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How To Update Pending Order Queue

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By Becca - May 30, 2019- in Resources

Pending Orders feature on your dashboard includes your Order Queue and your personal Error Queue.

Order Queue

This new feature allows you to see all pending orders before they are batched into production, for instance, this gives you one last opportunity to make any changes before the order is processed.
In addition, order costs are listed prior to processing. Any order can be cancelled or removed from our queue if not already processed:
1. Click ‘View/Edit Order Details’ to make changes.
You can edit: Edit Shipping Address, Edit Size/Color, and Edit Item Quantity.

2. To update an address simply click ‘Update Shipping’ at the top and make changes.

3.  Click ‘Update Shipping’, the updated details will be saved.

Similarly, you can edit the Product Size or Color as well.
Click ‘Change’ to access a dropdown menu with color and size combinations for the particular product.
Once you update the color or the size, click on ‘Save Product Update’.

Lastly, you can also edit the Qty of any item in an order in the same popup window.
Click ‘Edit’ to access a popup where the Qty can be updated.
After updating the Qty, click on ‘Update Qty’ to save.

When you change the color or the size, the details will automatically update to reflect your changes.
Above all, you can delete any product from the order and process the remaining products in the order.
Click the Red ‘X’ in the top right corner of the product to remove it from your pending order.

When all desired changes are made, you can process the order(s) manually by clicking ‘Process Selected Orders’.

Note for Shopify/Woo/API Users: If you have Auto Processing switched to “No” in your CustomCat dashboard, your orders will bypass the batch schedule (every 2 hours) and you would need to manually process your orders in the new Order Queue. If you have Auto Processing set to “yes”, then the orders will process at the next batch time.

Error Queue

You can now fix or process any errors yourself from your Error Queue dashboard.

All address verification errors, charge fails, out of stocks, and misc errors will be listed and won’t require you to email us.

To view the error queue, navigate to the Pending Orders section in your CustomCat dashboard and click on ‘View Error Queue’.

Any orders that have not been processed due to an error will be listed along with the reason and a link ‘View/Edit Order Details’.
You can edit an order listed in the Order Queue.
Example 1: If an order has errored due to an Out of Stock SKU, you can access the Order Details and edit the SKU to a size or color that is currently in stock.
Example 2:  If an order errored due to a bad address, you can reference the database that our system uses to verify addresses to update it correctly.
Use this link below to check any address and verify if it will process.

Errors Dictionary

*Can be corrected in Error Queue for reprocessing.
AVS Fails: Occurs when the address is not verified by our SmartyStreets database.*
Charge Fails: Occurs when an order(s) is rejected by our payment processor.*
Out Of Stock Items: Occurs when an order(s) is rejected by our payment processor.*
Banned Designs: Occurs when a design is flagged by our system as protected and ineligible for print. These cannot be reprocessed but offending item can be deleted form the order to allow the rest of the order to process.
Note for API/CSV Users: The Error Queue will be displayed on your CustomCat dashboard, but it will act as a VIEW ONLY feature. API and CSV order submission must be done by the seller and there is no pending order to edit for these platform integrations. Errors will still be listed though to alert you of any order that did not process.
If you have any further questions, please email [email protected]

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