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Address Verification Software

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By Becca - January 14, 2019- in Resources

After receiving way too many packages from addresses that customers entered and said were correct.
We updated the AVS feature to only check addresses based on City/State/Zip and as a result of that, we no longer accept packages back into our facility.
This new option is available in your app settings.
Please, review your app settings to confirm the address you entered is what you like printed on your shipping label (if you wish).
With this policy in place, you can now list your own Company address as the return address so that any undeliverables or returns go directly to you to sort through if desired.

If you are operating your business outside the United States of America or do not wish to receive any returns to your address, please enter our address in your app settings:

1300 Rosa Parks Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48216

If a package is returned to CustomCat, it will be donated upon receipt.
We will not be contacting you if your customer returns a package for any reason.
No package should ever be returned, by your customer, to our fulfillment center.
Any arrangements for returns, or exchanges, consistent to your posted policies on your websites, need to be handled between the buyer and the seller.
If you have any further questions, please let us know!

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