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15 Last Minute Promo Ideas for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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By Susan - November 25, 2020- in Go-Getter Blog

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are two of the most exciting days of the year for ecommerce retailers. With projections for unprecedented e-commerce holiday sales in 2020, stores are gearing up to claim their share of the profits. 
However, a discount code or one-day sale isn’t enough to stand-out from the competition. In order to command Black Friday & Cyber Monday, you need a winning promotion that keeps customers coming back for more.

1. Do More than Discount

A deep discount isn’t the only way to attract attention on Black Friday & Cyber Monday. You can also offer a premium upgrade option normally reserved for your VIP customers. For example, upgrade your online fitness membership from 3-months to 6-months for early-bird shoppers. The more value your customers feel like they’re getting, the more likely they are to stick around & spend.

2. Include a Free Gift with Purchase

Free items entice customers to buy more & treat themselves to something special this holiday season. A free gift card, T-shirt, journal, or digital print-outs for a premium planner are all ways to give back to your customers. Drive a sense of urgency & scarcity by making the gift a limited time offer.

3. Offer Product Bundles

Product bundles move more inventory & increase your revenue without resorting to deep discounts. Customers will still expect to see a sale on product bundles, but you can pair hot items with less expensive inventory that doesn’t sell as quickly. You’ll end up boosting your revenue & relieve the pressure of decision making for your shoppers. 

4. Retarget & Personalize Your Ads

A good promotion starts by targeting the right customers. Install a Facebook pixel in your site to track who is stopping by your store & what they’re doing once they’re there. You can then launch Facebook ads directly to them to entice customers to shop the items they love most. Or dig into your email list & segment promotions to target personalized campaigns to your customers.

5. Launch Flash Sales

Flash sales drive urgency and a sense of FOMO during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday frenzy. Launch a flash sale every day of your promotion, or even every hour. Mix things up and keep customers guessing. Switch between coupon codes, free upgrades, gift wrap, and gift cards with a set purchase threshold. The more impressive the flash sale, the more likely your ecommerce store will generate buzz & build momentum.

6. Create Fun Videos

Adding product-related videos to your site can dramatically boost your sales. Website visitors are 64% to 85% more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. Engage your customers with funny, insightful, or highly useful videos through your Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotions. Talking to past clients or customers about how their life changed after using your products & services in one place to start. 
Get creative with humorous videos of behind-the-scenes looks at your store or a meet and greet with your team members. After releasing a series of videos, launch a fun quiz to see which customers paid attention with giveaways to the winners. 

7. Partner with Influencers

Influencers are a powerful way to spread the word about your ecommerce shop and target your ideal audience. Look for influencers that already use the types of products and services you offer or have already given you some social media love in the past. 
Although big influencers with a million followers are always desirable to businesses, they’re also expensive to work with. Micro-influencers with just a few thousand engaged followers can also make a big impact on your ecommerce promotion. Team up to offer discounts to their audience in exchange for a cut of your sales or a flat rate for their promotional efforts

8. Create Gift Guides

Eliminate the analysis paralysis for your shoppers and create helpful gift guides. You’ll give your revenue a boost and simplify the shopping process. Categorize each guide into categories, including:
– Significant others
– Parents
– Siblings
– Friends
– Co-workers
Make your gift guides highly visual with a break-down of why each recipient would love the gifts & ideas. Or pair it with a cross-sell to other like-minded products. With a done-for-you holiday plan of action, your shoppers will keep coming back to devour your gift guides. 

9. Design a Promotional Nurture Sequence

Remember to leverage your email list & launch a nurture sequence dedicated to Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Tease out upcoming promotions, give updates on what to expect, and include discounts or gift ideas in every email. The more you can stir an emotional response & anticipate your sale with your customers, the more likely they will show up in droves.

10. Launch a Referral Program

Let your most loyal customers do the promotional work for you with a referral program. An app like ReferralCandy streamlines the process so you can start generating referrals without the extra work involved. Offer your fans discounts, rewards, and gifts in exchange for valuable referrals that convert into paying customers. 

11. Give a Sneak Peak

Get customers excited about your upcoming Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotions with a sneak peak of what’s in store. But make sure there’s always a catch. Only people on your email list should see the promotion and receive a one-time discount code to use towards their holiday shopping spree.

12. Offer Something Outrageous

Nothing stands out on Black Friday & Cyber Monday like an outrageous deal. A 5-minute flash sale where everything in the store is 90% off or selling a few of your most popular products for next to nothing are all ways to earn some serious attention. You can also use an app like Social Share Buttons and Popup to get customers to spread the word on social media for a chance to win a prize.

13. Tantalize with a Mystery Product

Keep customers guessing by offering mystery products within specific gift categories. Make it fun & enticing without giving too much away about the product. Or try pairing the bundles with a tempting discount to get your products flying off the shelf. Here are a few mystery bundle ideas to try:
– Women’s Gold or Bronze Mystery Bundle
– New Mother’s Mystery Bundle
– Urban Lovers Mystery Bundle
– Sports Lovers Mystery Bundle
Just make sure you have enough inventory to cover a surge in sales. Or team up with CustomCat to use our white label and done-for-you production & fulfillment services. You’ll never run out of inventory & can spend more time on your promotions instead of fulfilling them.

14. Launch a Brand New Product

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the perfect season to launch a brand new product. Announce it as a limited edition item & offer a short supply before the item sells out. The idea is to play to customers’ FOMO & desire to have the latest & greatest before it hits the mainstream. 

15. Team Up with Another Ecommerce Shop

There’s no need to go through Black Friday & Cyber Monday alone. Team up with another ecommerce shop that shares a similar audience but isn’t your direct competitor. A women’s boutique who focuses on clothes and shoes can team up with an accessories shop to generate more sales and get to know a new audience. 
With 15 ideas to choose from, you can conquer Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Pick & choose your favorite to double up your efforts and give your customers a reason to keep coming back to shop.

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