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Ugly Christmas 'Sweaters' are in!

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By Becca - November 5, 2019- in Go-Getter Blog

December is approaching fast! Get these ugly Christmas ‘sweater’ long sleeves live ASAP.
Don’t miss out on profit opportunities such as Green Monday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and last-minute shopping sales.
Christmas sweaters (long sleeves) will become your top sellers going forward during the holiday season. Ugly sweaters are designed to make people laugh, so create your designs with that in mind.
Aside from holiday parties, National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day (US) and Christmas Jumper Day (UK) are the two main events of the year.
National Christmas Sweater Day (US): Friday, December 20th, 2019 
Christmas Jumper Day (UK): Friday, December 13th, 2019

Why are ugly Christmas sweaters so popular?

They are conversation starters because of their sarcastic take on holiday season. Either way, ugly ‘sweater’ long sleeves are as stylish as it was back in the ’80s when Christmas sweaters were popular.

Why should you design Christmas sweaters?

Many of your customers will ask their grandmothers for sweaters, but some will want something a little unique  – a design that involves current trends.

Christmas Sweater Google Trends Chart

For someone who owns a business in the retail market, holidays are a great time to design ugly Christmas sweaters of their own.
This long sleeve is a seasonal product, so make sure you put considerable thought into designing the tackiest sweaters that sell.
When it comes to designing Christmas sweaters that sell, your designs don’t have to be masterpieces. They just have to follow the current trends.
People want to belong to a movement, and they want to be able to buy something that represents their beliefs.
Take your currently top-selling designs, add a festive touch, and voila! You now have a whole new Christmas collection to sell.

Product Description

  • Ultra Soft Ring-Spun Color Block Long Sleeve Christmas Shirt
  • Perfect for Ugly Sweater Parties, Christmas Parties, Holiday Parties, Bar Crawls, and Lounging
  • Sleeves and Back of Shirt come in red or green options.
  • Machine wash in cold water. Unisex Fit. See Size Chart for more info.
  • Decoration Type: Sublimation
  • Personalization Available

size chart
The ugly Christmas ‘sweater’ long-sleeve adds value to your store in so many ways. Let’s check out why.

  • With sublimation, you get outstanding print quality with more vibrant colors in comparison to the standard DTG method.
  • Christmas sweater long sleeves present an opportunity to create bigger designs than the standard DTG size allowing for more creative freedom.
  • Christmas sweater long sleeve is a seasonal product. November to December is the prime time to market this product for the biggest ROI.

Download .PNG Art Templates

Design Tips

If you’ve got a sense of humor, feel free to incorporate silly, corny, and tacky elements into your designs. From Thanksgiving until Christmas, people attend holiday parties. Whether it’s an office party or a club party, people like to look festive.
Don’t be afraid to keep the festive vibe going until New Year’s Eve. That’s generally a good cut-off date for ugly holiday sweaters.
Download elements from the vector website and build your own Christmas pattern.
Here are a few sites that you can use to get your vector elements:
Creative Market
PRO TIP: Adjust the style of regular images into the knit looking style patterns to resemble an actual Christmas sweater.
Watch a video on How to Create an Ugly Sweater in Photoshop here.

When is it acceptable to start marketing ugly Christmas sweaters?

Ugly Christmas sweaters can totally be embraced the day after Thanksgiving. Retail stores start selling Christmas apparel in conduction with Halloween and Thanksgiving. So if you are asking when to market, the answer is simple – it’s never too early to start promoting your ugly sweaters.


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Where can ugly Christmas sweaters be worn?

Bar Crawls

Bar crawls are widely popular in metropolitan areas around the world. Thousands of individuals join into this phenomenon to kick off the holiday season in a certain style. Bar crawls are popular because everyone jumps at the opportunity to dress up and wear something that may not be socially acceptable as everyday wear.
Let's Get Lit Christmas Long Sleeve T-shirt

Frat & Sorority Parties

Christmas themed parties in college start E-A-R-L-Y because of finals and students heading home for the holidays. Ugly sweater themes can be combined with all kinds of parties.
The Drinking Buddy Party: Two partners can dress up in matching clothes during the holiday season.
Winter Themed Beer Olympics: The drinking season goes all year round, college students don’t take a break with the first snowfall. College students want to look festive when they compete in the winter beer Olympics.
Beer Games Christmas Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Throwback Party: Ugly Christmas sweaters alone are a throwback already – that’s why they make for perfect apparel to spread the holiday cheer.

Karaoke Party

People who are obsessed with karaokes are usually obsessed with their outfits, too, as it should be. After all, having a stage presence is important to the overall performance.
Karaoke Party Christmas Sweater

Housewarming Party

Can you imagine throwing a housewarming party during the holiday season? Me neither, but they do happen. People get relocated all the time. A housewarming party with extra holiday flare can be fun, wouldn’t you say so?

Office Party

The ultimate and the most talked about party of the season is ‘the office party.’ People are either choosing between looking professional or simply wearing an ugly (hilarious) holiday sweater. Give them a reason to choose an ugly sweater (long sleeve) instead of looking professional.

Casino Outgoing

It isn’t unusual for a group of friends to head into town and hit up the slots and blackjack tables.

Christmas Sports Party

Football fans don’t stop celebrating when the temperatures drop. They may move indoors for so-called living room parties, but they continue to cheer on their favorite team throughout the holiday season. It’s not uncommon for people to throw game-night or Sunday football get-to-getters all season long. People are already wearing football-related gear, add a little Christmas flair to your designs and see your designs sell like crazy.

2019 Trends

  • Healthy Habits (Healthy Holiday Meals)
  • Donut Themed Holiday Party Displays
  • Cacti Christmas Tree
  • Look rad in plaid
  • Holiday Scarfs
  • Rustic touches


For ugly Christmas sweater inspiration, head over to our Pinterest to get ideas of what others have done in the past. Whether you enjoy dry humor or corny lines, with a little inspiration, everyone can create ugly Christmas sweaters in a heartbeat.
Christmas Design Ideas
Ugly Christmas Sweater Design Ideas 
Your designs can be tacky, gaudy, witty, fun, goofy, silly, or flashy – it’s entirely up to you to decide which direction you want to go this season.
Don’t forget to check out our looong list of Christmas Design Ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


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