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Memorial Day Marketing For Online Clothing Business

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By Becca - May 14, 2019- in Go-Getter Blog

Here are some Memorial Day marketing themes that you can incorporate into your marketing efforts this season.
Memorial Day weekend is known to be popular for travel and it is considered to be one of the hottest shopping holidays of the year.
Customers are likely gearing up for the summer months. Let’s get you prepped before it’s too late.
Let’s jump right on in!


If you want to make big things happen with Memorial weekend, consider incorporating patriotic messages into your marketing efforts. Patriotic marketing can include anything from product names to military discounts.

Beach Vibes

It’s the start of the summer and many of your customers will be heading to the beach to get a dose of vitamin D. Create a theme around beach essentials in advance to target those who plan to unplug during holidays so you don’t miss out on profits.
memorial weekend promotion email

Happy Campers

Memorial day is about spending time with family preferably outside of the busy lifestyles that we live. Many people venture out into the backcountry for some old fashioned outdoor filled weekend of RV’ing or camping. Campgrounds across the country will be filled with outdoor enthusiasts.

Camping is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in the United States, whether it is in a tent at a campground, a recreational vehicle or even just the backyard. – Statista


Some prefer to stay locally and enjoy the beauty of their hometown with their family and friends. Help your customers to decorate their homes by offering Memorial Day themed products (blankets, drinkware, towels, and wall flags).
Memorial Day Email

Long Weekend

Long weekend calls for summer sales during Memorial weekend. Clothing and appliances are one of the biggest selling hits during this time around. In fact, Memorial Day sales start a week before the actual holiday.

Start Of Summer

Memorial day is considered an unofficial start to summer. Outdoor activities are in a full swing, many people kick off Memorial day with cookouts and patio parties.
Start Of Summer Memorial Day Marketing Email

Store-Wide Discounts

Memorial Day is a perfect opportunity to say goodbye to winter collections at discounted price. In the mind of consumers, Memorial Day weekend is considered as a pivotal point from winter to summer clothing, don’t miss this opportunity to get your brand in front of the eyes of customers.
Storewide discount email for Memorial Day

Refresh Your Closet

Warmer temps are finally here (hopefully). Consumers put away bulky winter clothes and shop for summer pieces to fill the empty shelves.

Memorial Weekend Collection

Memorial sales are expected, however, not everyone will expect a Memorial themed collection. Be different, design one or two today.
grey tee on a hanger, isolated, with poppy seed flower for Memorial Day
Black Tee on a hanger, isolated with home of the brave design

Online Shopping From Anywhere

With smartphones and current gadgets, we foresee more people shopping online this Memorial weekend not just from the comfort of their home but on-the-go as well.
As online shopping experience becomes more seamless more people will opt to shop online from anywhere.
woman sitting on brown wooden chair while using silver laptop computer in coffee shop

Free Shipping

Free shipping is a standard pricing model to catch the eye of a customer. In the competitive market place, it is inevitable to market anything less.
When you offer free shipping make sure to crunch the numbers to make sure you can afford to do so.

Gen X (aged 38-53), Millennials (aged 22-37), and Gen Z (aged 18-21), however, have a more collaborative view. All three generations expressed a willingness to share personal data with merchants in exchange for free shipping and/or product discounts. – BigCommerce 

Here is a simple 4-step list on how to set your prices so you can continue to be profitable with your business.
Free Shipping Memorial Day Email

Sporting Events

As our culture continues to pay more attention to health, we foresee more people enjoy active lifestyles in many ways. Memorial running races are one of the most common ways to honor the men and women who served our country.
Many Memorial Day runs are held for a benefit of charities or as a fundraiser to current military families.
As an online seller, you have untapped options to design race artwork that everyone will love.

Red, White & Blue

Red, white, and blue is a popular color combination that we continue to see throughout every American holiday. These colors are easily recognizable and understood during patriotic holidays.
white tshirt with independence design on wooded background, isolated.
Remember, Memorial Day is a day that is first and foremost meant to honor the fallen, those who have given their lives for our country. We would suggest advertising a few weeks prior to the holiday. On an actual day, post an honorary image, GIF, or video in honor of those who served.
Over to you, what discounts will you advertise this Memorial weekend?
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