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Three Things You Need To Do Before Valentine's Day

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By Becca - January 16, 2020- in Go-Getter Blog

Add Valentine’s Day Themed Mug

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with other holidays throughout a year.
You may already know this, but we’ve added a new product to our already amazing catalog! It’s not just an ordinary product, it’s Valentine’s Day themed!
What a game-changer! This is an opportunity to increase your Valentine’s Day sales for sure. This adorable mug makes an excellent gift for a best friend, husband, wife, significant other, and mom. Let your audience show affection by offering a new favorite mug!
Mugs are excellent presents that pair well with red roses and other Valentine’s Day gifts. Among blankets, drinkware, accessories, and canvas, you can use the themed mug as a great upsell opportunity.

Download .PNG Art Template

three different colored mugs

Here are a few Valentine’s Day Mug Design Ideas:

  • Different ways to say, love (Bae, honey, etc.)
  • Puns (Significant otter, etc.)
  • Anti-Valentine’s Day / Pro-Valentine’s Day
  • Love For Food (Carbs,etc.)
  • Movies (Star Wars, etc.)
  • Emotions (Happy, in love, grateful, etc.)
  • Relationship Status (Single, married, complicated, etc.)
  • Animals
  • Body Parts (Heart, brain, etc.)
  • Actions (Kiss, hug, etc.)
  • Politics
  • Trophies (Best mom, number one dad, etc.)
  • Proposal (Will you be my Valentine?, etc.)
  • Maps (Long Distance Map, etc.)
  • Flirty words


Analyze Previous Years

Before you dive into all things marketing, take a step back and analyze what worked and what didn’t in previous years.
If this is your first year, take a look at current trends and competitors to get a better idea of where to concentrate your energy. Is your competitor emphasizing social media or email?
When it comes to marketing you have to be bold, follow what your competitors are doing, and add to it. Figure out a way to authentically brand your business to stand out among the crowd.

Create a Promo

You will want to broadcast all the lovey-dovey vibes to the universe, whether it is through your site banners or email funnel.
Typically you can start seeing Valentine’s Day products in-store by the second week of January. So get on board and start early.
Time moves fast. Don’t miss this window of opportunity to introduce new designs or give Valentine’s Day discounts to increase the traffic to your site.

Here are a few things you can implement for Valentine’s Day:

  • Move your top-selling/new products to a more visible place on your site (keep it one or two clicks away)
  • Always market CustomCat’s Personalization Tool. It’s a great way to keep your target market on your site longer (stumble upon on a variety of products)
  • Send an unexpected gift after a customer purchases a product (a coupon, free tee, etc.)
  • Run a Valentine’s Day Contest (this is a great way to connect and build relationships with customers)

2020: Order Guidelines

Shipping should be promoted within your marketing strategy, always. Here are CustomCat’s Valentine’s Day Shipping Deadlines.

For an additional ten marketing ideas, feel free to visit one of our top holiday performing blog posts. What is your marketing plan? Will you try some of these marketing ideas yourself? Could you leave us a note in the comments? We’d love to hear from you.

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