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Effective Labor Day Marketing Ideas

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By Becca - August 16, 2018- in Go-Getter Blog

This holiday was designed to give workers a day off. Labor Day is another opportunity for you to shine.

Folks soak in last bits of warm sunshine while enjoying last-minute backyard cookouts.

We begin to observe a shift in seasons. We say goodbye to summer as we welcome the start of the fall.

Here are some Labor Day marketing ideas to help you take an advantage of a seasonal purchasing behavior shift.

24-Hour Sale

In America, holidays are associated with discounts and top-notch deals.

As summer winds down, temperature drops, consumers will be spending more time indoors on their devices searching for new additions to their wardrobes.

With ecommerce, consumers don’t have to leave their home in whatsoever. They can purchase anything with just a clik of a button.

People expect deals. Start running teaser promotions weeks leading up to big sale.

Teaser Fall Guide

Labor day is unofficially considered the last day of summer. In retail Labor Day is the offical start to a season shift.

It’s a perfect opportunity to announce fall collection products in the weeks leading up to labor day fall collection reveal.

Make your marketing fun. Create a mosaic reveal poster that showcases designs from fall collection.

Reveal a new square everyday. On the last day, when the last square of the mosaic is revealed, for customers who followed through, there is a surprise. Offer discount code for the entire store.  

End Of Summer Sale

As an e-commerce seller with CustomCat, you don’t ever have to worry about summer inventory, however, take an advantage of the end-of-summer sale.

Announce time-limited designs. Incorporate low inventory alerts on products to leverage the opportunity of Labor Day sales. 

  • Only 5 Left in stock – order soon
  • Limited Inventory
  • Offer Ends in 2 Hr. 22 Min

Holiday Spirit

Labor day kicks off the holiday season in fashion. There isn’t a better time than to go all out on this first major holiday to create higher interest for holidays to come.

Use social media to promote Labor Day designs. Create lifestyle photos. 

As everyone is getting ready to celebrate the season’s last long weekend, it’s an ideal time to step your marketing game up to increase your sales. 

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