productive people & designed to help you reclaim at least two hours from your day.

2. Buildify

Creating a streamlined Shopify store takes time & resources, but you can shorten the process with Buildfiy Drag & Drop Builder. The app allows you to build & design custom pages by dragging & dropping. You can even integrate blog posts, product pages, & landing pages for a more robust user experience. 

3. Boomerang

Get a handle on your email with Boomerang to schedule & send emails. The tool helps you reach Inbox Zero with follow-up reminders for important messages, an option to send an email later, & a reminder notification if you don’t hear back from a contact. There’s also a handy “respondable” feature to quickly write emails with artificial intelligence to write actionable emails in real-time. 
However, for the most time-saving functionality, use Inbox Pause to stop receiving emails during your most productive hours or to block off time for projects. You can also set filters to allow team members or other specific contacts to email you & keep everyone else’s emails from breaking your concentration. 


4. JungleScout

Finding the right products to sell is a time-consuming process & delays your sales cycle. Worse, it can drag down your profit margins if you choose the wrong products. JungleScout helps you use Amazon data to find the best products for your ecommerce store, even if you’re not selling on Amazon. 
JungleScout’s tools help perform in-depth product analysis to find profitable ideas for your ecommerce business. The Opportunity Finder helps leverage keyword search data to discover the best niches & view sales over time. There’s also a feature to find verified suppliers so you can see where your competition sources their products & shorten your research cycle. 

5. LastPass

Keeping track of multiple passwords for all your tools & platforms is tedious & slows productivity among team members. LastPass encrypts your passwords online & stores them in a secure vault. Once everything is set-up, invite team members to access passwords with the LastPass extension. They’ll have access to all the platforms they need without ever learning your passwords — & without having to ask you to spend your time sharing them individually. 


6. Upwork

At some point, scaling your ecommerce business requires taking on team members or contractors to help you get ahead. Find experienced virtual assistants, Shopify developers, product researchers, customer service reps, & more on Upwork. Look for candidates based on their reviews & Upwork hours logged to find reliable candidates. You’ll also have access to global candidates at various price points to find the help you need within your budget.

7. Zapier

If you’re not quite ready for a virtual assistant or need more automation in your business, Zapier helps free up time on repetitive tasks. Integrate your apps with Zaper & set up “zaps” to pass information between your apps with workflows. For example, if a customer emails you with an attachment, you can set up a zap to automatically copy the attachment from Gmail to Dropbox & then alert you in Slack about the file. There are also more than 2,000 apps to choose from to create scores of zaps & workflows.


8. Wave

There are several invoicing & accounting tools available, but Wave offers a freemium version to understand and manage your income & expenses. Track your payroll, payments, & invoices in one automated place. Wave’s premium features include a time-saving payroll & the ability to accept credit cards & bank payments on your invoices. 

9. Facebook & Instagram Auto Post

Social media can help boost your sales and elevate your brand but is practically a full-time job to manage. Facebook & Instagram Auto Post automatically sends posts of your products directly to your social media channels. Despite its name, this tool also posts directly to Twitter & Pinterest.


10. ToDoist

Keep your to-do list on the top of mind with ToDoist. Organize & prioritize your online business tasks & projects, & invite team members to collaborate. There’s also a feature to delegate tasks & receive notifications on updates. Not only is ToDoist ideal for ecommerce business, but it can also help keep your personal life organized. 

11. Calendy

Schedule meetings with customers, clients, and vendors without going back & forth to find the best appointment time. Setup Calendly with your availability preferences, & the software will do the rest. Share your Calendly link by email or embed it on your ecommerce store to schedule chats, coaching calls, & more. Calendly also integrates with Google, Office 365, iCloud calendar, & Outlook, so you don’t accidentally double-book yourself.

12. Klaviyo

Marketing takes up countless hours in an ecommerce store owner’s month. According to HubSpot, sending email takes marketers an average of 3.48 hours a week, & organizing the market data takes 3.55 hours a week. Klaviyo automates your marketing tasks on email & ecommerce with the ability to A/B test your efforts, & segment audiences. It also comes with an easy drag & drop email creator. With Kaviyo, you’ll get feedback on what your customers are up to, their purchasing behaviors, & even get future predictions on their spending. Part of the time-saving ability of Klaviyo is its integration with other apps like Facebook Advertising.


13. YouMail

Eliminate spam & phishing calls & connect with the customers & vendors you want to hear from the most. YouMail will even notify carriers to report illegal calls & help shut down scams. Their visual voicemail features free voice to text functionality to easily see your messages or filter for spam. Invite team members to YouMail’s conference call to connect with your team quickly.

14. Plug-In SEO

Improve SEO rankings & drive more traffic with Plug-in SEO. The app bulk edits SEO data on your Shopify store & quickly optimizes blog posts, suggests keywords, & alerts you to SEO issues. You can start with basic functionality like tweaking headings & move onto more robust features including structured data suggestions.

15. Freedom

Free yourself from distractions and get more done with Freedom. The tool blocks websites & apps on your computer, phone, & tablet so you can stop wasting time & focus on your ecommerce business. You can also set a schedule to plan out your working hours through the week, & Freedom will automatically unblock your favorite distractions during your leisure time.

16. Slack

Slack takes the place of endless emails & phone tag with a chat & collaboration tool. Start a conversation by project or team & share files through Slack channels. There’s also an option for group or private discussions so you can collaborate with specific team members.


17. Canva

Creating graphics for your ecommerce store or social media channels doesn’t take years of experience or seasoned designers. Canva offers pre-made templates for Pinterest & beyond to drag & drop your images, change your fonts, choose your colors, & enhance your online store’s brand. 

Time-saving tools are about freeing up more time and impacting your bottom line at the same time. Pick & choose your favorite ecommerce tools & see how much time you can save while boosting your profits.
Are there any other tools you love to use to help you be more efficient with our ecommerce business? Let us know in the comments!
Happy Selling!

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